USED Absen Stock

Founded in 2001, Absen is headquartered in Shenzhen and has a manufacturing base in Huizhou. It has 18 domestic and overseas companies in the United States, Germany, Japan, the Middle East, Russia, Mexico, and Brazil.

Absen’s main business focuses on advertising LED displays, stage LED displays, commercial LED displays, conference LED displays, consumer-grade LED displays and other fields. Its products are exported to more than 140 countries and regions in the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, etc., and currently, More than 50,000 projects have been successfully used. Excellent LED display product cases include Hollywood, Disney, Universal Studios, World Cup, European Cup, NBA, New York Times Square, and various large-scale media events.

As famous as Unilumin LED Technology, due to its strong brand influence, LED display distributors and end customers all over the world like their LED display products very much. If you want to buy a high-quality LED screen with a limited budget, you may consider the 80% new used Absen LED solution. As a top used LED wall provider, we provide a variety of Absen stock LED screens, such as:

Used Absen P2.9 indoor DW2
The DW series is known for being ultra-lightweight and easy to operate, including DW2.5, DW2, DW3, DW4.8, and DW4.8 XL.

The DW series supports various angle changes. You can choose the curved version (adjustment range is -5° to +10°) or the 90° spliced version to help customers easily realize more creative ideas.

The DW series adopts a reinforced safety lock design, which is convenient for one person to operate independently, and the quick installation is safer. You may be worried that the lamp bead damage caused by LED screens is often moved. Don’t worry. The used Absen LED screen adopts an anti-bump design and is fully protected, effectively avoiding direct contact between the cabinet and the ground when placed. In addition to the anti-bump design, the DW series also adopts a rotating protection corner design and a raised PCB edge protection design to make the product more durable.

The modular structure design makes the maintenance of modules and power boxes more convenient. Therefore, It is one of the first choices for corporate activities, public activities, and studios.

If you want to know more about used Absen LED products and related parameter information or are interested in other second-hand LED wall brands, such as USED Lightlink, USED Di Color Stock, USED Gloshine, USED Leyard, and USED Unilumin Stock, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our LED experts team are happy to help you find the best used LED screen you want to buy.