USED Unilumin Stock

Unilumin Technology, founded in 2004 with stock code 300232, is committed to providing global customers with high-quality, high-performance LED display and lighting product solutions. As a top LED display supplier, its products are famous for their diversity and high quality. Due to its strong brand power, its LED displays are loved worldwide.
If you are in the LED display industry, you probably know that their new LED displays are not affordable, but if you have a limited budget and want to use their LED screens, then it is a good idea to get Unilumin’s Used LED displays.
As a major used LED displays supplier in China, IAM LEDWALL can provide various series of high-quality second-hand Unilumin LED screens, such as:
Used Unilumin P2.6 indoor UPad IV
Used Unilumin P3.9 Outdoor UGMII
Used Unilumin P2.6 indoor UGN
Used Unilumin P2.9 indoor UGM
Used Unilumin P2.6 indoor UGMII
Used Unilumin UGMII Series:
There are 500mm*500mm and 500mm*1000mm cabinets available for UGMII; the cabinet thickness is only 63mm, and the same size container can load more UGMII cabinets.
Unilumin UGMII adopts a one-finger lock design, which truly realizes single-person installation. You can complete the locking by touching the upper and lower modules. Its comfortable handle design is very convenient for grasping and transporting the box.
Used Unilumin UGMII supports arc cabinet customization and arc splicing at multiple angles (including -10°, -7.5°, -5°, -2.5°,0°, 2.5°, 5°, 7.5°, 10°)
Thanks to Advanced Shared Backup (ABS) technology, in most cases, you can quickly handle power failures without disassembling the power box;
You can connect the power cords and current equalizing lines in a mesh for important occasions to equalize the output current between adjacent cabinets. This can reduce the risk of the cabinets having a black screen due to the following reasons:
electricity failure;
Power cord failure;
Power plug failure;
UGMII is very flexible and can support various installation methods, such as direct screen installation, 90-degree right-angle installation, heterosexual screen installation, etc. With this used rental LED screen, you can maximize your returns with limited investment.
Used Unilumin UGN Series:
The UGN II series is one of the representative works of indoor HD LED screens, with pitches including 1.2/ 1.5/ 1.9/ 2.6 mm.
Unilumin UGN has a very ideal high-definition visual display effect. As a high-definition small-pitch display, the picture is more delicate, and the details are richer;
The surface of the LED screen is filled with glue, which effectively reduces the risk of the lamp being bumped and causing the lamp to fall out during the process of disassembly, assembly and module replacement.
Dual power and signal backup technology can solve black screens, display errors, and unstable images effectively.
In addition to the above powerful technologies, the UGNⅡ series also supports inter-assembly with flexible products, supports flexible shaped assembly, and is suitable for various installation applications, such as: hanging structures, seat-mounted structures, etc.
If you are looking for a high-definition used LED display, Unilumin UGN is a good choice.
Although Unilumin used LED display screen is a good choice, if you want to know more brands of products, there is no doubt that we can also provide a one-stop solution; you can view these USED Gloshine LED screen, USED Lightlink Stock, Used Absen etc.