Nationstar LED Vs. Kinglight LED Vs.Nichia LED Vs. Epistar LED

When you choose an LED display, you may often hear different brands of LED lamp beads such as Nationstar, Kinglight, NICHIA and EPISTAR. So what are the differences between them? As an LED Display Expert, IAMLEDWALL will briefly make a comparison to let you better understand their differences.

Nationstar LEDs.

Nationstar LED

Nationstar LED headquartered in Guangdong and founded in 1969, is one of the leading LED packaging devices companies. The company focuses on LED R&D, production and sales, as well as the development of emerging industries such as intelligent displays, wearables and intelligent control modules. Their products cover many fields such as LED packaging and chip production, and they have four main production bases with a total construction area of more than 570,000 square meters.

The company has advanced fully automated production equipment and internationally leading quality testing and reliability verification equipment. It has been producing SMD LED devices since 2002 and is an SMD LED display devices and small-pitch series global company.

Key Information:

  • Established in 1969
  • Company size: Total construction area exceeds 570,000 square meters
  • Service outlets: four main production bases
  • Awards: First Prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2019, China Patent Gold Award in 2023
  • Innovation ability: applied for over 1,000 patents and authorized over 700 patents
  • Industry Position: LED ultra-high-definition display, new optoelectronic devices and applications, third-generation power semiconductors and other fields are in a leading technological position
  • Representative cases: successfully used in important occasions such as the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Nationstar LEDs For LED display

  • REESTAR products: NH-Z3535RGBA-SG, RS-1111MBAR, RS-1212MBAM, RS-1515MBAM, RS-C1415MBAR, RS-1921MBAR, RS-C1921MBAR, RS-2727MWAS, RS-3535MWAM, RS-3535MWAR, RS-F23MBAM, RS -2020MBAR
  • IMD series: IMD-M07, IMD-M09F, IMD-M09-C, IMD-F15F, IMD-F15-C, IMD-M09T
  • Small pixel series: FC-B1010RGBT-HG, FC-F1010RGBT-NV, NH-B1010RGBT-HF
  • Outdoor series: NH-Z3535RGBA-SG, NH-Z1415RGBA-SG, FM-B1921RGBA-SH, FM-Z1921RGBA-SH, FM-Z2727RGBA-SH, NH-Z1921RGBA-SG, NH-Z2727RGBA-SG, NH-Z3535RGBW-SG
  • Indoor series: NH-B1212RGBA-HF, FM-B2020RGBA-HG, NH-B1515RGBA-HF, NH-B2020RGBA-HF
  • Side-emitting series: FM-3510 RGBA-SH
  • Built-in IC series: TBA-T2020M-J1I16

Kinglight LEDs

kinglight LED

Shenzhen Kinglight Co., Ltd., established in 2008, is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of semiconductor devices, LED display devices and LED lighting fixtures and systems. The company is engaged in optoelectronic device packaging, LED lighting and large-screen display technology to maintain its leading position in China.

Key Information:

  • Established: in 2008
  • Company size: 2000+ employees
  • Serving customers: 1000+
  • Patents: More than 210 innovation patents
  • Industry status: Top ten LED display devices, top three high-end optoelectronic semiconductors
  • Representative cases: Rio Olympics, Beijing Winter Olympics, Qatar World Cup, Hangzhou Asian Games
  • Main features: Breaking foreign monopoly, filling domestic gaps, and providing services covering multiple industries

Kinglight LEDs for Fine-pitch LED display:

Fine-pitch Mini-LED and Micro LED display Lamps have higher resolution, brightness and contrast, and better color reproduction, which means they are widely used in integrated conference displays, control room displays, monitoring center displays, and commercial displays.

Supreme Edition:

  • 1212-A1: P1.5/52S – 900 nit
  • TOP1010-A1: P1.25/45S – 1200 nit

Standard Edition:

  • 1212-S1: P1.5/52S – 800nit
  • TOP1010-S1: P1.25/45S – 1000 nit
  • MC1415P-M1: P2.6/18S – 2000 nit
  • MC1010P-M2: P1.25/45S – 3000 nit
  • MC1010P-M1: P1.25/45S – 1600 nit
  • MC0606N-M1: P0.93/45S – 2600 nit
  • MC0505N-M1: P0.78/54S – 2600 nit

Kinglight LEDs for Rental LED Display:

absen 2.9mm

Kinglight’s rental display series lamp beads have higher anti-collision performance, which can effectively reduce the loss of the display during transportation and multiple disassembly and assembly, and better meet the needs of stage performances, large-scale concerts, and tour concerts.

Flagship Edition:

  • 1820-KS3B: P3.91 13S – 4000 nit
  • 1820-KS3: P3.91 13S – 7000 nit

Supreme Edition:

  • 1820-BB-A3: P3.91 13S – 4000 nit
  • 1820N-A3: P3.91 13S – 7000 nit
  • 1820N-A2: P3.91 13S – 6000 nit
  • 1820N-A1: P3.91 13S – 4500 nit
  • 1820-A3: P3.91 13S – 7000 nit
  • 1820-A2: P3.91 13S – 6000 nit
  • 1820-A1: P3.91 13S – 4500 nit

Kinglight LEDs for LED Cinema :

Kinglight LED cinema series lamp beads have low power consumption, high brightness, high resolution and high contrast, as well as excellent display performance at larger angles. They are very suitable for the playback of movies and other video content, Ideal for cinema projects and for creating small home theaters.

Supreme Edition:

  • 2020-P3: P3/32S – 1000nit
  • 1415-P3: P2.6/32S – 1000 nit
  • TOP1010-P3: P1.25/45S – 1000 nit

Kinglight LEDs for Virtual Studio XR/VP

Kinglight Virtual Studio/XR series lamps have ultra-high contrast and up to 98% P3 color gamut coverage, which can fully meet the needs of the film and television industry for using virtual studios for scene reproduction during film and television production.

Supreme Edition:

  • 1415-XR: P2.6/18S – 2000 nit
  • 1212-XR: P1.8/15S – 2000nit

Kinglight LEDs for Outdoor 5G+8K

Kinglight’s outdoor 8K display lamp bead series has the characteristics of high resolution and high brightness, and is widely used in various outdoor scenes, such as urban CBD, large commercial complexes, conference and exhibition centers and other urban centers and lighting places. 

Supreme Edition:

  • 1515-BB-A2: P2.9 21S – 3000 nit
  • 1515-A1: P2.9 21S – 4500 nit
  • 1112-BB-A1: P2.6 16S – 3500 nit
  • 1112-A1: P2.6 16S – 7000 nit

Standard Edition:

  • 1515-GB-S2: P2.9 21S – 3500 nit
  • 1515-BB-S2: P2.9 21S – 3000 nit
  • 1515N-CS2: P2.9 16S – 5001 nit
  • 1515N-CS1: P2.9 16S – 5000 nit
  • 1515-CS1: P2.9 16S – 5000 nit

Kinglight LEDs for High-end fixed installation

Kinglight’s fixed LED lamp bead series has the characteristics of ultra-high brightness and ultra-low power consumption. It can be widely used in shopping malls, offices, lecture halls, retail stores and other places to build fixed LED screens.

Flagship Edition:

  • 3535-KS4: P10 2S – 12000 nit
  • 2727-KS4: P8 4S – 10000 nit
  • 1820-KS3B: P3.91 13S – 4000 nit
  • 1820-KS3: P3.91 13S – 7000 nit

Supreme Edition:

  • 3535-A4: P10 2S – 12000 nit
  • 3535-A3: P10 2S – 10000nit
  • 3535-A1: P10 2S – 8000 nit
  • 2727-A4-T70: P8 4S – 14000 nit
  • 2727-A4: P8 4S – 10000 nits

Kinglight LEDs for creative display

P3 flexible LED display

Kinglight’s creative display lamp bead series has functions such as 16-bit adjustable grayscale and breakpoint resume, which is very suitable for creating transparent LED displays and holographic LED displays, and can be widely used in shopping malls, hotels, stages, and music.

Supreme Edition:

  • 2222-IC2: R-120, G-370, B-62
  • 1515-IC: R-380, G-480, B-65


NICHIA CORPORATION was founded in 1956 and is headquartered in Japan. It is a leading manufacturer focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of LED, LD and optical semiconductor devices, as well as cathode materials, magnetic materials, phosphors, electronic chemicals and pharmaceutical chemicals. With global reach and a diversified product line, Nichia is an industry leader.

Company Overview:

  • Date of establishment: December 1956
  • Registered capital: ¥52,026,441,000
  • President: Hiroyoshi Ogawa
  • Number of employees: 9,219 (as of December 2022)
  • Main business areas:
  • LED, LD, optical semiconductor devices
  • Chemical products: cathodes and magnetic materials, phosphors
  • Fine chemicals: electronics, pharmaceuticals and food additives
  • Vacuum evaporation materials
  • Factory: Aratano, Tatsumi (TN-PLANT & TS-PLANT), Tokushima (V-PLANT), Naruto (N-PLANT)
  • Domestic sales offices: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya
  • R&D Center: Tokushima, Yokohama, Suva Technology Center (Nagano Prefecture)
  • Overseas locations: United States, Europe, and Asia, including representative offices in Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh City.


Founded in 1996, EPISTAR is one of the pioneers in the LED industry. With its rich expertise and engineering innovation, EPISTAR has become one of the world’s leading LED Packaging suppliers.

Key Information:

  • Established: 1996
  • Company size: One of the world’s leading LED suppliers
  • Product application: widely used in mobile phone screens, laptops, TVs and other fields
  • Innovation capability: Unique “co-activation service model”, working with customers to design chips and production processes

Comparison between Nationstar LEDs and Kinglight LEDs:

When choosing Nationstarand Kinglight LEDs screens, their main differences are as follows:

Nationstar LEDs


  • Quality and stability: Since the establishment of the company, Nationstar LEDs have never had major problems, and there are multiple quality levels of lamp beads available, such as high-brightness gold wire, gold wire, and copper wire.
  • Color reproduction: Nationstar LEDs can provide more realistic colors and are suitable for scenes with high color requirements, such as cinemas, high-end conference rooms, TV stations, etc.
  • Applicable scenarios: Nationstar LED screens are suitable for occasions that require more sophisticated and beautiful video or image advertising, such as CBD, high-end shopping malls and pedestrian streets.
  • Lifespan and stability: Long service life, high brightness stability, and low failure pixel rate.

Kinglight LEDs


  • Price: Affordable for projects on a limited budget.
  • Application scenarios: Kinglight LED screens are suitable for scenes that do not require high-fidelity color reproduction, such as shopping malls, airports and other places where ordinary videos or image advertisements are played.
  • Repair and After-Sales: Despite a low failure rate, Kinglight LED Maintenance and after-sales service are good and problems can be solved in time.

Application suggestions:

Indoor LED display:

  • Kinglight LEDs: LED Scenes for limited budget and which do not require highly realistic color reproduction, such as indoor shopping malls, airports, etc. to play ordinary advertisements.
  • Nationstar LEDs: LED Scenes that require high true color reproduction, such as movie theaters, high-end conference rooms, TV stations, etc., with sufficient budget.

Outdoor LED display:

  • Kinglight LEDs: Suitable for environments that do not require high brightness and are not too harsh, such as regular video or image advertising.
  • Nationstar LEDs: In scenarios with high brightness requirements, better display effects and harsh environments, Such as CBD, high-end shopping malls, etc.

In general, Nationstar LEDs perform better in terms of color reproduction, stability and suitability for high-end places, while Kinglight LEDs are affordable and suitable for general scenes. When you choose between the two, please make trade-offs based on specific needs and budget.


Above we have listed the company introductions of different brands of LED lamp beads such as Nationstar, Kinglight, NICHIA and EPISTAR, and then focused on the differences between Nationstar and Kinglight. We hope this will help you. IAMLEDWALL is a professional second-hand LED video wall provider. We have established close ties with top China LED display manufacturers and can provide you with better cost-effective LED display solutions. Please feel free to contact us If you need it.