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Full range of LED indoor display pixel pitch ranges from P1.25mm to P3.076mm with same sizes to match different kinds of application.

All module take 320*160mm size, same module housing. P1.25mm, P1.53mm, P1.667, P1.86, P2, P2.5 and P3.076, which most popular is P2.5mm.

Beside of this, P2.6, P2.9 and P3.9 are available with 250*250mm size.


Installation Type

Indoor LED moduleins tallation

Module Installation

Fixed power supply and receiving card on structural frame, and magnet module on the frame. Few cost without cabinet.

iron LED display cabinet

Iron Cabinets

With any size fit for module 320*160mm, can be long sharp, or right corner sharp, or any other customized sharp.

die casting LED cabinet

Die Casting Cabinets

Lighter, thinner, and better alignment. 640*480mm, 640*640mm, 320*640mm size optional.

IAM Indoor project


Cube indoor LED display