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LED Poster

The new generation is specially designed for light and slim for the easy of portability. Easy move and packed, Fits limit space application. 

the LED Poster provides perfect flatness and seamless alignment without any lines, high resolution of 1.86mm, P2mm, and 2.5mm, 3840 high refresh rate brings vivid visual experiences for advertising.


led poster adjust size

Adjustable Back Bracket

Equipped with adjustable back bracket, Viewing angle can be adjusted anytime, anywhere, allowing more audience to reach the content easily.
Back Bracket can be folded together with the main frame as one unit easily for packing into flight case or wooden case if needed.

led poster foot

Base-Standing Bracket

Unique Base-standing bracket makes the LED poster stand on ground stably. The bracket is movable with 4 wheels, which makes the poster rotate freely, and allows freedom of movement in all directions. Put them together, can all LED Poster will play one video.

led poster play

Smart Cloud Management

Synchronous & Asynchronous control available. Contents can be updated via mobile, ipad, or notebook. Real-time Play, Cross-platform Publish, and USB or WIFI. Support operation by IOS or Android devices. Support Built-in media player for storage


IAM LED Poster Project