Second hand Transparent LED Display For Sale

With the increase in market demand, LED transparent screen technology continues to develop, and even appeared interactive technology, further bring experience charm. With the continuous miniaturization of pixel pitch, as well as permeability, stability aspects of the improvement, transparent LED display screen with HD permeability characteristics began to gradually occupy the market, and even in the glass curtain wall domain should occupy an important position.

IAMLEDWALL offers a range of second-hand transparent LED displays. It can help you enhance their visual presentation without the cost of brand-new equipment. Our second-hand transparent displays provide high transparency, allowing for clear visibility through the screen while still delivering vibrant and dynamic content. They are Ideal for retail storefronts, exhibitions, and creative installations. Our second-hand LED displays are tested for quality and performance to ensure reliable operation. Explore our selection today.

What Is transparent LED Display?

A transparent LED display is a type of LED screen that lets light through, so you can see both the screen and what’s behind it at the same time.

Our used Transparent LED Display Characteristics

High transparency

Our used LED transparent screen's transmittance rate can reach 65%~90%, the thickness of each LED strip is only 2mm. It can used for commercial buildings on the inside of the glass curtain wall, indoor and outdoor display, completely breaking the limitations of the traditional LED display in the application of glass.


The LED transparent screen uses a hollow strip design, which makes it really flexible. You can customize the size of the LED screen to fit the glass curtain wall better and reduce the load-bearing pressure.

Easy maintenance

The used LED transparent screen is more flexible, lighter in quality, and quicker to install. If a particular LED strip is damaged, you only have to replace it. There's no need to replace the whole module. You can do the maintenance in indoors, it's highly efficient and low-cost.

No noise, low power consumption

It's quiet, uses little power, and performs well. You can rely on the wind for natural heat dissipation. It doesn't use much power. On average, it uses less than 280W/square meter, so you don't need traditional refrigeration systems or air conditioning to keep it cool.

Easy to update content

You can either connect to your computer, graphics card, or remote transceiver through a network cable, or wirelessly control it through a remote cluster to change the display at any time.

Reduce light pollution

It plays video ads on the part of the display that shows the content, and the rest of the display isn't lit up. With the LED transparent screen in place, you can save a lot of money on lighting fixtures on the outer wall.

Used transparent LED Display For Sale

Second-hand transparent LED Display

Used Gloshine P3.9-7.8 Vanish outdoor

  • Type: Transparent LED display
  • LED: Kinglight SMD1921
  • IC:MBI 5252
  • Receiving card: Novastar A4s
  • Cabinet Size:500×500 & 1000×500
  • Produced Year: 2020
  • Stock: 400SQM
  • Used transparent LED Display

    Used Gloshine P3.9-7.8 Transparent LED Display

  • Type: Outdoor rental LED display
  • LED: Kinglight SMD1921
  • IC:MBI 5124
  • Receiving card: Novastar A4
  • Cabinet Size:1000×500
  • Produced Year: 2020
  • Video Resource

    Second hand Transparent LED Display Price

    The price of second-hand transparent LED displays can vary widely based on several factors, including the brand, model, age, condition, and size of the display. Here are some reference price:

    Display SizePrice Range
    Small used transparent LED Displays (< 10 m²)$1,000 – $5,000
    Medium used transparent LED Displays (10-30 m²)$5,000 – $15,000
    Large used transparent LED Displays (> 30 m²)$15,000 and up

    If you want an accurate price, just give us a call. We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in the above used LED display. IAMLEDWALL can give you a quote based on what you need.

    Find More New Transparent LED Display

    We have a bunch of indoor and outdoor transparent LED displays with different pixel pitches, all in a standard cabinet size of 1000x500mm. These transparent LED displays are perfect for a wide range of modern aesthetic. Here are the options:

    Display TypePixel PitchCabinet Size
    Indoor Transparent LED DisplayP2.6-5.2mm1000x500mm
    Indoor Transparent LED DisplayP2.8-5.6mm1000x500mm
    Indoor Transparent LED DisplayP3.9-7.8mm1000x500mm
    Outdoor Transparent LED DisplayP3.9-7.8mm1000x500mm
    Outdoor Transparent LED DisplayP5.2-10.4mm1000x500mm
    Outdoor Transparent LED DisplayP10.4mm1000x500mm


    Discover more used LED displays

    LED screens have already penetrated into every corner of urban life, whether you are looking for a regular P3.91 LED screen or want to support 90° splicing, circular splicing, internal and external arc splicing, and transparent creative display. In the collection of used Gloshine P3.91 listed above, there will always be one to suit your needs. As a reliable supplier of used LED display panels, IAMLEDWALL provides many used LED displays. Please feel free to contact us, and we will update the used LED screen stock in time or help you find other brands, such as used Unilumin LEDUsed Leyard LEDUsed Absen, etc.

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    Second-hand transparent LED Display Application

    Indoor transparent LED display

    Second-hand transparent LED Display For Advertising

    The transparent LED screen and excellent glass window project building show is a great way to showcase the latest in fashion, color, modernity, and technology. It’s a unique and powerful way to express your brand.

    You can attach the used LLED transparent display screen to the glass keel installation and combine it with the glass curtain wall to create a great advertising effect.

    Indoor transparent LED display

    Second-hand transparent LED Display For Retail store

    With our high-quality, second-hand transparent LED display, you can use these innovative display to captivate and engage customers. It offers a unique combination of visibility and aesthetic appeal.
  • Attracts Customers
  • Promotes Products
  • Enhances Brand Image
  • Maximizes Space
  • FAQs:

    How to deal with the grayscale caused by reducing the brightness of used transparent LED screen?

    Indoors and outdoor LED displays are very different in brightness. If you’re using an LED transparent screen as an indoor LED display, you’ll need to reduce the brightness. Otherwise, people’s eyes won’t be able to take it for too long. But when you reduce the brightness of an transparent LED screen, the picture will look more gray. As you keep reducing the brightness, the gray will get worse and worse. The higher the grayscale level, the more colorful the transparent LEdge display, and the picture is more delicate and full.
    Here’s a way transparent LED screens can reduce brightness without affecting the grayscale.
    Used Small-pitch transparent LED screens can adjust their brightness based on the environment.
    Try to avoid environments that are too bright or too dark, so the picture quality is as good as it can be.
    You can also use a high gray level for the screen, with a current gray level of up to 16 bits.

    LED displays convert electrical energy into light energy, but only about 20% to 30% of the input energy is converted to light. The remaining 70% to 80% is consumed as heat radiation, which makes the displays very hot.

    When it comes to small pitch used transparent LED screens, a high-quality, high-efficiency power supply is key. It can ensure that the electro-optical conversion rate is high, which in turn reduces the impact of heat. You can also use external cooling methods like air conditioning and fans.