USED Di Color Stock

Founded in 2006, Dicolor is the world’s top comprehensive visual technology solution provider. It specializes in the R&D, production and sales of LED displays. It has industry-leading D-COB technology to drive ultra-high-definition video display technology in the 5G era. Dicolor products include large outdoor advertising LED screens, indoor high-definition LED displays, stage LED rental screens, LED floor tile screens, LED awnings, etc. Among them, the stage LED screen market share ranks among the top three in the world.

Dicolor is equipped with high automation equipment, with a monthly production capacity of 5,000 square meters. It is one of the three fully automatic LED display companies in South China. It is Proud that they have achieved 3D LED display technology, LED energy-saving technology, and asynchronous control of public transportation display.

Although Dicolor is not as famous as Unilumin and Absen Technology, their stage LED displays still occupy an important global market share. If you are looking for a used LED wall, As one of the best second-hand LED screen suppliers, we can provide a variety of used Dicolor LED screens, including:

Used Di Color P3.9 Outdoor DP series

The DP series is an anti-collision, high-definition, front/rear maintenance, right-angle splicing, curved interactive floor LED screen. There are two specifications of cabinets available, which support mutual splicing and staggered splicing, and can achieve a variety of splicing styles;

The DP series also supports arc assembly; four DP cabinets can be assembled into a cubic column shape. The DP series adopts a triple protection design: the lamp beads are anti-bump, and the cabinet corners are anti-bump, making the Used DiColor LED display more durable. In order to meet a variety of application needs, it also supports rental and fixed installation dual-use outdoor display applications.

Used Di Color UT series LED display

The Used Dicolor  UT series LED display has many advantages, such as thin and light design, ventilation and light transmission, convenient installation and maintenance, multi-functional splicing, and dual-use indoors and outdoors, allowing you to perfectly meet your display needs.

The cabinet weighs only 6.5kg. Its lightness saves time and effort during the installation process, providing you with great convenience. You can build your LED display more easily with less effort.

Its high transparency rate of up to 40% and low wind resistance design make the display effect clearer and more brilliant, perfectly combining stage and artistic elements.

The LED control box is an integrated design, and a single cabinet can be disassembled independently, which improves maintenance efficiency and saves time and costs.

Whether it is indoor and outdoor right-angle splicing, staggered splicing or arc splicing, the UT series can easily handle it, providing a wide range of choices for creative LED display needs.

The UT series uses a high refresh driver chip, effectively reducing grayscale loss under low brightness and providing higher display quality. In short, if you are looking for a used LED display that can meet different indoor and outdoor needs, then this Used Di Color UT series can bring you greater benefits.

In addition to the above used Dicolor LED screen series, we provide more used Dicolor products, including the MX series, UC series, AF series, M-Pro series, NF series, MD series, MA series, and other product sources. If you need used stock LED screens, you can also view USED Lightlink stock, USED Absen Stock, USED Gloshine Stock, USED Leyard Stock, USED Unilumin Stock, etc.