Flexible LED Display

Full range of LED flexible module pixel pitch ranges from 1.53mm to 2.5mm with same to match different kinds of application.

Using special materials and advanced technology, Strong magnetic installation, easy to assemble and disassemble, fast to maintain.

With P1.53mm, P1.86mm, P2mm and P2.5mm Flexible LED Display module to meet your requirements .

320*160mm Flexible LED Display

flexible slim LED module

Super Slim

Super light and slim: Only7kg/pcs, 6mm thickness. Large angle, no warping angle, good flexibility, strong magneticforce

flexible LED module

Strong Magnet

Silicone frame&mask with embedded magnet design, easy to assemble and disassemble for front service maintenance.

eas yinstall flexible LED module

Easy Installation

No cabinet metal frame, Soft module with high quality PCB design, drastically deducting the screen weight.


Curved Cabinet

Convex and Concave

flex LED module
flex LED module

IAM Flexible Project


Flexible LED Display FAQs:

Q1: What is a flexible LED screen ?

LED flexible screen is also called soft module LED display. It is made of a special flexible material, which has strong flexibility and a wide range of applications. With the development of display technology, more and more application places need to install LED displays for advertising or knowledge dissemination, while ordinary LED displays are limited by many specific places and cannot meet more special application scenarios For example, cylindrical screens used in shopping malls, LED displays of various special shapes, etc., the development of flexible LED screens has made up for this shortcoming, allowing more special application places to install LED displays.


The flexible LED module is more and more popular. It consists of small LED chips mounted on a flexible circuit board that can be bent without damaging the LEDs or the circuitry. Various pixel pitches are optional, and all are indoor applications. P1.53mm, P1.86mm, P2 mm, and P2.5mm, which sizes are all 240 mm*120 mm.  there are some magnets on the rear side of the flexible modules, when you install the flexible modules, just attach those modules on the curved surface, and it will be fixed by magnets. Mostly, the flexible modules are used for curved surfaces, cylindrical displays, and irregular-shaped LED displays.  


The bending characteristics of flexible modules can provide highly creative designs for many stage designs, new buildings, and shopping mall decorations.

There are many flexible module suppliers in China with different sizes and different quality levers. We would like to introduce the characteristics of IAM flexible modules.


Ultra-thin and super light. The weight of IAM flexible LED module is only 0.7 kg. The thickness of the flexible LED display is only about 6mm, and the ultra-thin design takes up less space. The characteristics of softness and lightness reduce the bearing capacity of the LED display. It saves much cost on installation and transportation.


Front service design. IAM flexible modules adopt strong magnetic magnets so that the flexible LED display can be repaired at the front end. It is very simple and convenient to install and repair.


Uniform size. IAM flexible modules are the same size in different pixel pitches. When clients want to upgrade the pixel pitches, there is no need to change the installation frame.


Seamless Connectivity. Flexible LED modules are engineered to provide seamless connectivity when combined to form a curved LED screen display. They feature edge-to-edge connectors or magnetic connectors that enable a smooth and uninterrupted display surface without visible gaps or discontinuities.


High flexibility. Using flexible material circuit boards and silicone masks, you can design different shapes, effects, types, and radians at will, and make any shape of LED video wall you like. Compared with the traditional LED display, the flexibility of the IAM flexible LED modules are more excellent, and the size and appearance can be adjusted freely to meet the application of various singular shape designs. You can use our flexible LED modules to build creative LED screens in many shapes.


Wide range of applications. IAM Flexible LED modules can be used in various fields and applications, such as shopping malls, bars, discotheques, stages, indoor buildings, KTV, exhibitions, performances. Especially for various irregular buildings, IAM flexible LED modules are very suitable.

The flexible module is a new type of LED display technology, which is highly flexible, and it can be the following shapes:


Curved LED display. The curved LED display can be designed into any arc shape to form a curved screen. Both inner and outer arcs are available. Because there is rubber on the rear side. In exhibitions or advertisements, the screens made of curved LED flexible soft modules are more eye-catching than traditional LED screens, which can meet the various demands of customers.


Cylindrical LED display. The cylindrical LED display takes into account both practicality and innovation. Its unique shape can quickly attract people’s attention and appreciate images from multiple angles, making the design more dynamic and aesthetic. We believe that you must meet the POP CAN LED screen.


Wavy LED display. The wave-shaped LED display can not only create unique visual effects but also integrate design features into landscapes and public installations, making buildings and artworks more full of vitality and creativity.


Other special-shaped LED displays. LED flexible soft modules can also be made into screens of any irregular shape, such as pentagons, rhombuses, trapezoids, etc. In one word, choose IAM flexible modules  is offer many possibilities of your advertising.


IAM flexible LED modules, which are mostly used for curved LED screens, open up creative possibilities for unique and engaging visual experiences. In recent, IAM clients have purchased flexible modules mostly for projects of curved video walls, cylindrical displays, curved signages, and immersive installations where design and aesthetics are important. Mostly, the reason for the popularity of IAM flexible modules is flexible have a specific bend radius and flexibility which determines the degree they can be curved.


Here comes the question: what is the maximum degree of IAM flexible modules that can be curved?


Before we answer this question, let us know more about IAM flexible modules. On the rear side of flexible modules, there is a high-quality rubber, which can be curved to any degree. However, if the flexible bend, inner or outer, is too much, the performance of the LED screen is not good. Different modules may have specific limitations on the minimum radius of curvature they can achieve. It is important to consider the bend radius requirements when planning a curved LED screen display.


Considering our previous curved LED screen projects, and our level of production, IAM flexible module minimum diameter is 764mm, and the curved degrees is 36 deg. Which means, at least, only 10 modules can be join into a perfect circle. Both of convex and  concave is same. On the other hand, the flexible modules from some other supplier choose 320mm x 160mm, and their minimum diameter is 815mm. This is the reason why we choose 240mm x 120mm as our flexible module size.