Maintenance of LED Display

The large screen of LED is like the traditional electronic products which need to be paid attention to use methods and maintenance, so as to make a longer service life of it.

Routine maintenance of main control computer

The computer is usually placed in the control room, thus to keep the stability and good displaying result, we must maintain the main control computer regularly as follows:

  • Clean

Keep the control room clean and regularly dedust the computer and surrounding equipment, as dust may contaminate the keyboard, disc, display, host circuit board and other important parts, causing material faults.

  • Ventilation

The computer will produce a lot of heat during operation. If radiating is not sufficient and the room temperature is too high, computer crash and other faults may be easily caused and the service life of the main control computer may be reduced in a long term. Therefore, ventilation must draw enough attention.

  • Temperature and relative humidity

If the environmental temperature is relatively high (e.g. in hot summer), the control room must be installed with fans or air condition equipment if applicable, so as to maintain the temperature as 10℃~ 35℃ and the relative humidity 30%-80%, and try to avoid working of computer under high temperature and high humidity.

  • Hardware examination

Regularly examine the hardware and surrounding accessory equipment of the computer, e.g. whether or not the graphics card and sending card is loosened, whether or not DVI line, serial port line or USB line is loosened or damaged, and eliminate discovered problems in time.

  • Software upgrading

Kill virus regularly, especially that the computers connecting internet shall be installed with anti-virus software. And the player software shall be upgraded regularly to assure the latest version is used.

  • Points for attention:

The more stable computer power is the better. Usually it is required to use AC 220 V±10% with frequency of 50HZ±5%. A fluctuate power can affect the normal running of computer and directly affect the regular displaying of display, thus it is suggested to add one UPS, if possible, which will protect the computer data from missing due to sudden blackout of main supply and also has voltage stabilization function generally.

If there’re refrigerators or air conditioners of high-power surrounding the computer, the power socket of the computer shall be separated with theirs and use independent power socket.

As safety assurance, the computer power shall have good grounding system with three-phase power socket of null line on the left, live wire on the right and ground wire on the top. The ground wire here is the safety wire of power, which shouldn’t be connected with the logical ground line of the computer.

Maintenance of LED

Cabinet part

  • The examination of cabinet part mainly includes the following procedures:

Examine whether or not the power works normally and whether or not AC wire is loosened. Examine whether or not the fan works normally, and dedust the fan blade.

Examine the receiving card: Check whether or not the supplying DCSV wire is loosened and whether or not the receiving card and keyset are well contacted as well as whether or not the winding displacement of keyset is loosened,

Visually examine whether or not the DCSV wires and winding displacements between the internal modules of the cabinet are loosened.

Examine whether or not there are sundries jamming the air-vent, and dismantle the anti-dust net to clear off if so.

  • Others

Examine finishing of the display to assure safety usage of it.

The maintenance passage ladder of display shall be at least three meters and be additionally installed with protective door and relevant warning boards.

Display part

For the display part, mainly conduct regular dedusting on the surface of display especially for out-door display which is long-time exposed to the work environment of wind, sun and dust and can be easily contaminated. Thus, regular dedusting of display can not only elevate displaying effect but also avoid the acid particles and other chemical substances in the out-door environment to corrode the surface of display under humid condition, so as to improve the service life of display.

For out-door display, install efficient lightning-protection equipment if necessary. The following issues shall be noted for application and maintenance of LED:

  1. It is required to have stable power supply and good grounding protection.
  2. Don’t use under bad weather, e.g. strong thunder.
  3. Water and iron powders and other conductive metals are forbidden to enter into the display body. LED display shall be placed in low dust environment, as large dusts may affect the displaying results and too much dusts will damage the circuits.
  4. In case of water entering due to any reason, please switch off and contact the maintenance staff. The display shall not be used until the internal display board is dried. Maintain the humidity of the use environment of full-color LED and do not let any item of humid nature to enter into the display. Powering on the full-color LED with humidity can result in corrosion of parts, thus causing permanent damages.
  5. The start and close sequence of LED: A. First start the control computer to make it work normally, then start the LED. B. First close the LED, then computer.
  6. LED surface can be wiped using alcohol or be dedusted using brush and dust collector instead of being wiped using wet cloth. In order to avoid possible problems, we can choose passive or positive protection by trying to keep the harmful items far away from the display and slightly wipe the display while cleaning so as to minimize the possibility of damage.
  7. It is suggested that LED shall rest for more than 2 hours each day and be used for at least once a week in rainy seasons. The display shall be started up for at least once a month and be on for more than 2 hours generally.
  8. LED shall be regularly examined whether or not it works normally and replaced in time if not; and examine whether or not the circuit is damaged and repair or replace it if so.
  9. Don’t make the display in long-time displaying of full white, red, green or blue colors in case of overlarge current and power line radiation and thus LED damage to affect its service life. Be sure not to dismantle or stitch the display at random.
  10. The relevant equipment such as LED main control computer shall be placed in a room with air conditioner and slight dusts to make sure the ventilation and radiation and stable working of computer.
  11. The internal circuits of LED are forbidden to be touched by non-professionals in case of electric shock or damage of circuit. Ask the professionals to examine and repair in case of problems.

Storage of LED

Preservation of the non-installed display, standby modules and other accessories

  • Perfect moistureproof work at the storage places: appropriate environmental temperature of -40℃~+85℃and relative humidity lower than 90%.
  • Prevent insects and mice from biting the display and cables during storage.
  • Prevent rainwater and other corrosive liquids from entering into or contacting the display and modules during storage.
  • Perfect the cleaning work during storage to avoid sundries or dusts piling up in the display.

Usage and storage of LED under special environment.

  1. The display shall be avoided to be installed at dropsical places. The power of display and computer shall be cut off in time in case of extreme severe convection weathers such as typhoon, storm, hail and thunder.
  2. The out-door display shall be installed with lightning arrester, and the cabinet and external steel frame shall be well grounded in case of display burnout, even human injury or death caused by lightning or display leakage.
  3. For the displays which are installed in coastal areas, attention shall be paid to corrosion of metal parts of display by air salts, and the installed steel structure shall also take special consideration of the anti-typhoon ability.
  4. The displays in some countries and areas may not be able to work normally due to very low  temperature in winter, thus it is suggested to use low-temperature or super low-temperature power and anti low-temperature cabinet, and warm air curtain can be added if necessary.