Used LED Dance Floor For Sale

LED floor screen is a novel digital display device customized for indoor and outdoor stage event. It adopts high-quality aluminum alloy, high-grade electronic ceramics and other materials to do thermal conductivity, heat dissipation, widely used in bars, product launches, T-stage runway, stage performances, parties, concert decorations, advertisements, media decorations and so on.

IAMLEDWALL has the perfect blend of innovation and affordability with their exclusive used LED dance floors. Our dance floors are designed to make any event or venue shine. They combine cutting-edge LED technology with reliable performance, so every step and sway is illuminated with brilliance. No matter if you’re putting on a lively nightclub event, a vibrant wedding reception, or a corporate gala, our used LED dance floor screen will make a big impact and let you be flexible.

At IAMLEDWALL, we make quality and customer satisfaction our top priorities. We offer meticulously maintained LED dance floors that meet the highest standards for performance and durability. Each floor is made to look amazing, with customizable patterns and seamless integration into any setting. Our commitment to excellence means you can transform any space into a captivating dance floor experience without any compromises.

Join the many happy customers who’ve used IAMLEDWALL’s used LED dance floor display to make their events even better. Elevate your venue’s ambiance and create unforgettable moments with our reliable and cost-effective solutions. Take a look at our range today and let IAMLEDWALL light up your next event with style and brilliance.

What is an LED floor Screen?

LED floor screen is a custom LED display specially designed for the floor. Compared with the traditional LED display, LED floor screen in the load bearing, protective performance and heat dissipation performance and other aspects of the special design, so it can adapt to high-intensity trampling, long-term normal operation.

Our Used LED Floor Screen Characteristics

High reliability

Stable signal and power supply design, front and rear IP54 waterproof design. It can ensure stable performance under long time use and meet the use requirements of different applications.

Ultra-strong load-bearing

High-strength bottom shell mask design, load capacity up to 2000kg/m², fearless of car crushing.

High Flexible

You can adjust the height of the feet from 72.5mm to 91.5mm, so it's flexible enough to adapt to different scenes.

360 View

Live full-view viewing, better immersion experience, the charm of modern technology to each user.

Quick Installation

Independent support foot design, according to the support foot can realize horizontal positioning, fast assembly; two kinds of screen body levelling options, fast levelling the height of the screen body.

Interactive sensing

Integrated sensing chip can track footsteps, presenting instant interactive screen effects and realizing human-screen interaction.

Second Hand Led Dance Floor

used LED floor screen

Used Leyard P5.2 Outdoor Floor screen

  • Type: Floor LED display
  • LED: Kinglight
  • IC:1920hz
  • Receiving card: Novastar
  • Cabinet Size:500×500
  • Produced Year: 2021
  • Video Resource

    Find More New LED Floor Screen

    Our interactive LED floor screen with a skeleton frame design,which is super lightweight, and the skeleton frame is easy to maintain. You don’t need any tools to load and unload the frame. The independent support foot design makes installation a breeze. Just place the support foot on the ground and you’re all set. You can even do large screen assembly with this cabinet, which saves on manpower and material costs. Our new interactive LED floor screen is a good creative solution for stage performances, virtual studios, science museums, activity centers, and other applications.


    Specification Model PH6.25 LED Floor Display Screen
    Pixel Pitch 6.25mm
    Pixel Composition 1R1G1B
    LED Type SMD
    Pixel Density 25600 dots/m²
    Operating Voltage Domestic AC220V ± 10%, some countries AC110V ± 10%; 50Hz~60Hz
    Average Power Consumption 300W/m²
    Maximum Power Consumption 800W/m²
    Unit Box Size 576mm x 576mm
    Drive Mode Constant current
    Display Colors 17M~69G colors
    Brightness Adjustment Manual/Automatic/Program Control
    Contrast Ratio 256~4096 levels
    Refresh Rate 300Hz~2440Hz
    Frame Rate 60Hz
    Display Mode 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×960, 1920×1200, 2048×640
    Control Mode Corresponds to computer display pixel by pixel, synchronous/asynchronous, remote, wireless
    Transmission Distance Super five twisted pair ≤130M, multi-mode fiber ≤500M, single-mode fiber ≤10KM
    Continuous Working Time >72 hours
    LED Lifespan 100,000 hours
    Average No Failure Time >10,000 hours
    Protection Rate 1/10000
    Continuous Loss Rate None
    Protection Technology Waterproof, dustproof, anti-static, with over-current, short-circuit, over-voltage, over-temperature, and low-voltage protection
    Operating Environment Temperature -20°C ~ +50°C
    Operating Environment Humidity 10%~90%

    Discover more used LED displays

    LED screens have already penetrated into every corner of urban life, whether you are looking for a regular P3.91 LED screen or want to support 90° splicing, circular splicing, internal and external arc splicing, and transparent creative display. In the collection of used Gloshine P3.91 listed above, there will always be one to suit your needs. As a reliable supplier of used LED display panels, IAMLEDWALL provides many used LED displays. Please feel free to contact us, and we will update the used LED screen stock in time or help you find other brands, such as used Unilumin LEDUsed Leyard LEDUsed Absen, etc.

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    Second-hand LED Floor Screen Application

    LED floor screen

    Used Led Floor Screen For Dance

    At IAMLEDWALL, we’ve got a great range of dynamic LED floor screens that bring vibrant colors, customizable patterns, and seamless integration to dance floors of all sizes. They’re perfect for nightclubs, weddings, concerts, and corporate events. Our used screens really make every step look great with stunning visual effects and unmatched clarity. Take a look at our selection today and see how IAMLEDWALL can elevate your dance floor experience with our trusted quality and innovation.

    LED floor screen

    Used Led Floor Screen For Stage Event

    If you’re looking for a practical and cost-effective choice for stage events, a used LED floor screen is a great option. It’s a great way to save money, support sustainability, and get a reliable product. If you choose a quality used screen from us, you can make your stage event look great without breaking the bank.


    How to make the best waterproof used LED floor screen?

    When installing an outdoor LED floor screen, it’s important to coat and poke the PCB boards, seal the screw holes on the back of the components with plugging adhesive, and use a waterproof adhesive for heat dissipation. You should also make sure the outdoor cabinet and the outdoor structure are more than 40 centimeters off the ground, which helps with drainage during rainy days.

    The LED floor screen is mainly designed to create a good visual effect. It uses the following technologies:
    1. The multimedia interactive system includes an image motion capture device, a data transceiver, a data processor, and an LED floor screen.
    2. The image motion capture device captures and collects images and motion data from participants.
    3. The data transceiver is responsible for sending and receiving data in a way that allows for fast, efficient communication. The data processor is the heart of the system. It enables real-time interaction between participants and various types of effects, analyzes and processes the captured image and motion data, and merges it with the data in the processor.
    If you need to capture motion, the LED floor screen comes with thermal sensors. The data transceiver acquisition system takes the signal from each LED floor screen module sensor and sends it to the data processor. The data processor will send the signal for data analysis and processing, and the resulting data scene for the system docking. Once the LED floor screen display part and virtual data and virtual scene data have been docked, the LED screen will be able to show the virtual scene picture.