Used Gloshine CF Series: Best Used Curved LED Display

Flexible curved LED screens break the rule that large LED screen systems can only be spliced into rectangular shapes. It can be spliced into various irregular shapes at will to display some highly creative content, which can not only attract the audience’s attention immediately to achieve better publicity effect, it also better expand the application of LED curved screens.

If you are looking for a flexible LED display for concert, church, or stage event, then curved LED display is your good choice. However, investing in a new curved stage LED screen may not be affordable for many small businesses or event organizers, so what are the solutions? The answer is to use second-hand curved stage LED screens, which provide a good stage solution. If you are looking for a cost-effective used curved rental LED screen. The Gloshine CF series used LED screens is one of the best used curved LED displays.

Why Choose the used Gloshine CF series LED display?

The used Gloshine CF series flexible curved LED display has a new process design. A single LED display cabinet can realize concave and convex surfaces and wavy curved surfaces. The integrated design is flexible and quick to create different shape. It has ultra-wide viewing angles, high-definition imaging, adjustable grayscale range, etc., and is widely used in applications, such as stage, commercial display, radio and television studios, naked-eye 3D, virtual photography, exhibitions and exhibitions.

Achieve rapid assembly and flexible styling

The used Gloshine CF series LED screens use an innovative angle rotation structure and a toggle tensioning structure to realize the tight splicing of single-cabinet curved surfaces and multiple cabinets. They can be flexibly spliced with PL, W Pro, etc., with ever-changing shapes, and easier loading, unloading, and maintenance. 

Innovative angle rotation structure achieves simultaneous concave and convex wavy surfaces in a single cabinet

used Gloshine CF series

The used Gloshine CF series LED cabinet has a pair of angular rotation structures. By gently twisting, the internal and external arcs of the cabinet can be adjusted from 0° to ±30° on one side, one on the left and one on the left. A single cabinet can achieve a wave shape.

Tighter splicing to achieve seamless splicing

used Gloshine CF series

The two toggle tensioning structures on the left side of the CF series cabinet facilitate the assembly of the cabinet and help reduce assembly gaps and make the splicing closer.

Supports a variety of cabinet splicing to flexibly create ever-changing shapes

used Gloshine CF series

The used CF series LED display cabinets support splicing with W Pro, PL, MV Pro and other series cabinets, allowing flexible shape design. You can also assemble it into a cylindrical shape, or participate in xR virtual photography curtain wall modeling as a corner wall. Cylinder splicing can be achieved with 12 cabinets, with a minimum outer diameter of 1.9 meters.

used Gloshine CF series

Support grayscale enhancement technology

used Gloshine CF series

The used Gloshine CF series supports grayscale enhancement technology. The grayscale range can be increased according to application requirements, increasing the grayscale by 4 times on the original basis, bringing more delicate image effects.

Good cabinet for versatile shapes

The used CF series LED display covers P1.95 to P3.91. It is indispensable to create various shapes of stage exhibition halls, naked-eye 3D screens, high-end commercial display interactive screens, live broadcast room background curtain walls, etc. The CF series flexible LED screens are a good choice. Whether it is a wavy shape or an inner or outer arc corner shape, the used CF series LED video wall performs well and has strong plasticity.


Traditional LED displays still occupy a large share of the market, but at the same time, the market for these special-shaped LED screens, which are full of advanced display technology and lead the industry trend, is also expanding. Flexible curved LED screens break through the limitations of traditional screen regular shapes. They are not limited to traditional rectangular and flat shapes, but appear in various shapes to better adapt to the overall application. They have stronger visual impact than traditional LED screens. If you are looking for the best used curved LED screen, the used Gloshine CF series is a good choice.

As a reliable used LED wall provider IAMLEDWALL offers the used Gloshine CF series that will help you solve multi-shaped applications including curved stages, exhibitions, concerts and others. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in more used LED screens.