Used Lightlink P4.8 Outdoor Rock B

LED: Kinglight LED


Receiving card: Novastar

Cabinet Size:500×1000

Produced Year: 2020

Stock: 100SQM

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Shenzhen Lightlink was established in 2009, based on the concept of “professional performing arts, showing the world’s wonderful” it took 9 years to grow into a leading enterprise in the field of LED display rental. , has been focusing on the research and development production, sales and service of LED rental screens, small-pitch LED displays, LED color screens, LED floor tiles and other products for many years, and has always been committed to high-quality guaranteed, and all-round professional LED displays. Products and solutions are provided. Its products occupy 49% of the domestic stage rental market and are sold to more than 130 countries and regions. The products are widely used in large-scale conferences e-sports events, sports events, international conferences, stage

Lightlink RENTAL LED DISPLAY SERIES is The First Choice For Mid-To-High-End Rental Screens. Their Rock B series LED display uses Lightlink tailored LED with high contrast black LED 3-in-1, which is an outdoor rental preferred LED display.

Rock B series Lightlink LED display supports Front & rear IP65 by big size frame 500*1000mm for quicker installation. You will get below benefits:

Lightlink ROCK B series Advantages:

Driver IC

PWM+DES functions for high refresh rate & grayscale, and lower heat generating to protect electronic components and more energy-saving

Brilliant module design

Easy to maintain by 500*125mm modules with 1 connector reserved for better waterproofing, and places can change times to protect the repaired LEDs on 4 corners from damaging easily

Modularized design

Detachable control box + large format frame + brilliant module design

Co-sharing module


Anti-collision PCB

Solder foot is fine after hitting LEDs can be repaired quickly once dropped

Lightlink ROCK B series Product parameters

  • Pixel pitch(mm) 4.8
  • LED type SMD1921(Black)
  • Scan method 1/7s&1/13s
  • Module resolution(Pixels) 104*26
  • Module size(mm) 500*125mm
  • Pixel Density(Pixels/㎡) 43,264
  • Brightness(s cd/㎡)3,000/5,500
  • Cabinet Size(mm) 500*1000*65
  • Cabinet weight(kg) ≈11.6
  • Refresh rate(Hz) ≥3840
  • Input voltage(V)AC110,220,110-240
  • Input power frequency(Hz)50/60
  • Max Input Power(W/m²)≈600
  • Average Input Power(W/m²)≈300
  • Lifespan(H)≥50,000
  • IP IP65