Used Gloshine P2.6 PL Series indoor

LED: Nationstar SMD 1921

IC:CS 2033(3840hz)

Receiving card: Novastar A8s Plus

Cabinet Size:500×500

Produced Year: 2022

Stock : 280 SQM

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GLOSHINE technology pay attention to LED field research, production, sales, and leasing services since its inception, and committed to provide its customers with full range of solution. Gloshine technology, which have modern production、SMT high-speed patch machine、high temperature reflow soldering、glue filing machine and standardized product aging production line modern production equipment、automatic angle tester、automatic constant temperature and humidity testing、BM-7 chromatic brightness tester ect. To ensure products batch、large-scale productions but also make sure first-class products quality.

Integrated Design

The integrated design of power supply, receiving card, hub card and back cover makes maintenance more convenient.

Combined with CL/CF

PL+CL/CF can be assembled flexibly to achieve styling autonomy. CL single cabinet supports maximum ±80°.

90° Assembling&Cube(Optional)

The 45 °  bevel angle of PL series is equipped with magnetic suction, which can improve the installation efficiency.

Power Sharing Function(Optional)

Compared with the existing technology, when the AC circuit breaks down, the LED unit display screen can be powered by the adjacent LED unit display screen through the DC power, so as to ensure the display of the LED unit display screen and prevent the above power failure, which is conducive to ensuring the normal operation of the LED display screen.

Front Service&Rear Service(Optional)

PL series supports front and rear maintenance, adapts to fast maintenance in various installation environments, and improves work efficiency.