Used Gloshine CB series: ultra-lightweight indoor and outdoor stage LED screen

Gloshine CB series indoor and outdoor LED display is a professional stage LED screen. With ultra-thin LED cabinet by carbon fiber and metal technology, it is easy to install, solid and durable, and has excellent display effects and stable performance. It is widely used in large indoor and outdoor stages, exhibitions, cultural and sports events, etc. When you are looking for a cost-effective used LED video wall, you can consider the used Gloshine CB series, and get the following benefits:

ultra-light and ultra-thin modules and high-strength cabinets

Used Gloshine CB

Used Gloshine CB series indoor and outdoor HD LED screens use carbon fiber and aluminum/magnesium metal to create an integrated cabinet. with the simplest appearance structure, it has the advantages of ultra-high strength, ultra-thin, and ultra-light frame. At the same time, lightweight LED modules are cast from carbon fiber, making the overall LED display cabinet lighter and thinner.

Used Gloshine CB

The side thickness of the indoor LED screen is only 67.5mm, and the large cabinet of 1000mm by 500mm is only 8.9kg (±10%). The maximum thickness of the outdoor LED screen is only 69.5mm, and the 1000 mm*500 mm cabinet does not exceed 9.1kg. The weight and thickness of the cabinet with the same area have reached a new low in the industry for indoor and outdoor rental ED screens.

Simple cabinet design: Installation and maintenance are faster and more convenient

The used Gloshine CB series rental LED screen cabinets is minimal design. The lock design is compact and flexible for assembly. The optional magnetic suction function makes assembly more faster and supports arc splicing and 90° splicing, with various shapes. The integrated design of the back cover makes maintenance more convenient.

Double lifting lock and double tensioning structure make assembly flexible and convenient

Used Gloshine CB

The used Gloshine CB series large and small LED display cabinets have double lifting locks and left and right double tensioning structures. The structure is compact and flexible, making it easy to splice quickly and the cabinets are more closely connected.

Magnetic device Optional makes assembly faster and more stable 

Used Gloshine CB

Used Gloshine CB series cabinets can be installed magnetically, making the cabinet assembly faster and more stable.

Integrated back cover makes maintenance more convenient

Used Gloshine CB

The back cover of the Used Gloshine CB series is an integrated design, and the power supply, signal and back cover are all integrated, making maintenance more convenient.

 Supports arc splicing, mutual splicing of large and small cabinets, and 90° splicing

Used Gloshine CB

The used Gloshine CB series rental LED display supports internal and external arc splicing from 0° to ±5°, making it easy to create a large arc background LED screen for the stage. 45° cabinets optional can be directly spliced at 90° to create cubic columns and right-angle shapes.

Silent operation and ultra-stable performance

Used Gloshine CB

The used Gloshine CB series rental LED video walls are moisture-proof and anti-static, and can maintain stable performance after long-term use, with a service life of up to 50,000 hours. The cabinet has an anti-collision design and operates silently, just like a static wall or ceiling.

Excellent display effect: high gray, high brush, super wide viewing angle

Used Gloshine CB

The used Gloshine CB series rental led walls have ultra-high grayscale, delicate color expression, and extremely high degree of restoration. The ultra-high refresh rate ensures high-speed video playback, and the video is presented smoothly without delay or tailing.

German IF Product Design Award Winner

The used Gloshine CB series outdoor and indoor LED display won the 2022 German IF Product Design Award for its excellent cabinet design. Its ultra-thin cabinet, convenient installation and realistic color restoration are especially suitable for any stage, Exhibitions, conference forums, urban scenery, etc. They are one of the best LED screens for the stage.


The used Gloshine CB series rental LED displays have been used for major TV galas, sports meeting opening ceremonies, auto shows, etc. If you are looking for a second-hand rental LED screen, it will be one of the good choices. As a professional second-hand LED screen supplier, we also have a large inventory of other brands. please feel free to contact us If you need them.