Flexible LED Display

Full range of LED flexible module pixel pitch ranges from 1.53mm to 2.5mm with same to match different kinds of application.

Using special materials and advanced technology, Strong magnetic installation, easy to assemble and disassemble, fast to maintain.

With P1.53mm, P1.86mm, P2mm and P2.5mm Flexible LED Display module to meet your requirements .

320*160mm Flexible LED Display

flexible slim LED module

Super Slim

Super light and slim: Only7kg/pcs, 6mm thickness. Large angle, no warping angle, good flexibility, strong magneticforce

flexible LED module

Strong Magnet

Silicone frame&mask with embedded magnet design, easy to assemble and disassemble for front service maintenance.

eas yinstall flexible LED module

Easy Installation

No cabinet metal frame, Soft module with high quality PCB design, drastically deducting the screen weight.


Curved Cabinet

Convex and Concave

flex LED module
flex LED module

IAM Flexible Project