Service of Used LED Screen

repair LED display service


Fixed all defective LED and IC, to make sure all pixel works fine.

clean LED display serivce


Clean the dust of LED surfaces and rear side, not new, but will be clean.

pack LED display service


packed into flight case and wrap with drawing film, put fragile labels.

calibration LED display service


We will take calibration for some used LED screen, since maybe some LED panels with color difference after using.


Free New Signal Cable

We will offer the best quality new signal cable(beetek) as free parts. Mostly, all flight case is free also, since it is used, also we can order hanging bar for any order.

LED display parts

Warranty Service of New Items

colored paper with the words Condition And Warranty.

Warranty Policy:

This Warranty Policy applies to all LED display products purchased directly from IAM and within Warranty Period. Any products not purchased directly from IAM does not apply to this Warranty Policy.

Products shall be installed and used strictly aligned with the Installment Instructions and Cautions for Use stated in the product manual. IAM will repair or replace the unit if it is found to be defective as to workmanship or materials. Warranty does not extend to damages resulting from mis-use, neglect or abuse, or accident.


The warranty is void with following conditions

1. Damages caused by improper use, negligence, mishandling, acts of third parties, accidents, fire, flood, lightning, power surges or outages. Improper handling, operation in accordance with the technical instructions

2. The product has been altered or repaired by other than the manufacturer or an authorized service representative of the Manufacturer

3. Modifications or accessories other than those manufactured or provided by the Manufacturer have been made or attached to the product which, in the determination of the Manufacturer have affected the performance, safety or reliability of the product

4. Natural loss of brightness and color, lack of necessary regular maintenance

5. Unless written agreed, this warranty policy does not apply to consumables, including but not limited to connectors, networks, fiber optic cables, cables, power cables, signal cables, aviation connectors, and other wire and connections.

6. Warranty period has expired.

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