How to choose Concert LED screen?

With the advancement of technology, concert stages utilize the latest LED technology to make people’s visual experience break through the peak again and again. Today, many concert stages use a variety of LED displays. If you are looking for concert LED screen solutions, this is the place not to be missed.

Benefits of using LED screens at concerts:

Absen X5 concert LED display

Concert LED screens offer several benefits that enhance the overall experience for both attendees and performers:

  • Live broadcast: The screens provide a large and clear live view, breaking the seating limitations. It is easier for people far from the stage to enjoy the show.
  • Enhanced visuals: You can display close-ups, slow-motion replays, and change stage backgrounds at will, maximizing artistic performances.
  • Immersive experience: Combined with powerful music, you can create a dreamlike and mesmerizing stage atmosphere.
  • High-quality images: These screens deliver high-resolution images, so people can enjoy the visual appeal of a concert.
  • Versatile content display: They can display live feeds, replays, and various digital effects, adding dynamic elements to the concert.
  • Creative stage design: With the flexibility to quickly change stage backgrounds and themes, artists and designers can effectively express creative concepts.

Features of LED screens for concerts:

Amazing clarity: You’ll enjoy a new visual experience with the latest technology that delivers stunning HD quality.

High refresh rate: With a over 1920Hz refresh rate and 14-bit high grayscale, images are true-to-life and meet the high visual quality standards required for commercial use.

Intelligent Brightness Adjustment: The LED displays automatically adjust their brightness based on changes in indoor and outdoor lighting, Your screen will be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Precision Engineering: The high-precision cast aluminum cabinet is CNC machined, and the LED panels fit together seamlessly. You can assemble them into any design you like, offering a sleek and high-end look.

Versatile shapes: Support staggered assembly, allowing for more creative shapes. The side of the body has a scale-edge lock design, allowing assembly at any angle from -15 to 15 degrees.

Easy assembly: Designed for easy assembly and disassembly, saving labor costs.

Quiet operation: With a fanless design, they operate silently and are 30% more energy efficient than traditional displays.

Professional Audio-Video: Equipped with a professional audio-video processing system, they support multiple signal types to ensure high-fidelity image reproduction and can handle live broadcasts.

Protective Carrying Case: Comes with an aviation-grade case for safe storage and transport, effectively protecting the monitors.

Weather Resistant:  IP65 protection, waterproof and dustproof, ideal for outdoor conditions.

Customized solutions: Offer customized LED display solutions based on your specific needs and event environment.

Concert LED screens Solutions:

In addition to the common flat rental LED screen for concerts, if you need more innovative designs, you can also refer to the following solutions.

Transparent LED Screens for Concerts

P2.8 5.6 transparent LED display

Let’s talk about the innovative solution of transparent LED displays for concerts. Imagine attending a concert where the stage glows with 3D effects from a distance thanks to these LED screens. With a transparency rate of over 85%, these screens seamlessly blend into the background, you can create an immersive visual experience.

Features of Transparent LED Screens for Concerts

  • High transparency:  Nearly invisible with over 85% transparency.
  • Modular design: Standard sizes are typically 1 meter by 0.5 meters, you can custom configurations to create larger displays.
  • Flexible options: Available in various shapes such as doors, vertical screens, cubes, fans, drums, parachutes, W-shape and L-shape to fit any stage design.
  • Versatile Usage:  These concert LED displays are Ideal for displaying dynamic visuals such as disappearing images and reappearing characters, adding depth to performances.
  • Creative freedom: Encourage bold and innovative stage designs, constantly bringing new styles to life.

Pros and Cons of transparent LED screens For Concert:


  • Enhanced visuals: Offer stunning 3D effects from a distance
  • Adaptability: Form different shapes and sizes, it is perfect for any stage setup.
  • Creative impact:  Supports endless creative possibilities


  • Cost: High-quality concert transparent LED screens can be expensive, potentially adding to the overall cost of staging a concert.
  • Setup Complexity: Requires technical expertise to assemble and manage, which can be a challenge for some venues.

you can learn more How to Choose transparent LED displays

XR LED screens For Concert

Imagine walking into a concert hall where the stage is not just a stage, XR LED screens create this magic by seamlessly blending vivid visuals and live action.

Features of XR LED Screens for Concerts:

  • Seamless integration: Floor and upright screens seamlessly connect
  • High precision:  high brightness, high refresh rates and excellent color accuracy.
  • Large Scale: Covering nearly 400 square meters, they can reach up to 8.5 meters high and 12 meters deep.
  • Advanced Tracking: Equipped with optical tracking systems for dynamic, multi-angle camera shots.
  • Real-time rendering: Powered by cutting-edge engines such as Unreal Engine, delivering real-time, lifelike visuals.

Advantages and disadvantages of XR LED screens for concerts:


  • Enhanced immersion: Transform concerts into vibrant
  • Limitless creativity:  Supports limitless creative scenarios, allowing performances into entirely new worlds.
  • Interactive elements: XR technology can integrate interactive content 


  • High cost: The technology and setup are costly due to its advanced features and scale.
  • Technical Complexity: Requires specialized knowledge and equipment to manage, which can be a challenge for some venues.

Sphere Concert LED Screen

Used Gloshine CL series

Imagine yourself at a concert in the heart of Las Vegas, not in a traditional arena, but in the revolutionary Sphere venue. Brought to life by Madison Square Garden Entertainment, this marvel features a colossal 16K resolution LED screen that wraps around you, immersing you in a visual feast that feels almost as real as the world around you. With its 15,000-square-foot screen, the Sphere LED display technology transforms the way you experience live music.

Sphere Concert LED Screen Features

  • Massive scale: Covers an area equivalent to two football fields
  • Unmatched resolution: At 16K, it is the highest-resolution LED display in the world.
  • Immersive Experience: Designed to deliver a near-life-like VR experience without the need for goggles.
  • Unobstructed Views: No matter where you sit, you have a perfect, unobstructed view of the performance.

Pros and cons of Sphere Concert LED screens:


  • Superior visual quality: The high resolution and enormous size provide an unparalleled visual experience。
  • Increased Engagement: The immersive nature of the screen makes concerts more engaging and memorable.
  • Innovative venue: As a one-of-a-kind venue, the sphere itself is an attraction that adds to the overall experience.


  • High cost: The cost of building will add ticket prices.
  • Complex maintenance: The sophisticated technology requires expert maintenance and can be prone to technical problems.

We have already covered common concert LED display features and some innovative solutions, but most of the time you just want to buy a regular LED screen for concerts, you can refer to the following suggestions:

How to choose an LED concert screen?

Here’s a simple guide to what you need to consider when choosing an LED concert screen:

Determine the size: First, decide if you need an indoor or outdoor concert LED screen. Just tell us the size you need, such as 10 meters wide by 6 meters high, and IAM USED LED WALL will figure out the best size and border for the screen.

Choose the model: For indoor concert screens, don’t just look for high density and clarity; think about the environment. you should consider factors such as where it will be installed, what content it will display, viewing distances, and cost. For example, for an 8-square-foot screen, you might choose a P2.97 or P3.91 LED display for better resolution, or the P4.81 concert LED display if you’re looking to save some money.

Get a price quote: Once you’ve decided on the size and model, combine that with any special requirements you have and you’ll get a comprehensive quote.

Control Systems: There are two main brands of control systems for Concert LED screens: Novastar and Shenzhen Colorlight.

Additional Equipment: You may need a desktop computer with the dedicated graphics card, video processor, lightning protection, speakers, amplifier, power distribution cabinet, and air conditioner. Some of these items are optional.

Construction and Installation: Finally, choose the material and installation type for the structure. You can choose between lifting or seat mounting, etc.

Common Tips:

  • High-clarity models:   You can choose the P2.97 and P3 which offer the highest clarity. They come in standard case sizes of 500mm x 500mm or 500mm x 1000mm. 
  • Versatile options: The P3.91, P4, and P4.81 models are a great choice, also available in standard 500mm x 500mm or 500mm x 1000mm cabinets. 
  • Big size, big performance: The P5 concert LED display has a cabinet size of 480mm x 480mm or 640mm x 640mm. While offering slightly less clarity than the smaller pixel pitch, it is still a fantastic option for many stage applications.

Important factors to consider when installing LED screens for concerts

Initial site investigation: It’s critical to design the screen based on the actual construction conditions of the venue. A well-integrated setup between the screen and the site is a key step in the installation process.

Installation Guidance: While you may be familiar with the steel structure, understanding the wiring and assembly of the LED screen can be challenging. That’s why skilled engineers are essential to guide the process, and it’s helpful if your team involved in operating the screen can also attend to learn more.

Steel frame design: Typically, within 3-5 days of signing the contract, the installation engineers will design the steel frame based on the location and specific requirements of the LED screen. The construction team then uses these designs to purchase materials and plan the fabrication of the steel structure.

Technical training: During the production of the screen, you can send staff to the LED screen manufacturer to learn about operation and simple maintenance techniques. 

Power and electrical infrastructure: Early in the installation process, it’s important to plan for the screen’s power requirements and the size of the electrical cabinet needed. 


We’ve covered concert LED screen solutions above, if you need a more suitable concert LED video wall product or quote. You can feel free to contact us, IAMLEDWALL has a large number of branded used LED screens for concerts. Of course, whether you need a high-quality new screen or a more cost-effective solution, we always have a suitable for your needs.