What Size Is the Best For LED Poster Screen?

Imagine walking through a bustling shopping center or standing at a crowded bus stop. Suddenly, a vibrant, eye-catching LED display catches your attention. That, my friend, is the magic of LED poster screens. Unlike traditional static LED light boxes and static display , LED poster displays are more contemporary and you can change the dynamic content at any time.

Benefits of LED Poster Screens

LED poster Display

Nowadays, LED posters are not just a supporting role in the advertising industry, they have become the first choice for many industries and advertisers. Here are some of the main advantages:

  • High visibility: With its high brightness, you will be attracted even in a well-lit environment.
  • Dynamic content: Unlike traditional posters, you can change the content in real-time, thus updating the relevant advertisements.
  • Energy saving: LED technology is often known for its energy efficiency, so your operating costs are lower.
  • Durability: thanks to their high-strength aluminum alloy waterproof cabinet, LED advertising posters are extremely durable and can withstand harsh indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Ease of Use: With a user-friendly interface, updating content is easy for anyone.

LED Display Poster Comparison Common Advertising LED Screens

LED poster Display

You may already be very familiar with common LED displays. But what are the differences between LED posters and common advertising LED screens?

Design and Production

Versatility and ease of installation are among the advantages of LED advertising poster screens. With their sleek appearance and lightweight, you can place them almost anywhere in the event space. On the other hand, traditional advertising screens are usually fixed installations that can only be in the same location and require a more complicated setup for installation.

Initial Cost

In terms of investment, LED video posters are a user’s dream. the initial investment cost of an LED poster is much lower than that of a large traditional advertising LED screen. LED poster screens are usually around $2,000-$4,000 per unit. While installing a large LED screen is at least 6000 USD or more.

Advanced work

Technically speaking, LED posters typically have a very high pixel pitch and are more and more efficient in terms of power usage. They can offer superior display quality and environmental friendliness compared to some traditional options.

FeatureLED Poster ScreenCommon LED Advertising Screen
DesignLightweight, front maintenance, fashionable, versatile installationLightweight, user-friendly, decent and attractive frames
Installation FlexibilityHigh flexibility for various installation needs and waysFlexible usage across multiple platforms
OperationOperated through advertising plug and play or a mobile app for intelligent monitoring and managementManaged via CMS and LED display control software
Visual ImpactOffers a larger area and broader perspective for a strong visual impactOutstanding resolution and quality for an interesting view
Customer AttractionSharpness and clear color deliver a detailed still view, ideal for close-up engagementHigh-quality digital content attracts a broader audience, enhancing interest and inquiries

What Size is the best For LED poster screen?

led poster P1.86

There are numerous sizes of LED poster screens available on the market, but what is the best size? The answer is 2 meters height with a pitch of 1.875 is best and here’s why.

Why are 2 meters high optimal?

Because the average height of people is 1.7m or a little higher, so displayed on the screen needs to reserve a total of 20cm above and below the spare part, so the ideal height of the poster screen should be about 2 meters. While the characters in the poster screen accounted for about 90% of the height of the screen, the poster and the human are 1:1 display without doing any scaling, it can achieve the best display results and meet the user’s user experience.

In addition. The traditional exhibition stand at a height of 2 meters, poster screen as a more intelligent display device. It can seamlessly play the traditional exhibition stand design files, to achieve rapid replacement.

Why choose 1.8mm pixel pitch and 6 cabinets the best?

According to ergonomics research and daily use habits, a 16:9 2K screen is the most popular, therefore, IAMLEDWALL adopts 6 LED poster cabinet design, which can be directly assembly into 1920 * 1080 resolution, a single poster screen resolution of 320 * 1080, each poster screen spliced together with 6 cabinets:

  • A single cabinet pitch is the 320 * 180;
  • in order to meet the 16:9 ratio, the specific system single cabinet 600 * 337.5 size;
  • The best pitch is 1.875mm (i.e. 600/320 or 337.5/180);

If you use the above 2.0mm pitch cabinet, the resolution is less than 2K, affecting the visual effect.

 if you use less than 1.8mm pitch LED display cabinet, the resolution is more than 2k. You need to customize additional material, at the same time, it will also increase the LED card cost.

why not use 640 * 480 or 640 * 320 cabinet?

According to scientists on the human body structure research, found that the human two eyes of the field of vision range is a rectangle with an aspect ratio of 16:9, so the TV, monitors and other industries are based on this golden ratio of size.

 At the same time, 16:9 is the international standard for high-definition television for Australia, Japan, Canada and the United States and Europe’s satellite television and some non-HD widescreen television; 

  • The aspect ratio of 640 * 480 cabinet is 4:3;
  • The aspect ratio of 640 * 320 cabinet is 2:1;

While 600 * 337.5 cabinet aspect ratio is exactly 16:9, the overall visual effect is best.


LED advertising poster display is a new type of intelligent, digital display medium. From design and operation to the way they attract customers, they offer many advantages over traditional advertising tools. 

When you are still not sure how to choose the best size for your LED poster screen, you can refer to our guide above. If you want to purchase a high-quality LED poster screen, you can also, view our LED posters or contact us.

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