Used Di Color P4.8 Outdoor D series

LED: Kinglight SMD1921


Receiving card: Novastar

Cabinet Size:500×500

Produced Year: 2018

Stock: 80SQM

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Dicolor, the top global visual technology solutions provider, has been adhering to technological innovation since its establishment 15 years ago. We have industry’s leading D-COB technology what’s use for micro led display and mini led display, we also have the world’s top three stage-art performing market share, and more than 210 patents. Dicolor has won many domestic and foreign awards such as the German Red Dot Design Award and the Japanese Good Design.


DICOLOR D series LED display can provide unparalleled portability and amazing visual clarity. The LED panel is very light and thin, and they have become one of the best lease LED screen options. Thanks to the multifunctional of the D series, you can mix the different sizes of cabinets to meet various assembly needs. 


DICOLOR D series has a unique cabinet design, which can significantly improve the speed of installation and maintenance, and you can save time and energy. Security is also a priority. They have anti -emergencies and can protect the module from damage during transportation. 


In addition, the accurate installation mechanism can prevent unpopulation during installation. Therefore, you have to ensure that your LED display is seamlessly displayed.



  • Transplantability: extremely light and thin.
  • Easy maintenance and installation: simplify maintenance and settings.
  • Mixed editing: Support different assembly needs.
  • Safety functions: Including collision and precise installation design to protect and protect modules.
  • Enhanced durability: Anti-collision welding board design can improve maintenance.

Di Color P4.8 Outdoor D series Parameter

Parameter Value
Pixel Pitch (mm) 4.81
Cabinet Size (WxHxD/mm) 500×500×67, 500×1000×67
Cabinet Resolution 104×104, 104×208
Cabinet Weight (Kg) 7 / 11.5
Brightness (Nits) 3500
Refresh Rate (Hz) ≥3840
Gray Scale (Bit) 14
IP Rating (Front/Rear) IP65/IP54
Max./Avg Power Consumption (W/㎡) 568/189