Absen X5:Best Used LED Displays for sports events

In recent years, sports events have gained widespread attention, and LED displays used in major sports venues have also frequently appeared in the public eye. The large LED screens have not only displayed more clear images but also created many successful stories. No matter where you are, you can always feel the unique charm of LED displays. Let’s share with you the LED displays for sports events.

Applications of LED displays for sports events.

P6 sports LED display

Full-color LED screen

LED displays play an important role in sports venues. It is mainly used to play the highlights of the game and slow-motion close-ups. The control system of the LED display is connected to the cameras in all directions of the venue. These live broadcasts and switching pictures can be seen from all angles. The LED display can provide slow-motion playback to help referees make correct judgments, reduce unnecessary disputes, and ensure that the results of the game are more fair and just.

LED Scoreboard

LED score screens are generally used in basketball, table tennis, volleyball and other competition venues. The LED display is connected to the live timing and scoring system of the game and can play and display the latest scores and information at any time; in addition, this LED display can also play game information, precautions, or other information.

outdoor sports LED display

Stadium perimeter screens

If the giant LED displays in every corner of the stadium are used to broadcast exciting images, then the Stadium perimeter LED screens are mainly used to broadcast commercial advertisements and event information. The LED stadium perimeter displays have attracted well-known brands from all over the world. 

If you are looking for a cost-effective and multi-functional LED display for stadium events, you may refer to the second-hand Absen X5.

Absen X5 indoor and outdoor LED display parameters

Absen x5

· pixel configuration:2727 3-in-1 smd

· pixel pitch (mm):5.2

· pixel matrix per panel:96×108

· pixel density (pixels/sq.m.):36864

· module dimensions l*w*h/(mm):250×28*1.25

· panel dimensions l*w*h/(mm):500×562.5×94

· panel material: aluminum alloy

· panel weight (kg):10

· color grayscale (bit):15

· grayscale per color (level):32768

· refresh rate (Hz):3000

· driving type:1/6

· frame frequency (Hz):50/60

· signal transmission distance (m): single mode fiber: <10 km

· brightness (nit):5000

· optimal horizontal viewing angle (°):160

· optimal vertical viewing angle (°):140

· ac input voltage (v):100-240

· ac input frequency (Hz):50/60

· maximum power consumption (w/m2):555

· average power consumption (w/m2):185

· storage temperature (°c):-40~60

· operating temperature (°c):-20~50

· storage humidity (RH):10%~90%

· operating humidity (RH):10%~90%

· ip rating (front/rear): IP65/IP54

· lifetime typical value (hrs):100000

· cabinet installation type: rental/fixed

· maximum number of panels for lifting:16

Absen X5 Features:

Absen x5

· Lightweight Weather Resistant Design

· with fully sealed modules and power supply

· Perfect 3, 5 and 7 mm Pixel Pitch

· for both indoor and outdoor applications

· Smart Adjustable Locks

· for easy installation and dismantle

· Cross Rental Friendly With Absen Anity

· memory embedded auto-match calibration

Used Absen X5 Review:

The used Absen X5 is an ultra-small pixel pitch high-definition outdoor and indoor rental LED display. It adopts unique mask design and black light, making the contrast ratio as high as 3000:1 and has a low-brightness and high-gray display effect. 

Absen x5

If you are concerned about the brightness of your outdoor rental display, the brightness of Absen X5 is over 5000nit, and the refresh rate exceeds 3000Hz. It can make your events more excellent.

In addition to the above excellent features, the used Absen X5 uses innovative magnetic module waterproof technology, making the LED diosly module able to achieve independent waterproofing.

As for installation, the used Absen X5 has quick upper and lower connector structure, installation only takes 2 seconds. Its magnetic module structure enables front and rear maintenance. you only take 5 seconds when Replacement and maintenance work and the maintenance efficiency is directly increased by more than 3 times.

Absen X5 has “pyramid” structure bottom shell design, stable structure, not easy to deform, and good flatness of the cabinet, while increasing the module heat dissipation area, improving the product’s heat dissipation effect; 

Absen x5

If you want more creative styling, the used Absen X5 can also satisfy you; the curved splicing lock supports -10, -5, 0, +5, +10 degree straight screens and internal and external curved splicing, which can meet a variety of creative shapes need. You can buy them to help your sports venue’s event get more visual experience.

Absen X5 case

Atlanta Swing Music Festival Full Color Outdoor LED Display case

Absen X5 concert LED display

The white beer tent of old is no more. This year, 300 Absen X5 LED screens were used to create a 360-degree cube bar area, producing a unique and eye-catching event. It not only has a visually appealing effect, but customers can take selfies on their iPads and post them to multiple video walls as they please.

As expected, the eye-catching bar is a popular spot to purchase drinks for the viewers.If you want to get the latest information on the festival map and band schedules, the 4-sided LED tower is the best way to find out the most recent information about the festival map or band schedule. 

Absen’s X5 LED Display has a 5000nit brightness and excellent image quality, allowing the information displayed to be clearly seen at a distance as well as up close.


How To Calculate The Area And Brightness Of Led Display? 

It can be said that Sharky Music Festival brings the hottest DJ performances, electronic dance music and rock bands to Atlanta! The Absen X5 LED display brings American audiences an immersive music experience that can only be found on the large stage in Las Vegas.

Absen X5 concert LED display


With the continuous development and improvement of LED display technology, LED displays have become essential media tools for sports venues. The used Absen X5 has high reliability, unique design, no fear of harsh weather, high quality, high refresh, energy saving and environmental protection; It is the one-stop solution for your sports events.

If you are looking for the best cost-effective LED screen, there is no doubt that Absen X5 second-hand LED screen is an excellent option. As a reliable used LED video wall provider IAMLEDWALL offers the used Absen X5 LED display that will help you solve stage applications. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in more used LED screens.