Transparent LED Display

Very see-through, without any change of architectural appearance and transparency of glass wall, create the open view in large space indoors, and make advertising emerge into architecture and life.

The module and cabinet structure adopt a highly transparent and compact design. The width of the back power supply and the power box is only 35mm at the thickest part of 55mm.

We can provide indoor Transparent LED Display P2.6-5.2mm, P2.8-5.6mm and P3.9-7.8mm, Outdoor Transparent LED Display P3.9-7.8mm, P5.2-10.4mm and P10.4mm in 1000x500mm cabinet size. 


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Transparent LED Display FAQs:

Q1: What is transparent LED screen?

As the name suggests, a transparent LED display is an LED screen with characteristic light transmittance properties. Its realization principle is the micro-innovation of the LED screen, targeted improvement of the patch manufacturing process, SMD technology, and control system, and the structure of the hollow design reduces the blockage of the structural components to the line of sight. Mostly, it is installed behind glass, the transparent LED screen can create an attractive video wall with brightly noticeable content that can be viewed from a quiet distance while offering 70% to 95% transparency.

Transparent LED displays can play any media, such as live video, slideshows, presentations, streaming video, text advertisements, and more. Different from regular LED displays or traditional paper posters, transparent LED displays will not block the background light. When it is installed in a storefront window, shop owners can look outside through the transparent LED screen, also, clients can maintain visibility from outside to inside. This maximizes product exposure and enhances interior ambiance with natural lights, while the LED display maintains its luminance and effectiveness. Transparent LED displays create a unique and artistic advertising LED screen.

Transparent LED displays require very little space. They are lightweight, typically only 10mm wide, and the screen body weight is only 10Kg /SQM. Installing transparent LED displays will not negatively affect the building structure, nor will they require extra steel frame structure. Mostly, they can easily be installed behind glass, which results in lower costs.

Transparent LED displays are easy to maintain and simple to install. Installation is both fast and safe, saving manpower and resources. They do not require a cooling system, required by traditional LED displays, resulting in energy savings of more than 30%.

Transparent LED screens have a novel and unique display effect. The audience stands at an ideal distance to watch, and the picture seems to be suspended on the glass curtain wall. LED transparent screens expand the application territory of LED displays to the two major markets of architectural glass curtain walls and commercial retail windows, which has become a new trend in the development of new media. But the next question is, how to choose a suitable transparent LED screen from manufacturer?

Same as a regular LED screen, before you choose the transparent LED screen, you also must know what requirements you need.

On the size, transparent LED screen size is always 1000 * 500 mm or 500 * 500mm, you have to choose your LED video wall near this size.

Generally, P3.9-7.8 mm is the most popular pixel pitch both for indoor and outdoor applications. The first digital stands for the pixel pitch on the horizontal, and the second digital stands for the pixel pitch on the vertical. For example, P3.9-7.8 means two pixels on the horizontal is 3.9mm and it is 7.8mm on the vertical.

Brightness is another important factor in choosing a suitable transparent LED screen. Usually, there are two brightness levers for options: 1200 nits and 4000 nits. Because the transparent LED screens are hollow, 4000nits is not as strong as regular outdoor LED screens but can keep the visibility at night time.

In addition to the above factors, operating temperature range, power consumption, and water resistance are also important in choosing a suitable transparent LED screen.

A transparent LED screen is a new type of ultra-transparent LED display technology, which creates a stunning visual effect for the concert stage. Unique display effects, special lighting design, and creative animation special effects allow the audience to enter the carnival music world.

With high transparency, transparent LED screens attract more and more attention in concert and stage art. So, what are the advantages of the transparent LED screen?

Lightweight and Easy to install
The design of the hollow structure reduces the weight of the screen cabinet. Concert transparent LED video wall reduces the burden on stage trusses and improves stage safety. Transparent LED screens can be quickly installed and removed. It is an excellent choice for events, concerts, celebrations, and more. Usually, the LED installation requires a lot of work. Choosing a transparent LED screen that is quick and easy to install can improve the efficiency of stage construction.

High Transparency
Based on the traditional display screen, the transparent LED screen has made comprehensive improvements to the SMT process and cabinet structure. The hollow structure reduces the obstruction of the parts to the line of sight, to achieve a transparency rate of 70%~90%. The transparent cabinet creates a magical effect with a strong sense of perspective and space.

Excellent Stage Effects
Build a variety of stage background walls according to the stage design to make your stage more distinctive. The curved and rental transparent LED wall screen has high transparency and light & thin cabinets. The strong perspective effect lengthens the depth of field of the whole picture. At the same time, the cabinet will not hinder the space left by the stage design for the suspension and performance of the stage lights. The high-definition concert LED display and colorful lights brought a dreamy and fiery atmosphere to the scene. In general, the cool pictures displayed by the LED display brought the audience the ultimate visual enjoyment.

Good Visual Effects
The traditional LED display uses a closed cabinet design, and the coverage of the video wall is fixed. If the giant screen is hanging, the load-bearing requirements are high.The lightweight transparent LED display is hoisted to create a 360° stage with no dead ends for the audience. Even audiences far from the main stage can immerse themselves in the music. that’s the reason transparent LED screens are more and more used at the concert.Also, High refresh rate and high-contrast screen can withstand the test of mobile phones and cameras. Even if audiences use a mobile phone to take pictures of the screen, the picture is still clear.

Specifications, area, configuration, and some other factors play an important role in the price of transparent LED screens. Compared with regular LED screens, the price of transparent LED screens is cheaper. Because the hollow design structure is cheaper than a regular LED screen cabinet, and much less LED and IC design. For example, the P3.9-7.8 mm indoor transparent LED screen is about USD 680/SQM.
To let you know the price of the transparent screen more clearly, here is a brief introduction to the composition of the transparent screen.

The transparent LED screen is mainly composed of modules, cabinet frames, power supply, controller system cards, and cables. Of those components, the LED modules are the most important, which can be separated into LED lamp beads, IC driver, mask, PCB, and housing kits. There are many brands of LED, and it is commonly used in Nationstar and Kinglight. IC with many options by 1920hz and 3840hz. Also, there are 4 PCB layers, 6 PCB layers, and 10 PCB layers.

Compared with the regular LED screens, the pixel pitch of transparent LED screens is less: P2.6-5.2 mm, P2.8-5.6 mm, and P3.9-7.8mm for indoor LED display, P3.9-7.8 mm, P5.2-10.4 mm and P10.4-P10.4 for outdoor.

Besides the above factors, accessories, packages, and shipping costs are also very important.

Transparent LED screens are similar to regular LED screens. However, the transparent LED display screens do the same while blending perfectly with their surroundings because of their transparency.

Here is a breakdown of some uses for LED screens:

the function of showrooms is to increase clients’ attention towards their products, which is the area of expertise for transparent screens. Because any content about their products can be played on the transparent LED screen. It is also an efficient way to make customers admire merchandise without letting them near it or touch it.This transparent led screen is prevalent in museums, galleries, and art exhibitions. Many science and architectural events, like the Dubai Fair, have also used these LED screens.

Building Glass Curtain Wall
Glass wall buildings are very common and are an aesthetically pleasing feature of cities, people can see the indoors without being inside of the building. With a transparent LED screen on the glass, it would be a great help to provide this see-through look while ensuring complete protection. It is also an excellent way to increase building lighting, as these outdoor locations usually use artificial lighting. These screens let users highlight whatever they wish to advertise through the building much more accessible.

Shopping Malls
Shopping malls are another popular place for installing transparent LED displays in the entrance areas, they can display their products in a very vivid video way. With energy-saving technology, the LED screen can be played for 24×7 use. Also, as the transparent LED screen is low heat working, it can be operated in a warm temperature without any fault.