LED Poster Display

The new generation is specially designed for light and slim for the easy of portability. Easy move and packed, Fits limit space application. 

the LED Poster provides perfect flatness and seamless alignment without any lines, high resolution of 1.86mm, P2mm, and 2.5mm, 3840 high refresh rate LED Poster Display brings vivid visual experiences for advertising.

640*1920mm LED Poster Display

led poster adjust size

Adjustable Back Bracket

Equipped with adjustable back bracket, Viewing angle can be adjusted anytime, anywhere, allowing more audience to reach the content easily.
Back Bracket can be folded together with the main frame as one unit easily for packing into flight case or wooden case if needed.

led poster foot

Base-Standing Bracket

Unique Base-standing bracket makes the LED poster stand on ground stably. The bracket is movable with 4 wheels, which makes the poster rotate freely, and allows freedom of movement in all directions. Put them together, can all LED Poster will play one video.

led poster play

Smart Cloud Management

Synchronous & Asynchronous control available. Contents can be updated via mobile, ipad, or notebook. Real-time Play, Cross-platform Publish, and USB or WIFI. Support operation by IOS or Android devices. Support Built-in media player for storage


IAM LED Poster Project

LED Poster Display FAQs:

What is The difference between LCD poster display and LED poster display?

Although LCD poster display and LED display poster are very similar, there are four differences.

The display technologies 

LCD is a display screen composed of liquid crystals, while LED is a display screen composed of light-emitting diodes.

The viewing angle 

Comparing the viewing angle, the viewing angle of the LED poster display is wider up to 178°. In addition to displaying various text, numbers, color images and animation information, it can also play color video signals such as TV, video, VCD, and DVD.

The power consumption 

From the perspective of energy loss, the power consumption ratio of LCD poster displays and LED poster displays is about 1:10, so LED poster displays are more energy-saving.

The performances

From a performance comparison, LED has a higher refresh rate, so it performs better in video.

With people’s demand for diversified LED displays, LED poster screens have been widely used in the market. Different from traditional static poster display stands, LED poster displays have the advantages of flexible display, micro-seam splicing, and good visual effects, and can fully meet the needs of supermarkets, specialty stores, exhibition halls, corporate halls, performance venues, and other scenes. You can get many benefits by purchasing an LED poster display:

Micro-seam stitching in larger screen

Different from traditional static posters, LED poster displays can not only display content hybridity or dynamically, bringing stunning visual effects but also have an adjustable brightness of 480~800cd/m3, which can still display clearly even in bright environments, then it can meet semi-outdoor scenes requirements. If you need a larger screen, multiple LED poster screens can also be spliced with micro-seam to achieve simultaneous multi-screen playback. The visual effect is more amazing and can easily meet applications such as rail transit, shopping mall displays, and commercial chains.

Ultra-thin design, simple and beautiful

An 83-inch LED poster display weighs only about 40kg. Compared with traditional too bulky LED display equipment, the lighter LED poster display is easier to transport. You can flexibly transport and place it in different locations according to actual needs. In addition, LED poster displays usually adopt the ultra-thin design, with a thickness of only 35mm, which is simpler and beautiful and can integrate technology and environment well.

Various installation methods, flexible and convenient

LED poster displays have a variety of installation methods, which can meet different applications. 

  • For supermarket applications, you can use standard vertical installation. When Open the hidden bracket on the back of the product and you can use it directly. It opens in 1 second, which is convenient and fast. 
  • For restaurant, hotel and other scene applications, you can use floor-standing installation, which can be easily moved after standing on the standard stand.
  • For specialty stores such as clothing and shoe cabinets, you can use hoisting installation, which is fashionable, simple, eye-catching, and fully enhances the store’s grade; 
  • For corporate halls and exhibition hall applications, you can use wall-mounted installations, which are as thin as murals and simple. It is beautiful and can be integrated into the scene exquisitely, saving space in layout while bringing a good video look and feel; 
  • For cultural centers, large venues, etc., you can use DIY creative splicing to enhance the brand in a creative presentation. 

Intelligent cluster control, remote real-time management and control

The LED poster screen not only supports computer control, but also supports remote wireless interactive operation, remote intelligent monitoring, remote and timed screen switching, and remote centralized management and playback control. You can manage the terminal display information in real-time and make adjustments at any time. Mobile apps, computer software, cluster cloud playback, and other control playback modes make the operation more convenient and faster.

Achieve easy maintenance, convenience

Easy maintenance is also another major advantage of LED poster displays. Our LED poster screen’s internal system card replacement does not require resetting, and the front maintenance module can achieve quick maintenance without removing the protective layer. In addition, the system box design is also extremely user-friendly and can be opened without tools in 1 second. You can easily maintain it If a malfunction occurs during use

Compared with LED poster screens from other manufacturers on the market, our LED poster screen system solutions have many advantages in terms of effect, display, installation method, and cost, making it a good investment option for you.

As a professional Chinese LLED poster display manufacturer, IAMLEDWALL’s advanced manufacturing technology determines that the quality and grade of our LED poster displays are higher than those of other suppliers. So what are the benefits of our LED poster display technology?

LED poster display cabinet material selection

For LED poster display, the material of the cabinet is very important, related to the cost, weight, craftsmanship, etc. IAMLEDWALL uses cabinet materials that are very suitable for different applications. It not only has a high Protection level but also saves costs and reduces product weight, making it very suitable for transportation. After many years of LED screen manufacturing experience, the cabinets of our LED poster display have been continuously upgraded from iron, galvanized sheets, and profiled aluminum. Not only is the cost lower, but the craftsmanship is better.

Module design LED poster display 

An LED display poster is made up of LED modules. Then there will be different pixel pitches. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the definition. The commonly used pixel pitch of IAMLEDWALL are P2.9, P2.3, P3.8, P4.5, P5.5, etc., which can meet the needs of different applications. In the actual production process, we use standard (200mm*200mm) LED modules for assembly, which not only ensures production needs but also can be assembled into different screen sizes to meet more indoor and semi-outdoor applications.

Good surface treatment technology

Since LED poster displays are often installed in high-end shopping malls with high traffic flow, if they look bulky, they will not be in harmony with the overall environment. The surface of the cabinet of our LED poster display can have different process options such as painting, frosting, drawing, and surface glass inlay. The surface treatment determines the beauty and grade of the LED poster display. You can choose different appearances according to your situation.

Neat internal wiring in LED poster display 

Although the surface appearance of the LED poster display cabinet is very important, the quality of the LED poster display cannot be determined by just the appearance. The neat internal wiring of our LED poster display is also an important purchasing factor. Messy wiring is not only very unprofessional, but also affects heat dissipation, leads to equipment failure, and is also very inconvenient for later maintenance. As a professional and mature LED poster screen manufacturer, we eliminate this risk from the source.

 Internal component layout in LED poster display

Wiring is only a part of the inside of the cabinet. In fact, in addition to wiring, the layout of various parts is also very important. Whether the internal wiring is reasonable, whether the parts layout is appropriate, and whether the ventilation and heat dissipation design is good, all the design will affect the quality of the LED poster.