How to Choose Transparent LED Screen Size?

A transparent LED screen is like a shutter structure, with gaps between the light strips forming a transparent effect. Compared with traditional LED screens, transparent LED screens greatly reduce the obstruction of sight by structural components, maximize the perspective effect, and ensure sufficient thinness in form. But for transparent LED screens, the real difficulty is to make these tens of thousands of pixels “transparent enough” while maintaining “clear enough”.

So what are the advantages of transparent LED screens, and how to choose transparent LED screens?

What are the advantages of LED transparent screens?

Indoor transparent LED display

As an advertising medium, transparent LED screens have rapidly occupied the market in recent years, not just to satisfy people’s pursuit of visual effects, but also transparent LED screens have these advantages, such as high permeability, small footprint, and thin and light form.

First of all, transparent LED screens have a transmittance of 50%-90%, which ensures the lighting requirements and viewing angle range of lighting structures such as floors, glass facades, windows, etc., without blocking the line of sight. 

Secondly, the main board of the transparent LED screen is thin, takes up almost no space after installation, and does not interfere with other facilities or structures near the glass curtain wall. In addition, the transparent LED screen is simple to operate and highly controllable. It can be controlled wirelessly through remote clusters, and the display content can be changed at any time to ensure that the advertising content is updated in real-time.

How to choose transparent ED screens Size?

Transparent LED screens are divided into front-emitting LEDs and side-emitting LEDs.

Analysis of front light-emitting transparent LED 

The front-emitting transparent LED screen uses conventional SMD lamp beads to be mounted on a hollow PCB board, and the driver IC is centrally placed. This LED display is made of conventional components and conventional processes. It is characterized by a simple production process, traditional components, and no bright or dark lines between the light strips. 

Transparent LED Screen size


Standard lamp beads for conventional LED displays and can ensure a full 160-degree viewing angle.

Transparent LED Screen size


The hollowing rate is low, the locations where ICs are concentrated are prone to color casts, the cutting is inflexible, and it is difficult to customize.

Analysis of Side-emitting transparent LED 

The side-emitting transparent LED screen uses the SMT process to mount the side-emitting lamp beads on the PCB light strip. The SMT process is more difficult than the front luminescence LED display, and it is suitable for glass curtain walls with variable sizes and special-shaped customization. 

Transparent LED Screen size


It has a high cut-out rate when viewed at head-on, high brightness, and is easy to customize. 


Transparent LED Screen size

The cutouts are different at different viewing angles up and down, and bright and dark lines and blurred screens are prone to appear between the light bars, color casts at left and right viewing angles, and light leakage from behind the screen.

Side-emitting lamp beads are installed on the upper or lower side of the circuit board. Due to the obstruction of the circuit board, only one side of the viewing angle can be guaranteed. There will be obvious color cast when viewed from different angles.

Transparent materials have different refraction effects on the light emitted by LED chips at different locations.

Transparent LED Screen size

The difference :

Transparent LED Screen size
Transparent LED Screen size

The thickness of the front-emitting LED and circuit board parts is 1.6mm, and the light-blocking part is only 1.6mm.

· The shell and the colloid are thick

· The lamp beads are attached to the side of the PCB board

· The lamp wall is completely blocked,

· no light leakage and no light pollution indoors.

Transparent LED Screen size
Transparent LED Screen size

The thickness of the side-emitting LED should be at least 1mm, plus the 1.4mm circuit board and the light-blocking part should be at least 2.4mm.

· The shell and colloid are thin

· The lamp beads are attached below the PCB board

· lamp wall is not blocked

· large light leakage and strong indoor light pollution.

Transparent LED Screen size

Pixel Pitch Choice:

Due to the small size of positive-emitting LEDs, the spacing can be as minimum as 2.0mm, the resolution per unit square area is higher, and the picture is clearer.

The width of the side-emitting LED is 3.5mm, and the minimum pitch is 3.9mm. The resolution per unit square area is limited, and the picture clarity is average.

Low-brightness transparent LED displays are often more suitable for indoors (brightness below 1000 units), and the broadcast image quality is still acceptable. If the indoor light is bright but the brightness of the LED screen is very low, the light brightness will cover the image quality and clarity of the screen, and the playback effect will not be clear. Therefore, Professional LED transparent screen manufacturers like IAMLEDWALL will recommend higher brightness transparent LED display to customers (brightness above 2500 unit). If you use transparent LED for outdoors, the light is generally stronger during the day, and brightness above 4000 is sufficient.

The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the pixels and the higher the clarity.

P2.5small areas within 1-5 square meterswith high requirements for clear image qualityrelatively expensive priceslow user purchases.
P3.91small areas within 1-10 square meterswith clear image qualityhigh priceaverage user purchases.
P7.81areas with an area of more than 10 square metersclear and average picture qualityhigh cost performancelarge user purchases.
P10.42area of more than 80 square meterswith clear and average picture qualityhigh cost performancelarge user purchases.
P15.625areas of more than 100 square meterswith average image qualitylow pricerelatively average user purchases.
P20area of more than 200 square meterswith average picture qualitylow pricerelatively average user acquisition volume.
P25area of more than 300 square meterswith average picture qualitylow pricerelatively average user purchase volume.
P31.25area of more than 400 square meterswith average image qualitylow pricelow user acquisition volume.

If you are an LED display beginner and are looking for a cost-effective transparent LED display, you can also refer to the used Gloshine Vanish series.

Why Choose the Used Gloshine Vanish series transparent LED display?

Gloshine Vanish LED cabinets have been designed with low wind loads, making them safer for outdoor installation. Pixel pitch can vary from 3.91mm to 8.93mm, depending on your screen size and location.

gloshine P3.9 outdoor LED

Used Gloshine P3.9-7.8 Vanish outdoor

·LED: Kinglight SMD1921

·IC: MBI 5252

·Receiving card: Novastar A4s

·Cabinet Size:500×500 & 1000×500

·Produced Year: 2020

·Stock: 400SQM

Gloshine Vanish series features:

·Can be spliced to an arc of ±15°; 

·supports 90° splicing;

· indoor rental, fixed installation and hoisting installation; 

·high permeability; 

·ultra-light and ultra-thin; 

·strong wind resistance can withstand winds above level 8;

· LED nano-coating protection

·Unique mask design solves the problem of uneven PCB ink color; integrated back cover design.


Transparent LED screens have many advantages, they have shown huge development potential in just a few years and are widely used in commercial retail windows, interior decoration, glass curtain walls and other scenarios.

If you are looking for the best cost-effective transparent LED screen, there is no doubt that used Gloshie Vanish series is an excellent option. As a reliable used LED video panel provider, IAMLEDWALL not only provides stock LED displays, we can also offer high-quality transparent LED video wall and help you solve advertising applications. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in more information.