Used P2.6 LED Display

Rental LED displays have always been an important advertising tool for various videoconferences, large-scale opening ceremonies, wedding events, concert ceremonies, celebrity events, product promotions, hotel rentals, and other activities. With the development of LED display technology, small-pitch LED displays have been well received by the market due to their high definition and high contrast.

As the technology of small-pitch LED becomes more mature and the price continues to drop, more and more companies want to purchase a 2.6mm LED display. With so many brands on the market, how to buy an affordable LED display with good quality? There is no doubt that P2.6 used LED display is a good investment option.

If you are looking for affordable P2.6 LED display, here are some Unilumin used 2.6mm LED displays for sale and other used P2.6 video wall.

P2.6 LED Video Wall Features

Ultra-high refresh rate

It can ensure that high-definition cameras and cameras can capture high-definition and delicate display images when shooting;

High reliability and long life

It adopts a direct plug-in adapter board design to simplify the wiring inside the cabinet, effectively reducing the problem of poor connection and reducing signal attenuation and interference.

High uniformity of brightness and color

High-quality light-emitting devices selected from the same batch are used to ensure high uniformity;


Silent design, no need for air conditioning or fan installation, eliminating noise, reducing power consumption, saving electricity and energy;

High contrast

Good mask design, black body SMD, non-reflective surface, large viewing angle, and good display effect;Low brightness and high gray performance:

Adopt advanced blanking solution

Eliminate dimming and ghosting phenomena;

Used Unilumin P2.6 LED Display

Used Unilumin P2.6 indoor UGN

  • LED: Xindeco SMD1515
  • IC:ICN2053
  • Receiving card: Novastar A5s plus
  • Cabinet Size:500×500
  • Produced Year: 2021
  • Used Unilumin P2.6 indoor UGNII

  • LED: Nationstar wire SMD1515
  • IC:MBI 5264
  • Receiving card: Novastar A8s
  • Cabinet Size:500×500
  • Produced Year: 2022
  • Stock: 195SQM
  • Used Unilumin P2.6 indoor UGMII

  • LED: Xindeco SMD1515
  • IC:ICN2053
  • Receiving card: Novastar A4
  • Cabinet Size:500×500
  • Produced Year: 2021
  • Used Unilumin P2.6 indoor UPad IV

  • LED: Nationstar Gloden wire SMD1515
  • IC:MBI 5264
  • Receiving card: Novastar A10s pro
  • Cabinet Size:500×500
  • Produced Year: 2023
  • Stock: 40SQM
  • Used Unilumin P2.6 indoor UPad IV

  • LED: Nationstar Gloden wire SMD1515
  • IC:MBI 5264
  • Receiving card: Novastar A8s plus
  • Cabinet Size:500×500
  • Produced Year: 2023
  • Used Unilumin P2.6 LED Display Product Video

    Unilumin P2.6 LED Screen Advantages

    Strong, stable and highly operable

    The overall design of Unilumin 2.6mm LED display adopts a frame-like visual design, with a well-organized cabinet appearance, a hidden upper handle and an integrated power box. While improving the operating experience, it has formed a more differentiated brand symbol feature. In the assembled state, it has a great sense of space and visual tension, making LED displays more firm, stable and strong operability.

    Safety Protection

    The mask’s bump design enhances the module’s surface impact resistance; The lamp pin dispensing process enhances thrust; Reduce lamp maintenance costs; anti-collision cabinet Flip the corner protectors; avoid bumping the lamp surface When transporting the LED display.

    Advanced Shared Backup (ABS) Technology

    LED display adopts advanced shared backup (ABS) technology, which effectively reduces the risk of black screen when the power supply, power cable and power plug fail, and maximizes the stability of the LED screen.

    Slimmer,Supreme Minimalist Appearance

    Unilumin UGMⅡ P2.6 is the second generation of the brand-new and minimalist rental LED screen, which adopts simple vertical stripe elements. The lock is simple with practicality and strong operability. It integrates convenience and beauty.

    Practical, Simple User-Level Maintenance

    LED display module adopts rear maintenance design, the power box can be removed independently, and the large handle design and power cable support make maintenance more convenient and bring better customer experience.

    Creative Design For Multi-Angle Installation Style

    LED display supports arc cabinet, and when you do arc splicing, there are 45° and 180°creative shapes. Each perfect angle can be set quickly and easily without destroying the overall design.

    More Used P2.6 LED Display

    Used Lightlink P2.6 indoor

  • Type: Indoor rental LED display
  • Pixel Pitch: P2.6/2.6mm
  • LED: Kiglight LED
  • IC:ICN2055(3840hz)
  • Receiving card: Novastar A4S
  • Cabinet Size:500×500
  • Produced Year: 2019
  • dicolor26indoor2404241.jpg

    Used Dicolor P2.6 indoor DP series

  • Type: Indoor rental LED display
  • Pixel Pitch: P2.6/2.6mm
  • LED: Kinglight
  • IC:ICN2153
  • Receiving card: Novastar A5s
  • Cabinet Size:500×500
  • Produced Year: 2020
  • Stock: 200SQM
  • Used Gloshine P2.6 indoor CF curved

  • Type: Indoor rental LED display
  • Pixel Pitch: P2.6/2.6mm
  • LED: Kinglight SMD1515
  • IC:MBI5253
  • Receiving card: Novastar A8s
  • Cabinet Size:500×500
  • Produced Year: 2021
  • Why Choose Our 2.6mm Used Video Wall

    Careful Examination

    Before purchasing used LED video wall, our professional team will Carefully inspect the condition of the LED display including: LEDs, ICs, power supplies, receiver cards (mainly using Novastar systems) and masks.

    Brightness Measurement

    We will test the LEDs using a professional brightness measurement tool to understand each wavelength of each LEDs RGB. Since it is an used LED display, so it is difficult to get the same batch of LEDs, we will buy some close LEDs.

    Aging Test

    All LED panels will be placed on an aging test frame and after 24 hours aging test, we will mark all dead pixels, damaged ICs, defective power supplies and disabled power cables;

    Replacement Masks

    If the mask is bad, we will replace it with a nearly color-coordinated mask to ensure that all LED video panels look the same!

    Repair IC

    If there are pixel dead pixels or damaged ICs, we will repair these dead pixels and ICs to make the LED display perfect!

    Carefully packaged

    Once all used LED panels have been checked and tested for correctness and cleaned. The inner layer will be wrapped in a dry bag to protect it from moisture and humidity. New or good flight box packaging.

    Discover more used LED displays

    With the continuous advancement of LED display technology, rental LED displays with high contrast, high refresh rate, and rich creative shapes have gradually become an indispensable tool in commercial activities, which can bring the most direct visual impact to viewers. In today’s various types of concerts, parties, and performances, you should not miss an LED display.

    If you are looking for the best cost-effective LED screen, there is no doubt that used LED screen is an excellent option. As a reliable used LED screen supplier, IAMLEDWALL offers the used LED display will help you solve stage applications. You can view these USED Gloshine LED screenUSED Lightlink StockUsed Absen etc.

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    What are the parameters of P2.6 LED display?

    Pixel Spacing (mm)2.604
    Pixel Density (points/m²)147456
    Pixel Configuration1R1G1B
    LED Lamp Packaging FormSMD212121 copper wire or gold wire lamp
    Gray Level>4096
    Display Color (M)16.7
    Refresh Frequency (Hz)>3840
    Display Brightness (cd/m²)>800
    Frame Frequency (Hz)60
    Module Pixel Arrangement96×96
    Cabinet Pixel Arrangement384×192
    Module Size (mm*mm)250×250
    LED Panel Size (mm)50×500 
    Cabinet Thickness (mm)63
    Box Weight (Kg)4.5 / 8
    Cabinet MaterialDie-cast aluminum cabinet
    Brightness Adjustment Level256
    Power Input VoltageAC210~230V
    Drive ModeConstant current drive power supply
    Input Frequency (Hz)50/60
    Scanning Method1/32
    Horizontal Viewing Angle (Deg)160
    Vertical Viewing Angle (Deg)120
    Protection LevelIP54
    Working Temperature Range (℃)-20 to +40
    Cabinet Pixel Arrangement (Px*Px)96×96
    Working Humidity Range (RH)10%~90%
    Storage Temperature Range (℃)-40 to +80
    Storage Humidity Range (RH)10%~90%
    Service Life (H)50,000