Used Gloshine P3.9 LS indoor

LED: Kinglight SMD2020


Receiving card: Novastar A5s Plus

Cabinet Size:500×500 & 500×1000

Produced Year: 2021

Stock: 300SQM: 500×1000;



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GLOSHINE technology pay attention to LED field research, production, sales, and leasing services since its inception, and committed to provide its customers with full range of solution. Gloshine technology, which have modern production、SMT high-speed patch machine、high temperature reflow soldering、glue filing machine and standardized product aging production line modern production equipment、automatic angle tester、automatic constant temperature and humidity testing、BM-7 chromatic brightness tester ect. To ensure products batch、large-scale productions but also make sure first-class products quality.

Gloshine LS Series Features

Feature Description
Free Editing Edit and play back text, graphics, and images freely.
Clear Image Visible content in sunlight on LED screen surface.
Good Display Effect Uses non-linear correction for clearer, layered text.
Easy to Operate Send computer-edited content to the LED control card easily.
High Resolution Offers high-definition quality and delicate colors.
Super Long Life High-quality materials ensure long product life.
Wide Viewing Angle 140° viewing angle suitable for diverse environments.
Stable Performance Resistance to electromagnetic waves enhances stability.
Delicate Image Quality Exquisite, clear images with vivid animations and smooth video.
Seamless Splicing Modules can be easily installed and shaped as needed.
Good Flatness High contrast and smooth surface due to patented mask.
Real-time Broadcast Supports various HD display modes for indoor use.
Material Selection High-quality LED chips and noiseless design.
No Format Restrictions Displays any text, charts, images, animations, or video.
Compatible Controls Supports synchronous and asynchronous control.
Stable Circuit Board Durable circuit board with protective features against oxidation.
Three-proof Paint Protects circuits against various environmental threats.
Shockproof Test Ensures reliability for long-distance transportation.
Convenient Maintenance Modular design for stable display and easy maintenance.