Used Gloshine CL series: Best used cylindrical LED screen for stage

Nowadays, people are no longer satisfied with conventional LED displays. In order to meet people’s personalized needs for audio-visual experience and attract the public’s attention to the greatest extent, various special-shaped LED screens have emerged. In addition to improving the traditional information display and stage event, column LED display can adapt to the overall structure and use requirements of the environment.

The cylindrical LED screen allows people to view a 360-degree viewing angle, display multiple images simultaneously, completely eliminate viewing dead zones and display complete image content in a full range of 360 degrees to meet people’s pursuit of high-quality images. But how to purchase a high-quality cylindrical LED screen?

What should you consider when purchasing an LED cylindrical screen? 

Judging from the market sales of LED cylindrical screens in recent years and customer feedback, everyone will pay more attention to the price and quality of cylindrical LED screens when purchasing.

A) The price of cylindrical LED screen includes: LED display cabinet/module price, auxiliary cost, comprehensive wiring cost, transportation cost, installation and debugging cost, etc. Generally speaking, different forms of production methods, brands, materials and other factors will lead to price differences. Everyone needs to choose the most cost-effective LED cylindrical screen according to their actual situation.

B) The quality of the cylindrical LED screen depends on six factors: screen flatness, white balance effect, whether there are color blocks, display brightness and viewing angle, whether there are mosaics and dead lamps, and color reproduction.

If you are worried about price and quality, why not buy a second-hand cylindrical LED screen that can stand the test and be affordable? Our Gloshine CL series used LED screen for sale can be said to be one of the best used cylindrical LED screens.

Used Gloshine CL series: Best used cylindrical LED screen for stage

Basic Information:

LED: Kinglight SMD1921

IC: MBI 5254

Receiving card: Novastar A5s

Cabinet Size:500×500

Produced Year: 2021

Stock: 150SQM

The used Gloshine CL series LED displays are cylindrical LED displays, that are used for professional booth stage cylindrical applications. The used LED display has patented hinge mechanism design, seven positioning pins in a single cabinet, double spring lock design and is suitable for stickers Wall and column installation, seat installation, hoisting, etc. The installation is fast and efficient, and the splicing is tight. It is widely used in large-scale exhibitions, radio and television studios, stage modeling, etc.

Unique craft design: Small cabinet precise positioning and efficient assemble

The Gloshine CL series used cylindrical LED screen cabinet that is different from other fixed or portable LED displays. It has a patented hinge mechanism. The cabinet frame is composed of upper and lower hinges and left and right die-cast bodies. It has double spring locks and double left and right tensioning mechanisms, making the splicing more perfect.

A.Unique hinge design

Used Gloshine CL series

The seven hinge mechanisms on the upper and lower sides of the used CL series cylindrical LED screen cabinet form two arc-shaped hinges. There is a positioning pin on each hinge mechanism of the upper hinge, which corresponds to the groove of the lower hinge mechanism, which helps the cabinet to be quickly positioned and tenoned.

B.Double spring lock and left and right tension lock design

Used Gloshine CL series

There is a steel core spring lock at each end of the used CL series cabinet frame at the top and two tension locks on the left and right (double lock or single lock optional). It is easy to operate and can be installed whether it is hoisted or seated. 

C.Maximum ±80° arc angle for a single cabinet

Used Gloshine CL series

The maximum arc angle of a single cabinet of the used CL series LED screen is ±80°. At least five cabinets can be assembled into a cylinder with a minimum outer diameter of 0.8 meters.

D.integrated design

Used Gloshine CL series

The used Gloshine CL series LED screen is composed of a cabinet frame, an integrated back cover and a module. The modular design makes it easy to realize the free curve of the cabinet. The integrated design of power supply, signal, receiving card, adapter card and back cover makes maintenance more convenient.

Combine with Gloshine PL/BE to achieve Cylindrical/Wave shape

Used Gloshine CL series

The Gloshine CL series used cylindrical LED video walls are specially developed for changing stage/exhibition hall shapes. They can be installed against the wall, wrapped around columns, fixed or temporary, or swivel-type hoisting or seat-mounted.

Used Gloshine CL series

The CL series LED display can be assembled with the PL series Indoor LED display and BE&BM series outdoor LED screens to create creative shapes and endless excitement.

Used Gloshine CL series

Wide applications

The Gloshine CL series used cylindrical LED displays covering P1.25, P1.56, P1.95, P2.6, P2.97, P3.91, outdoor LED screens include P2.97, P3.91, and the application range covers indoor and outdoor exhibitions, radio and television broadcasts, conferences, forums, media advertising, large-scale celebrations, urban scenery, and fixed installations, etc.


Since its launch in 2020, Gloshine CL series cylindrical LED screens have been favored by many stage and rental companies. In the past two years, there are many successful cases have been used in major auto shows, national and even world-class exhibitions, and stage broadcasts of major major TV programs.

As a reliable used LED display provider IAMLEDWALL offers the used Gloshine CL series that will help you solve stage column applications. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in more used LED screens.