How Much Does a Used LED Wall For Sale Cost?

A used LED wall for sale is a cost-effective opportunity for business owners to have a display for their content. LED walls and displays are a technological marvel and their realm keeps the business alive. Displaying your content through moving images is a wonder that keeps the eyes glued to it.

Having that realized, the pressing question is how much a used LED wall for sale costs. LED walls are generally expensive ranging up to hundreds or thousands of dollars. By investing in a used LED wall for sale instead of a new one, you can save a great deal of money.

A used LED wall cost depends upon several factors. They vary in size, pixel pitches, and much more. This blog further explores used LED walls for sale along with their cost and other factors.

Where to buy a used LED wall?

Searching for a new LED wall will get you asking for quotations from several vendors before you make a decision. However, a used LED wall for sale can be rather easily found at several avenues. Not only would these avenues be a great place to bargain but also be a good way to know about user experience. Let’s talk about some of the places that may be a steal deal for a used LED wall cost.

·       Online marketplaces:

eBay, Craiglist, and Facebook marketplaces have always been valued avenues of shopping for used stuff. They display a wide range of products and are easy to contact with just a click. However, online marketplaces are equally big avenues for scams and frauds. If you do find yourself attracted to a product listed here, tread with caution. Ensure to review the ratings and request a detailed product description with pictures before you proceed to invest.

·       Auction sites:

Looking for bulk purchases to maybe set up in your office? Go to auction sites such as B-Stock and They often feature used LED walls as part of their inventory at competitive pricing. Usually, businesses going out of business or looking forward to an equipment upgrade list out their inventory at auction sites. It’s another great avenue to get a competitive LED wall for sale cost.

·       Industrial events:

Industrial and large-scale events related to audiovisual technology, digital signage, and advertising displays used LED walls for sale. The feature exhibitors looking forward to selling second-hand equipment. Attending these events allows buyers to negotiate first-hand and directly with the sellers.

·       Specialized resellers and refurbishers:

Since they specialize in refurbishing, their product display is inspected, tested, fixed, and then put up. While the products may be used, their quality is usually excellent. These companies also offer detailed product descriptions, technical support, and warranty making them trustworthy.

·       Professional network:

If you have a good industrial network, you are likely to find sellers from there only. A professional network provides the contacts that will allow you to find reliable vendors and good deals. You can get in touch with your industrial network on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media channels.

Factors influencing the used LED wall for sale cost:

Used dicolor P3.9 Indoor LED display

When investing in a used LED wall for sale, you must keep the following factors in mind.

1.     Size of the LED wall:

It is a fundamental factor in determining the used LED wall cost. Smaller LED displays such as a 4×3 ft cost less than the larger 20×10 feet display walls. This is subject to your need and the space of installation. While looking for a used LED display, remember the use case and the space of installation before paying the price. You may not get a lot of options in a display of used products but infrared investments are always better.

2.     Resolution and pixel pitch:

Resolution is determined by the pixel pitch so both are crucial factors. Pixel pitch is the distance between the centers of the two adjacent pixels. The lower the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution. This also accounts for the picture quality, visual experience, and the lengths to which viewers can view the screen seamlessly. The higher the resolution, the greater would be the cost of the used LED wall for sale.

3.     Condition and age:

Conditions are another key factor. While purchasing used products, thoroughly examine the condition. In the case of electronics such as a used LED wall, thoroughly check the panels and connection ports. Moreover, models in better shape would require less investment in maintenance than those subjected to rigorous wear and tear. Switch on the LED and verify that the resolution is as promised. Look for any dead spots or pixels, discoloration, or non-uniform brightness that may disrupt the view.

4.     Brand and manufacturer:

Renowned brands such as Samsung, LG, etc, are always priced higher. Even their used LED wall cost would be high. Sellers know the value of the brand name and so such products may require a greater investment. Always ensure to compare the price of a branded used LED wall for sale with that of a branded new one. You may always invest a few hundred dollars more and get a brand-new one if the price difference is minimal.

5.     Additional features and accessories:

Before purchasing a used LED wall for sale, ensure to check all the accessories that come with it. Check for its brightness, mounting hardware, connectors, wires, and panels. While the screen itself may be a steal deal, it’s usually the accessories that add up to the cost.

How much does a used LED wall for sale cost:

Used lightlink P3.9 outdoor LED display

The cost depends upon the factors discussed above. However, the pixel pitch and size are two of the most determining factors. Let’s have an insight into the costs of used LED walls for sale depending on their various pixel pitches and sizes.

Used LED video wall cost according to pixel pitch:

·       P2.6 used LED wall:

With the smallest pixel size, the P2.6 used LED wall offers high resolution for close-up viewing at events. They may range in price from $10,000-$25,000 depending upon the other additional factors. This LED video wall display is known for its clear and sharp image quality. A well-maintained used LED wall for sale of P2.6 can be a lifesaver on a budget.

·       P3.91 used LED wall:

For a medium-range viewing at trade shows or outdoor advertisements, P3.91 used LED wall is a great option. Priced in the range of $5000-$15,000, they are impactful and cost-effective solutions for impactful displays.

·       P4.81 used LED wall:

For medium to long-range viewing, the P4.81 LED display is a great option. Their cost falls in the range of $3000-$10,000 depending upon condition, brightness, and LED modules. They are commonly used to put up large billboards and large-scale outdoor events.

Used LED video wall cost according to size:

·       Small-size:

A small-sized LED video wall is usually 4×3 ft to 6×4 ft and costs between $1500-$5000. They are compact screens for setting up in smaller places. Be it a pub, home business setup, or an indoor watch party, small screens are the perfect displays. Ensure to factor in the cost of mounting hardware and controllers.

·       Medium-size:

Offering a balance between size and cost, medium-sized LED walls are great options for corporate events and meetings. They are ranged between $5000-$15,000. They are typically sized between 10×6 ft to 12×8 ft.

·       Large-size:

These expansive displays provide unparalleled visuals and are put up at eye-catching venues to attract the crowd. The display of content on such huge displays is extremely enticing. The screen is sized between 20×10 ft and can be priced between $15,000-$50,000. Combined with good resolution, they provide immersive visuals. They are excellent to be displayed at larger marketplaces or high crowd venues such as Time Square, NewYork.


The used LED wall for sale cost may range from $1500-$50,000. Comparing the cost of a used LED wall for sale with that of a new one has a huge savings potential. If you are looking forward to making this purchase, ensure to look around.

Search online for and use LED display listings. Compare the features, conditions, and all the factors discussed above, and then make an informed decision. By doing careful research and a thorough lookup, there is always a chance to save on gadgets while purchasing the best on a budget.