Used Unilumin P2.6 indoor UGN

LED: Xindeco SMD1515


Receiving card: Novastar A5s plus

Cabinet Size:500×500

Produced Year: 2021

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Unilumin provides world-class LED displays and solutions for control room, broadcast, commercial, retail, entertainment, sports, landscape lighting and many other applications.

Unilumin  UGN Features

Firm, stable, strong operability 

  • The overall body visual design
  • The staggered and orderly appearance of the cabinet
  • The combination of hidden handles
  • Integrated power supply box to enhance the operating experience 

Safety protection 

  • Anti-scratch surface mask bump design to enhance the module surface impact resistance; 
  • Lamp foot gluing process to enhance the thrust;
  • Reduce the maintenance cost of the lamp;

Safety protection 

  • Box anti-knock flip corner guard
  • Box bottom design bump; 
  • To avoid bumping the lamp surface when products are transported ;

Advanced Shared Backup (ABS) technology

  • On most occasions, power failure can be handled quickly without disassembling the power box;
  • On important occasions, the power cord and the equalization line are connected in a mesh;
  • The output between adjacent cabinets is equalized, which can reduce the risk of black screen due to the following reasons: 
  • Failure of the power cord;
  • Failure of the power supply aerial plug; 
  • Power supply failure;

Arc function

  • Supports arc customization, 
  • arc splicing multi-angle (including -5°, -2.5°, 0°, 2.5°, 5°);

Tool-less Rear Maintenance

  • Single Person Installation LED display module
  • OperationSling locks and left/right locks are available for quick connection and quick disassembly;

Individually designed power box

  • The power box is independently removable and post-maintainable; 
  • Power box door cover is equipped with quick lock for easy removal and installation;

Unilumin  UGN P2.6 Parameter:

Attribute UGN2.6
Product Name UGN2.6
Pixel Pitch (mm) 2.6
Cabinet Resolution 192×192
Cabinet Size (mm) 500×500×74