10 Best Rental LED Display Manufacturers In 2024

Our modern world is illuminated with LED screens. From a visually stunning visual display at a live performance to showcasing on oversized billboards in cities or providing gamers the ability to engage in mind-blowing gaming LED displays have become essential to our daily lives. The market is fueled by innovation and competition as of 2024.

You’re in luck when it comes to choosing the best LED display rental companies in 2024. We have conducted extensive research on each of the ten leading LED display rental companies emerging this year and have selected them as our top picks. Exceptional LED display technology and exceptional craftsmanship are at the heart of the innovative approach of these producers.

10 Best Rental LED Display Manufacturers

The following are the top ten LED display rental producers in 2024 determined by their standing product quality and customer service.

  • Absen
  • Leyard
  • Unilumin
  • LianTronics
  • ROE Visual
  • Gloshine
  • Infiled
  • Barco
  • Daktronics

These companies offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor rental LED display goods, as well as unique and specialized solutions. They also have a global reach through their offices and distributors.

Here is a quick summary of the top ten suppliers of rental LED displays:



Absen is a pioneer in LED display technology with a history of innovation and a dedication to quality. LED screens available for rental are versatile and can display anything from regular indoor or outdoor LED displays to innovative specialized displays in addition. In all environments and conditions, absen products’ high graphic design and unbeatable durability guarantee their flawless performance.

Absen is one of the best rental LED display manufacturers, owing to several key factors :

What They HaveWhy It’s Good
140+ countriesThey are everywhere.
18 subsidiariesBig network around the world.
Many awards like like “National High-Tech Enterprise,” “Guangdong Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise,” etc.People think they are great.
ISO certificationsTheir products meet big standards.
CE, ETL, EMC testsTheir stuff is safe and works well.
Many types of screens: advertising, stage, commercial, data visualization, and consumer displaysGood for ads, shows, and more.
50,000+ projectsThey’ve done a lot of work.
Worked with big namesHollywood, Disney, Universal Studios, World Cup, NBA, and iconic locations like Times Square.
2000+ employeesLots of people making things better.

Features of their stage rental LED Display

What They DoWhy It’s Good
Bright and true colorsLooks good and clear.
Ultra-light, easy to moveLight frame, easy to put up and take down. Good for big stages.
Great pictureGood for live shows. Supports 4K, full HD, stops flickering.
Fits anywhereCan bend, hang, or stand in many ways.
Smart systemPlays videos and pictures well. Can show things live and clear.


Leyard is the pinnacle of competence and adaptability in the field of producing LED displays. Leyard stands out for its comprehensive approach to LED display solutions. Leyard provides a wide selection of rental LED displays made to meet the particular requirements of various businesses. Their products expertly combine exceptional performance with unrivaled longevity, guaranteeing a persistent and powerful visual presence. Leyard’s expertise transforms LED displays into effective communication tools that convey information with clarity and vibrancy.



The future of visual communication is being shaped by Unilumin, a leading global provider, in the rapidly changing field of LED display technology. A vast and varied selection of rental LED displays, each painstakingly designed to meet a variety of needs and circumstances, forms the basis of Unilumin’s products. The displays from Unilumin are designed to provide unmatched visual experiences for a variety of applications, including large-scale outdoor events that call for robustness and clarity and small-scale inside gatherings that need accuracy and brilliance.

Unilumin Technology stands out as the top rental LED screen manufacturer, including the following key factors:

What They HaveWhy It’s Good
Started in 2004They’ve been around a while.
High-tech in ShenzhenThey make good LED stuff for the world.
Wants to light up the worldThey try to make the world better with lights.
R&D in 3 countriesThey invent things in China, Japan, and the USA.
2688 patentsThey invented a lot of new things.
Big awardsOther people think they’re really good.
Big money growthThey make a lot more money now than before.
Top in LEDsThey’re one of the best at making LED screens.
Everywhere in the worldYou can find them in over 160 places.
They do everythingThey design, sell, install, and help afterwards.
Approved by HollywoodHollywood thinks their LED screens are good.
Partners with sportsThey help with basketball and the Olympics.
One-stop serviceThey can do everything you need for LED screens.
Lots of LED screensThey have many kinds of LED screens.
Makes what you needThey can make almost any LED screen you want.


Liantronics is a symbol of China’s pride and its ability to bring greatness. Liantronics has gained recognition as one of the leading LED display manufacturers for its extensive range of rental LED displays and tailored solutions that cater to diverse market needs. The precision of the company’s design features meticulous production methods and strict quality controls used in each display unit making it a true leader. For its rental LED displays liantronics is renowned for high-quality and high efficiency.

ROE Visual


Roe Visual a leading provider of precision led displays with high resolution offers bespoke rental options that can completely transform visual experiences for customers. In addition to the rental fees, roe visual provides LED display solutions that extend beyond sector lines. Roe visual products are used in a variety of industries including entertainment advertising retail hospitality and others. Various applications are used. A variety of products from roe visually include dramatic stage designs that elevate live performances and retail displays that profoundly engage customers. The exhibits seamlessly merge technology and innovation to create hypnotic environments that attract the masses.

ROE Visual is considered the one of best rental LED screen manufacturer for several reasons:

What They DoWhy It’s Good
LED solutionsThey make and sell creative LED display.
Like “Apple” in displaysHigh quality like Disney. Many design awards.
#1 in rental LEDsMost people who rent LEDs choose them. Big in North America and Europe.
Offices everywhereYou can find them all over the world.
Big in virtual productionTheir LEDs are great for movies. Worked on “The Mandalorian.”
Famous projectsTheir LEDs used in big events like the Oscars, League of Legends, and concerts by U2 and Ed Sheeran.



Gloshine is a high-tech manufacturer of LEDs with the goal of offering premium LED displays for various industries. Gloshine, which values perfection, has carved out a position for itself by providing premium rental LED displays and unique LED solutions that transform visual communication. Gloshine stands out for its unwavering commitment to raising the bar. Their rental LED displays are a work of art, with bright colors, seamless integration, and flawless performance.

Gloshine is the preferred rental LED screen manufacturer for several reasons:

What They HaveWhy It’s Good
Started in 2006They’ve been making LED displays for a long time.
Big modern factory,production area exceeding 40,000 square meters; Modern production facilities equipped with advanced technology;MT high-speed placement machines and standardized aging production linesTheir place in Shenzhen makes lots of good LEDs.
Smart teamTheir workers know a lot about electronic information engineering, computer science, and management
Many quality stampsThey meet lots of important safety and quality rules.
Lots of LED typesThey make many kinds of LED displays for different needs.
Helps customers a lotThey give advice, help choose, and teach about their LEDs.
Known around the worldPeople in many countries use their LED displays.

Key Advantages:

  • Specialized in rental LED display technology
  • State-of-the-art production facilities
  • Industry-leading team of experts
  • Stringent quality certifications
  • Comprehensive rental LED display range
  • Customer-centric services
  • Global recognition and presence


IAM LEDWALL is a market leader in China’s used LED display sector and a model of quality and innovation. IAMLEDWALL’s comprehensive assortment of used rental LED screens covers a variety of options. They provide everything from intricate indoor settings that create immersive worlds for events to large-scale outdoor displays that capture attention in congested city areas. Each used LED display is a meticulously researched and produced expression of brand’s manufacturer dedication to high-quality graphics. Because of their displays’ bright colors, superb resolutions, and perfect functionality, every visual presentation is a beauty.



Infiled serves the varied needs of sectors ranging from entertainment to corporate communication with a broad portfolio that includes a variety of rental LED displays. Every pixel of Infiled’s displays demonstrates its commitment to producing images of the highest caliber. Their rental LED displays are known for their brilliant colors, crisp contrasts, and flawless performance since they are expertly crafted and developed.

Infiled stands out as the premier rental LED screen manufacturer for several reasons:

What They DoWhy It’s Good
Focused on high-end for 14 yearsThey know how to make their customers happy.
Strong leaderThe boss leads with clear vision and innovation.
Global R&D and manufacturingThey make LED displays for 87 countries.
Innovative solutionsCreated unique LED screens that are easy to use.
New products every yearAlways making their LED displays better.
300 patentsThey invented a lot of new technology.
Many types of LED displaysHave LEDs for every need, like super black or super clear.
Grew even when times were toughDid well even when other companies struggled.
Big in the worldSet up shops in many countries, everywhere from the US to Malaysia.
Ready for the futureUsing AI and new tech to make things better for customers.


Barco offers a comprehensive selection of rental LED display solutions that have been precisely engineered to meet the different needs of industries all over the world. Barco’s displays are created for perfection, from captivating rental LED displays that turn events into visual spectacles to complex installations that improve command centers. Every visual presentation is nothing short of outstanding because of its exceptional performance, which is defined by vivid colors, remarkable resolutions, and flawless integration.


As a leading provider of integrated solutions, Daktronics has transformed the face of visual communication. Daktronics offers a wide range of precisely developed LED display solutions to meet the complicated needs of numerous industries. Their products are built to last and are resistant to harsh weather and high-traffic places.

Things to Think About Before Renting LED Displays

When selecting a rental LED display manufacturer, several critical factors should be considered to ensure a successful and trouble-free experience. These components are as follows:

Product Quality

The quality of LED displays is critical. Look for a manufacturer with a track record of producing long-lasting, high-quality screens with vibrant colors and sharp resolutions. Poor displays might have a detrimental effect on your project or event.

Product Range

Pick a supplier that provides a variety of rental LED display solutions to meet different application requirements. Having options means that your particular requirements may be addressed because different events or projects may require various types and sizes of displays.


The price is a key consideration. Compare pricing from several manufacturers to achieve a balance between your budget and the quality of the LED displays. Unusually low prices should be avoided because it may indicate substandard goods.

Customer Service

In the rental and event businesses, excellent customer service is critical. Choose a manufacturer with a track record of timely communication, competent technical support, and a commitment to quickly addressing any problems or concerns.

Reviews and Reputation

Research the manufacturer’s market standing. Look for reviews and testimonials from previous customers to determine their track record. Reputational strengths and satisfied customers are indicators of reliability.

Technological Advancements

LED display technology is always evolving. Choose a manufacturer that stays up to date on new advances and provides features such as fast refresh rates, HDR capability, and energy economy. This allows you to maintain your displays current and competitive.

Customization Options

The flexibility to personalize LED displays to match your specific requirements is critical. Check that the producer can satisfy your specifications for screen sizes, shapes, and resolutions so that you may build a unique and exciting visual experience.

Warranties and Maintenance

Inquire about warranty and maintenance options. A manufacturer who offers warranties can provide clients peace of mind, and maintenance support ensures that any technical issues are resolved quickly.

Technical Knowledge and Industry Experience

Assess the manufacturer’s technical knowledge and industry experience. A manufacturer with a strong track record and a portfolio of completed projects similar to yours is more likely to provide a solid product.

Logistics and Delivery

Consider logistics and delivery when renting LED displays, such as setup and shipment. Choosing a manufacturer who can swiftly deliver and install the displays in the precise location ensures a smooth experience.


In today’s environmentally conscious world, consider a manufacturer’s commitment to sustainability. LED displays that are energy-efficient may reduce power consumption, which is beneficial for the environment and your budget.

Legal Compliance

Confirm that the manufacturer abides by all laws and safety standards applicable to LED displays in your location or industry.


In today’s continuously changing technological environment, finding the appropriate rental LED display is no longer a challenging chore; rather, it is a fascinating opportunity. When we researched the world of LED displays in 2024, it became evident that the industry is thriving with innovation, quality, and diversity. These are only a few of the many manufacturers of rental LED displays on the market. When choosing a manufacturer, it is critical to consider your specific demands and needs. Before making a decision, carefully compare the prices, features, and customer service of various manufacturers. Choose wisely and let your ideas shine brighter than ever before.