USED Gloshine Stock

Founded in 2006, Gloshine Technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales and comprehensive technical services for indoor and outdoor full-color LED display products. Since its establishment, Gloshine has focused on rental LED displays and is committed to providing customers with a full range of stage and event LED solutions.

Gloshine Technology has modern production equipment such as modern LED display production lines, SMT high-speed placement machines, high-temperature reflow soldering, glue filling machines and standardized product aging production lines, so whether it is new LED screens or used LED screens from Gloshine that all have first-class product quality. If you are looking for used LED wall suppliers due to limited budget or other reasons. Good luck. At IAM LEDWAll, we provide all kinds of cost-effective Gloshine or other brand’s used led walls. We have collected the following Gloshine second-hand LED screens:

Used Gloshine PL series:
It is representative of simple and practical rental LED screens. Every detail reveals the ultimate and practical personality. Gloshine PL series used LED screens can be flexibly combined with CL/CF to create various types of large-scale LED Screens. This PL series LED screen adopts GOB or SMD LED packaging technology, uses the leading Nova control system, and has a 500 mm*500 mm die-cast aluminum cabinet, which is more flexible and convenient to install.

Used Gloshine LS series:
With classic LED display cabinets design and has been popular in the market for a long time. If you are frustrated that the Used PL series 500MM*500mm cabinet takes more time to install, then the LS cabinet with 500 mm*1000 mm is your alternative. This cabinet adopts all-black electrophoresis technology, which is quick to install and doubles the efficiency; LED The cabinet covers right-angle and bevel designs, which can realize the splicing of various internal and external arcs; and the cabinet connectors are made of high-strength metal material, with high precision and durability. Whether you want front maintenance or rear maintenance, this module can Satisfy your needs. In addition, the back cover of the power supply adopts a snap lock design, without any disassembly tools, making maintenance more convenient. If you are looking for a 500*100mm second-hand LED screen, then the series is one of the good choices.

Used Gloshine Vanish series:
Vanish series rental screens can support ±15° splicing arc and 90° splicing. Unlike traditional used rental LED displays, this series adopts an ultra-light, ultra-thin, high-permeability design, and is suitable for outdoor and indoor rentals, fixed installation or hoisting. Are you still worried about the poor wind resistance of the LED display due to bad weather? Don’t worry at all; this Gloshine used led wall can withstand strong winds above level 8; its LED nano-coating protection and mask design solve the problem of uneven PCB ink color. In addition, the integrated design of the back cover simplifies maintenance procedures.

In addition to the above used Gloshine LED screens, there are also more series and pixel pitches to choose from, such as used Gloshine P2.6, P2.9, P3.9, etc. If the above Gloshine second-hand LED screens cannot meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us, and we will update the used LED screen stock in time or help you find other brands, such as used Unilumin LED, Used Leyard LED, Used Absen, etc.