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LED display are being vastly used for LED rental applications such as stage event, shows, concerts etc to create the eye-casting visual quality.

For rental purpose, these applications requires LED displays which are light weight, easy to install, dismantle, and multiple use functions to fit any applications.

Billboard/signage is one of the main applications of outdoor LED display. 24/7 non-stop video advertisements are much better options than the static signage. LED outdoor billboard displays are designed with high brightness, outdoor water-proof, anti ultra violet, strong installation structures.





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Used LED Video Wall FAQs:

Is it worth buying a used LED video wall?

Most businesses that buy second-hand LED screens are pursuing high-performance and low-budget prices. If you are a small business or an event organizer with limited budget, then buying a second-hand LED display is very cost-effective. 

First, As LED display technology continues to make breakthroughs and updates very quickly, if you buy a new rental LED display this year and the price of the same configuration of LED display will be much lower than before in the next year. Buying a used LED screen can save you a lot of money. 

Secondly, since you are a small business, you may be in the stage of developing the market and have a limited budget. You can invest in a cost-effective brand used LED screen at affordable price so that your rent price will be more competitive and more remaining budget for marketing and business expansion. 

In addition, because you are a small business, you may not use LED screens frequently. If you buy a brand new LED screen, it will be a waste of money. 

Finally, there are so many LED screen options on the market. If you have a limited budget and buy a new low-quality LED screen, it may bring risks to your career. Brand used LED screens have been proven by the market.

They are more mature and stable LED displays, greatly reducing the risk of screen failure. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, buying used LED video wall is a very wise investment!

The price of used LED video walls mainly depends on several different factors, such as newness, brand, configuration, etc. For example, assuming that a brand new Golshine P2.97 is about US$1,400 per square meter, you may only need 60-80% of the new price to buy a second-hand LED screen with the same configuration. In general, P2.97 used LED screens cost range between 800 and 1,100 USD per meter. If you buy P3.91 indoor LED screens, the price are even cheaper, and may only cost between 500 and 800 USD per meter.

The LED display industry chain is mainly in China, which produces more than 70% of the world’s LED displays. If you are outside the United States, we recommend that you purchase from China used LED display suppliers. Because of China’s huge LED screen share, there are a large number of sources of second-hand LED screens every year, and you can find more types of LED displays at affordable prices. 

Secondly. Thanks to China’s complete LED display market chain, if you want to buy spare parts or LED screens, it will be easier. 

Finally, China uses the international standard 220V voltage, while USA uses different voltages of 110V and 220V. If you buy a 110V second-hand LED display, it may not meet your needs. 

If you are purchasing an LED display for the US market, you can consult both Chinese and USA used LED video wall suppliers. Buying used LED displays from USA may be faster and more convenient, but the price may also be more expensive. While it may take longer and cannot be tested on-site from China supplier. Therefore, it is necessary to make comprehensive judgments based on different situations.

If you are an expert in the display industry and have rich knowledge of LED displays, you can consider Chinese suppliers. If you are a novice in urgent need of second-hand LED screens, we recommend that you choose US suppliers because you may get better on-site and after-sales support.

If you are a beginner looking for a cost-effective used LED video wall, you may need to know the following things. (rental screen as case)

Pixel pitch: To find the most budget-friendly LED display, you should choose the appropriate pixel pitch according to your visual distance. Now, the mainstream indoor rental LED display specifications are P2.6,P2.97, P3.91 and P4.81. If your visual distance is about 3 meters and you need 4K high-definition LED video screen, then you can consider P2.6 or p2.97. If your screen size is very large, you can consider p3.91 LED screen. If your budget is very limited, then consider p4 .81.

Purpose: Is your LED display used indoors or outdoors? If you are looking for a second-hand LED screen for outdoor stage, you may need to consider items, such as brightness range, protection level, etc. The brightness of outdoor rental LED displays is generally greater than 4500cd/m2. Used LED video walls often have brightness attenuation due to the use time, so you should pay special attention to the brightness parameters.

Cabinet size: Rental LED screens often come in two different cabinet sizes: 500mm*500 and 500*1000mm, both of which have their own advantages. 500*500mm is smaller in size and lighter in weight, so the transport and installation are more labor-saving, but installation may take more time. The 500*1000mm cabinet requires more labor, but the installation is faster.


Refresh rate: If you want higher definition picture quality, you need a higher refresh rate LED screen. However, nowadays rental LED screens basically have a refresh rate of 3840HZ, so this is just a reference option.

Contrast: A high-contrast LED screen display will have a more detailed picture. If you have higher requirements, consider a high-contrast LED, such as black light LED screen.

Accessories: Although second-hand LED screens have undergone strict testing, no one can guarantee that electronic products will always work 100%, so it is necessary to purchase some accessories appropriately.

We mainly provide rental used LED video walls, covering top brands, such as USED Lightlink, Absen, Di Color, Gloshine, Leyard, Unilumin, MR LED, and INFi LED. Of course, if you need other brands of rental LED screens, or used fixed indoor and outdoor LED displays, with our professional sourcing capabilities, we can also help you.

Unlike other used LED video wall suppliers, you can get the following advantages when buying second-hand LED displays from us.

Abundant inventory: We have a large inventory of used LED screens. Whether you want to buy well-known brands second-hand LED screens or cost-effective LED displays, we can always match your needs.

Professional detection capabilities: Unlike new entry into second-hand LED displays people, we have rich experience in the second-hand LED video wall industry and can judge the good condition of second-hand LED displays to ensure you get the best items.

Reasonable price: Our used LED displays are all from first-hand sources. With the same quality upfront, you can get the items you want with a smaller budget.

Quality assurance. We will strictly inspect and repair the recycled used LED screen to ensure that you get the best items.

Mainstream control systems and video processor suppliers on the market include Nova, Colorlight, Linsn, Vdwall, RGBlink, etc. Due to the large area of the rental LED display, it usually needs to be equipped with video processor, so we first recommend that you choose a system you are familiar with. If you are a newbie, we recommend you choose used LED display with the Nova control system or the Nova and Vdwall combination. Their system operation is more friendly and stable, and there is more information on the market to learn from.