Used Gloshine PL series: Best used indoor LED display For stage

As large LED screens are used more and more popular in stage creative concepts. It has appeared as an extremely important element in stage art. Traditional stage scenery is constructed of concrete materials and has a visible external style, giving the audience a physical experience. LED displays allow the audience to feel more things beyond the surface, directly affecting the audience’s psychological changes and influencing the audience’s emotions. 

If you want to create an impressive concert, church, or stage event, then LED display is your excellent assistant. However, investing in a new large-stage LED screen may not be affordable for many small businesses or event organizers, so what are the solutions? The answer is second-hand stage LED screens, which provide an excellent indoor stage solution. If you are looking for a cost-effective used indoor stage LED screen. You can refer to the Gloshine PL series used LED screens.

Used Gloshine PL series: Best used indoor LED display For stage

The used Gloshine PL series indoor LED display is a professional stage LED display for exhibition, and conference display. With high-cost performance, integrated design, convenient and efficient installation and maintenance, their models cover small and medium pixel pitch, optional GOB LED, right angle or curved, cubic column splicing. It can mutually splice with the CF/CL series, making the stage produce flexible shapes and unlimited creativity.

Lightweight design: Efficient assembly and stable performance 

The used Gloshine PL series indoor LED display cabinets adopt integrated, independent double-angle arc lock, left and right tensioning structure, and hoisting lock design, which can make the cabinet combination installation efficient and convenient. The optional power-sharing function makes the performance more stable. 

Spiral arc lock design

Used Gloshine PL series

The Gloshine PL series cabinet has two unique spiral angle arc locks on the upper and lower sides. Each rotation can achieve 2.5° internal and external arc adjustment. Three toggle movements in one direction can achieve a maximum ±7.5° shape. It is locked using a pull rod structure.

Left and right tensioning mechanism

Used Gloshine PL series

The used Gloshine PL series cabinets have a pair of left and right tensioning mechanisms, combined with angled arc locks, to make cabinet splicing efficient, tighter, and smoother.

45° oblique magnetic design

Used Gloshine PL series

In addition to the right-angle LED display cabinets with arc shapes from 0° to ±7.5°, the used Gloshine PL series also has optional 45° bevel cabinets, with a pair of bevel magnetic devices on both sides to achieve quick right-angle splicing, cubic column splicing, and square right-angle splicing.

Integrated design

Used Gloshine PL series

The PL series cabinet is composed of four LED display modules, a frame, and an integrated power supply. The power supply, receiving card, adapter card, and back cover are integrated to make maintenance more convenient.

Optional GOB LED packaging process, strong weather resistance and wider viewing angle

Used Gloshine PL series

The used PL series indoor LED screen can choose GOB LED packaging technology, which is moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-collision, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static, anti-blue light, anti-UV, reduces moiré effect, has a smoother surface, wider viewing angle, and no fear of seasonal climate changes.

Flexible combinations and unlimited creativity

Used Gloshine PL series

The used Gloshine PL series indoor LED display is specially designed for creative stages and exhibition halls. Especially when combined with CL series cylindrical LED screens and CF series flexible curved LED screens, its simple and flexible cabinet design can be called a versatile indoor LED screen. 

Super cost-effective for Conference stage, exhibition business display

The used Gloshine PL series indoor LED display has a very high-cost performance, with pixel pitches covering 1.25mm, 1.56mm, 1.95mm, 2.6mm, 2.97mm, and 3.91mm. It not only has high-definition picture quality, but also maintains ultra-stable performance and simple and flexible design. Integrated cabinet design, high quality and low price, it is Gloshine’s first choice LED display for new-generation conferences, stages, exhibitions, commercial displays, etc.


If the stage LED screen is equipped with a professional audio and video processing system, which can support live broadcasts. The large and clear live broadcast LED screen breaks the restriction of seats, making it easier to watch performances from a distance, giving people an immersive audio-visual feast. 

The used Gloshine PL series LED stage screen system can present virtual scenes and color effects, which can best used for various kinds of applications including some large-scale performances, artistic evening parties, celebrity concerts, and event sites.

As a reliable used LED video display supplier, IAMLEDWALL offers the used Gloshine PL series that will help you solve many applications including stage, exhibitions, brand launches and others. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in more used LED screens.