NEW Unilumin P3.9 Outdoor UGMII

LED: Nationstar


Receiving card: Novastar A5s plus

Cabinet Size:500×500: 40SQM

500×500(45deg): 10SQM


Produced Year: 2023 Nov.

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Unilumin provides world-class LED displays and solutions for control room, broadcast, commercial, retail, entertainment, sports, landscape lighting and many other applications.

If you are looking for an LED display with both economical and versatility, please allow me to introduce you to the UGMII series. This product is tailor-made for various activities. With it, you can get value-for-money performance.

The UGM II series has a variety of pixel pitch selections (including P2.6, P2.9, P3.9, and P4.8), which is suitable for various occasions from conferences to TV studios. It is convenient to click on the lock design, even if you install it by a single person, you have no effort-just press it lightly to use it!

UGM II has a solid design and super protection function, such as scratch-resistant surface and corner cover. You don’t have to worry about damage during use or transportation, because they can withstand impact and scratch. In addition, this product also has creative design and supports a variety of installation angles, such as plane, 90 ° right angle and cube style. Therefore, even if a display, you can adjust it flexibly, which is suitable for your space and enhances the audience’s experience.

In addition, the UGM II series has also performed well in terms of visual experience. It has a high gray degree of 14bit and an amazing refresh rate of 3840Hz, which can ensure that the image is clear and vivid even under low brightness conditions.

As for aesthetics, UGM II has a stylish and simple appearance and complements any professional environment. Not only the appearance, but the ultra-thin design of the cabinet can improve packaging and transportation efficiency.

Finally, in terms of maintenance, UGM II is also very user-friendly. With rear maintenance cabinet design, large handles, and power cords, they are very suitable for installation and maintenance.

Main features of the UGMII series:

  • A variety of pixel spacing options, and strong flexibility.
  • Single people easily click on locking installation.
  • Scratches and corner design are durable.
  • Flexible installation options, and creative multi-angle design.
  • The high visual performance brought by 14-bit grayness and 3840Hz refresh rate.
  • The thin and simple design is convenient for efficient transportation.
  • Simple and practical maintenance solution.

UpadIII P3.9 LED display Parameter

Attribute Value
Model UpadIII P3.9
LED Lamps SMD1921
Pixel Density (per m²) 256×256
Cabinet Size (cm) 50×50
Brightness (cd/m²) 1000
Refresh Rate (Hz) 3840
Grey Level (bit) 12
Cabinet Weight (kg) 9
Max Energy Consumption (W/cabinet) 120
Average Energy Consumption (W/cabinet) 40
Cabinet Thickness (cm) 9
Material Aluminum
Environment Indoor
Resistance / Ingress Protection IP30
Curvable (degrees) -10 / +5
Maintenance Front / Rear
Magnetic Modules Yes