Used Di Color P3.9 indoor D series

LED: Kinglight


Receiving card: Novastar

Cabinet Size:500×1000

Produced Year: 2018

Stock: 60SQM

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Dicolor, the top global visual technology solutions provider, has been adhering to technological innovation since its establishment 15 years ago. We have industry’s leading D-COB technology what’s use for micro led display and mini led display, we also have the world’s top three stage-art performing market share, and more than 210 patents. Dicolor has won many domestic and foreign awards such as the German Red Dot Design Award and the Japanese Good Design.

“Indoor LED display D-391” produced by “Dicolor”-D Series has unparalleled portability and exceptional visual prowess

D-391 3.91 mm pixel pitch, recommended viewing distance – from 3 meters. Brightness – 800 cd/m3, which allows only indoor usage of this used LED screen. Cabinet weight 10.00 / 7.00 kg. Installation type – rental. These Dicolor LED screens come with a quick lock construction for fast installation and dismantling.

Di Color D Series Features

  • Extremely lightweight and thin thickness
  • Mixed splicing
  • Quick installation
  • Precise installation
  • Anti-bump welding plate design
  • Anti-bump design

Di Color D Series Advantages

Mixed splicing

500x500mm and 500x1000mm cabinets can be easily spliced up and down, greatly satisfying different needs of assembling

Extremely lightweight and thin thickness

Thickness less than 65mm, weight in 10kg, ahead of other suppliers.

Anti-bump welding plate design

Anti-bump welding plate design, even if the LED lamps were knocked off, the welding plate would not be damaged, greatly improving the LED lamp maintainability.

Anti-bump design

Cabinet anti-bump design, effective protection of the module from damage, transportation and handling more secure.

Precise installation

The left and right sides of the cabinet to retain the convex and concave step positioning to prevent the dislocation of the cabinets front and back during the installation; cabinet right and left fast positioning pin design to prevent the dislocation of the cabinets up and down during the installation.

Quick installation

The unique cabinet design highly improves the efficiency of installation and maintenance.

Di Color D-3.91 Product specifications

  • Product D-391 (indoor)
  • Pixel Pitch (mm) 3.91
  • Cabinet size(WxHxD/mm) 500×500×65
  • Cabinet Resolution128x128 128×256
  • Cabinet Weight(Kg) 6.5 / 10
  • Brightness (Nits) 800
  • Refresh Rate(Hz) ≥3840
  • Gray Scale (Bit) 14
  • IP Rating(Front/Rear) IP40/IP21
  • Max./Avg Power Consumption(W/㎡) 432/144