Used Gloshine BE&BM series—best-used stage LED screens 

The used Gloshine BE&BM series is an indoor and outdoor high-definition LED display, which is best used for stage exhibition displays, and won the German iF Product Design Award. It has simple industrial design to create a stylish appearance and its color reproduction is lifelike, high stability and ultra-wide viewing angle. It can be combined with the CL series cylindrical LED screen to create a variety of stage shapes and unlimited creativity.

If you are looking for a used LED video wall, then this second-hand LED display screen is a good choice. You can get from the many benefits.

The simple design enables quick installation

The used Gloshine BE&BM series HD LED screens are specially tailored for the stage. The large and small LED display cabinets can be flexibly selected in different sizes. They adopt a quick hoisting lock design. The fastening arc lock and tensioning mechanism make the splicing closer and achieve efficient installation and disassembly. Its excellent hardware configuration ensures long-lasting and stable operation of the display and highly restored lifelike colors.

Used Gloshine BE&BM series

Flexible selection of large and small cabinets

The used LED display screen has large and small LED display cabinets. The BE cabinet is 1000mm high * 500mm wide * 72mm thick; the BM cabinet is 500mm high * 500mm wide * 72mm thick. The models cover indoor and outdoor LED screens. With BE cabinet 12.5KG (±10%), BM cabinet 7.6KG (±10%), you can flexibly choose large and small LED display cabinets, more efficient stage assembly.

Used Gloshine BE&BM series

Fastening arc lock + high-precision tensioning mechanism

BE&BM series angled LED display cabinets adopt fastening arc locks and precision tensioning mechanisms, which help to quickly adjust the arc and achieve tight splicing of adjacent cabinets.

Used Gloshine BE&BM series

Quick lifting lock design

BE&BM series cabinets can be equipped with a single lifting lock or optional double lifting locks, and customers can choose according to their needs.

Used Gloshine BE&BM series

Integrated back cover design

The integrated design power supply, signal receiving card, adapter card and back cover make maintenance convenient and efficient.

Used Gloshine BE&BM series

iF Product Design Award Winner

The used BE series outdoor LED display won the honor of the 2022 iF Product Design Award due to its simple and fashionable appearance design and practical and convenient product industrial design, reshaping a new image of classic outdoor movable display products.

Used Gloshine BE&BM series

Super stable and better

Color reproduction is lifelike and display performance is more stable. Excellent driver design combined with professional chips enables BE&BM series used LED displays to highly restore colors, have higher grayscales, higher refresh rates and low latency. The display performance is more stable and the image quality can be maintained stable even after long-term use.

In addition to the common advantages mentioned above, you can also gain the following benefits. The used BE&BM series LED video wall are available with right-angle, bevel, and 45° cabinets, allowing you to create arc shapes such as inner arcs and outer arcs without any pressure. Large and small cabinets can be combined with each other and can be combined with the CL series cylindrical screens for flexible combinations and shapes. Rich and varied.

Used Gloshine BE&BM series

Simple and fashionable arc-shape

BE&BM series LED screen cabinets can be shaped into large arc shapes from 0° to ±10°, and the inner and outer arcs can be shaped at the same time or separately.

Large and small cabinet combinations, right-angle boxes, cubic columns, etc.

BE and BM cabinets can be spliced together to form a font, L shape, Z shape… 45° angle cabinets can be combined into right angle shapes, cubic column shapes, three-dimensional Z shapes, etc.

Used Gloshine BE&BM series
Used Gloshine BE&BM series

CL series cylindrical LED screens can be flexibly assembled with each other

BE&BM series used LED screens can be spliced with CL series indoor and outdoor cylindrical LED screens to create S wave shapes, U-shaped shapes, etc., with unlimited creativity.

Used Gloshine BE&BM series
Used Gloshine BE&BM series


The used BE&BM series LED screens are specially tailored for professional stages. The simple and stylish appearance design is combined with high-end hardware accessories to create a new generation of excellent stage screens. As a reliable used LED video wall supplier, IAMLEDWALL believes the used Gloshine BE&BM series will help you solve many applications including radio and television studios, exhibitions, forum meetings, brand launches, cultural activities, sports events, and other scenarios.