USED Leyard Stock

Leyard Group is a global visual technology provider. Founded in 1995, it specializes in LED transparent screens, naked-eye 3D LED displays, LED film screens, LED floor tile screens, LED creative screens, small pixel pitch LED screens, conference all-in-one devices and other series.

Are you looking for high-quality used LED displays? Like USED Gloshine LED and Unilumin LED, buying used Leyard LED is also a good visual solution. As an original and reliable second-hand LED display supplier, IAMLEDWall provides the following used Leyard LED displays.

Used Leyard P5.2 Outdoor Floor screen
Used Leyard P5.2 Outdoor Floor screens are built-in intelligent sensing systems that support interactive functions, which can realize more creative possibilities and bring the customers a more realistic scene-based experience.
Used Leyard P5.2 adopts a high-protection IP65 design. The LED module adopts advanced glue-filling technology and is equipped with waterproof rubber rings, which can effectively prevent water, dust and shock. It is suitable for various indoor and outdoor occasions.
It also has high load-bearing and anti-slip properties, with a load-bearing capacity of up to 2 tons per square meter, and can handle direct trampling by the human body, rolling over by cars, etc.
With LED cabinet front maintenance design allows you to simply remove a single cabinet from the front with a suction tool, which is very simple and fast for maintenance.

Used Leyard P4.8 Outdoor carbon fibre
The pitch of this used Leyard LED display is P4.81, which is very suitable for outdoor applications with a limited budget. The LED cabinet is made of carbon fiber, which is more durable and lightweight.
With advanced and affordable Kinglight SMD2525 LED, MBI5124 (1920hz) and Nova system, It is the most affordable and durable used LED screen configuration on the market.

Although we only list 2 Used Leyard LED displays, as a powerful second-hand LED screen supplier, as long as you are interested in used Leyard LED displays, our efficient and professional team can find more used Leyard displays quickly according to your needs.
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