Customized LED Display

IAM LED screen can be Exclusive &Diversified.
As a professional LED screen manufacturer, we can also provide customized led display solutions for different industries.


With strong R&D strength and creative ideas, IAM never stopped pursuing the ultimation.

We provide a package of Customized LED Display design and production services for our partners with the strongest technical support, high-quality products, and the most Cost-effective solution. This is also a core value of cooperation with us, and it also creates an irreplaceable competitive advantage for our partners.

circle LED display solution

Circle Display

magic cube LED display

Magic Cube

DJ booth Display

DJ Booth

face sharp LED display

Face Sharp Display

tree LED display

Tree LED Display

pixel bar LED display

Pixel Bar

iam Customized project


Customized LED Display FAQs:

What is a customized LED display?

Traditional LED displays are basically flat and made of standard LED modules or LED cabinets. However, with people’s demand for creative display technology, some special projects require customized LED screens. Customized LED screen manufacturers like IAMLEDWALL can provide some options based on actual installation conditions, such as size, shape, resolution and functionality, to meet different applications.

As a relatively new display method, special-shaped customized  LED screens have their own unique charm, and more and more people will surely realize its superiority in display. If LED display manufacturers have strong technical strength and meet the personalized needs of customers, they can win more and more users’ recognition. At present, China’s special-shaped customized LED screen market is more inclined to end users who have these special needs. In recent years, the application scope of special-shaped customized LED screens has gradually expanded, but it is mainly used in arts events, outdoor media, exhibition halls, squares and other places. In the future, LED special-shaped customized screens will be constructed in conjunction with modern decoration, landscape and lighting to form a better creative display in the city.

In today’s LED display industry, conventional LED displays still occupy the main market. Although special-shaped LED screens, small-pixel LED displays and other products are more popular in the market, their market sales are still in the minority. At present, after many years of development in the LED display industry, IAMLED’s LED display products have also achieved breakthrough development in accordance with the development of the times. From DIP to SMD LED displays, from conventional LED displays to creative LED displays, our pace of innovation never stops. Nowadays, Our creative LED displays are becoming more and more popular. You can use our LED special-shaped screen +regular LED screen combination, it will definitely help your display career move forward.

We can provide a wide range of customized LED displays, including regular indoor and outdoor LED screens, curved or flexible displays, transparent LED screens and LED screens for specific uses such as stadiums, advertising or event stages. If you need heterosexual LED screens, we can provide such as:

  • Circle Display
  • magic cube LED display
  • DJ booth Display
  • Face Sharp Display
  • Tree LED Display
  • pixel bar LED display

Of course, the above customized LED screen options are only part of it. If it does not meet your needs, please feel free to contact us.

Yes, as a professional LED display manufacturer, if conventional LED displays cannot meet your needs, we can provide LED screen parameter customization, such as: LED lamp beads, IC chips, refresh, size, brightness, protection level, front and rear maintenance, 3D display, WIFI control, etc., different flexible options to meet your needs.

Generally speaking, creative customized LED screens are usually made of flexible soft modules and have no cabinets. If it is a conventional LED screen and you just customize different parameters, we can provide the LED display cabinet.

While many outdoor LED display options on the market, can handle a variety of weather conditions, and they are waterproof, dustproof, and have high brightness levels, ensuring that even in direct sunlight visibility, some special applications still require special customization, such as double-sided LED screens. Yes, we can provide customized double-sided outdoor LED screen options.

Yes, customized LED displays offer integration capabilities with a variety of technologies. We can provide customized interactive LED screens and 3D outdoor ED displays and XR video wall options.

When you need a customized LED display, first of all, we need to fully evaluate the plan you provide before we can determine whether the solution is OK. For example: usage (indoor or outdoor), viewing distance, ambient lighting conditions, resolution, budget and content management needs, etc.

Similar to conventional LED screens, they can generally be controlled by a computer. Of course, we also provide more options, such as: industrial controller, WIFI control, 3G/4G mobile phone control, centralized control, etc.

The lifespan of customized LED displays varies based on usage and quality. Generally speaking, the service life of custom-made LED screens is more than 50,000 hours. If you perform regular maintenance and follow usage guidelines, you can extend the life of these LED screens.