Used Lightlink P3.9 Outdoor Rock A

LED: Kinglight


Receiving card: Novastar A5s Plus

Cabinet Size:500×500

Produced Year: 2021

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Rock A – Dedicated for high-definition outdoor, compatible with floor tiles;

High-contrast black light, high-definition display, delicate and natural colors;

Front and rear IP65 protection level, rainproof, moistureproof and dustproof, suitable for floor tiles;

Using pulse width modulation PWM technology to ensure high brush and high gray display effect;

DES dynamic energy saving, effective energy saving and cooling, protecting electronic components;

The modules can be interchanged up and down, and only one plug-in port is reserved in the middle, which is more waterproof;

You can get perfect visual effects by watching from all angles of view up, down, left, and right;

One-piece separate control box, which can be disassembled and replaced immediately, and the maintenance is simpler;