How to replace defective LED lamp?

How to measure LED lamp?

It can be observed that there’s a very small unfilled corner among the four front corners of the LED lamp. The three pins opposite to this corner are the positive poles “+” of LED, while the three pins on its side are the negative poles of red, green and blue lamp respectively. The most directive way is to observe the silk-screen “+,R,G,B” or the unfilled corner directions of other LED lamp on LED lamp panels.

Adjust the digital multimeter to diode test grade, use the red probe to contact any pin on the side of LED lamp while the black probe the three pins on the other side. If the LED lamp is lightened, the end which is contacted by the red probe is the positive pole, while the other is negative pole.

If the LED lamp is not lightened, exchange the red and black probes to re-test, if the lamp is still not lightened, that means the lamp is broken.

Procedures of lamp replacement

1. Found the broken LED, use a screwdriver to remove the screws fixing the mask and take out the mask.

2. Outdoor cabinet module with a waterproof measures, with a blade or tweezers to scrape gently the rubber around the LED lamp when maintain.

3. Use soldering iron to add tin to the pins on both sides of lamp

4. Use soldering iron  to  rapidly  perform circulatory heating of tin on the  pins  on  both sides of lamp  to make it melt, so that lamp can be removed easily.

5. Add moderate tin to the removed lamp pad and clear off tin residues.

6. Take out the LED lamp of the same type with product and measure the positive and negative poles of it according to the aforesaid method.

7. Clamp the LED lamp with tweezers so as to make each pin correctly stick to IC pad correspondingly.

8. Use soldering iron to heat tin on pad to melt with the pins on one side of the lamp, then remove the soldering iron.

9. Add the pins on the other side of LED lamp with tin, then the former one.

10. Heat to eliminate the redundant tin on pins with soldering iron (similar with the method used for replacing IC), except the three pins on the side of positive poles, the other three pins can’t be connected with each other.

When the lighting module display to normal, install the module   to   bottom   case,   waterproof   module required component room temperature curing silicone rubber (black), add rubber on the place scraped rubber, cover back the mask after rubber solidification.