How to calculate LED display Size? What is the ideal viewing distance?

LED screens are everywhere. From outdoor LED screens to wedding stage LED screens. Each one requires careful consideration of the size and viewing distance. We’ll explore the math behind LED screen size and the best viewing distances.

The main aspects of this article are:

  • 1. Calculation of each LED unit board
  • 2. Calculation of LED indoor screens
  • 3. Calculation of outdoor LED screens
  • 4. Calculation of the visible distance of LED screens
  • 5.16:9,4:3 LED screen Size calculation method
  • 6. How to calculate the LED Screen Size for a multifunctional hall

Here are some common ccalculate method for LED screen size.

How to calculate the LED Screen Size Based On LED display Unit

1. Model and calculation for each unit board

LED display boards are used to make larger LED screens. LED unit boards are available in the following common models and sizes (mm).

P5 Monochrome LED Module484×242Monochrome
P5 Dual-color LED Module484×242Dual-color
P10 Monochrome LED Module320×160Monochrome
P10 Dual-color LED Module320×160Dual-color
P12.5 Monochrome LED Module400×200Monochrome
P16 Monochrome LED Module256×128Monochrome
P16 Dual-color LED Module256×128Dual-color

There may be slight variations between brands.

2. How is the calculation done?

We will use p10 and 16 LED display modules as examples, because these are the most commonly used.

ModelPixel SpacingPoints (Length x Height)Board Size (Length x Height)
PH1616mm16 x 825.6cm x 12.8cm
PH1010mm32 x 1632cm x 16cm

Calculate indoor LED screen size

We can now look at an example to help us understand the data.


How do you calculate the actual height and length of a full-color indoor LED screen that has a width and length of 4m, respectively?

This question may be confusing to some users. Why do we have to calculate the length and width when we already know them? The large LED screen is made up of multiple unit LED display boards, so it’s necessary to calculate the number of unit LED boards needed for a screen that is 2m wide and 4m long.

1. Calculate the number of unit LED boards based on the screen’s length and height.


Calculating the number of modules, we use:

  • Length: 4m/0.32m=12.5pcs /13pcs.
  • Width: 3m/0.16m=18.7pcs/ 19pcs

The minimum unit for the module is 1. Therefore, it must be rounded.

2. Actual height and length dimensions (multiplying the number of unit boards required by the size of one unit board).

  • Length: 13*0.32=4.16m,
  • Width: 19*0.16=3.04m

3. Actual LED screen size:

The LED screen’s length is 4,16 * 3,04 m.

Calculate Outdoor LED screen size

we see that the rectangular LED display screens above the doors of shops and banks play advertising subtitles on the street. It is also known as the bar LED screen, LED word screen, or door LED screen. What are the specs of the LED door display? How do you determine the screen size? It’s actually almost the same size as indoors.


A shop planned to create a character display with dimensions of 3.5 meters by 0.8 meters. They customized a monochrome P10 LED display (320*160). How do you calculate the size of a door LED display?

1. Calculate the number of unit boards based on the screen’s length and height.

  • Length: 3.5m/0.32=10.937511
  • Height: 1m (0.8m rounded)/0.16=6.256

2. Actual height and length dimensions (multiplying the number of unit boards required by the size of a unit board).

  • Length: 11×0.32=3.52m
  • Height: 6×0.16m=0.96m

3. Actual LED screen size:

  • 3.52mx0.96m=3.3792m^2

What is needed to be added:

Frame sizes are also available for the LED door display. Frame profiles are available in many different specifications.

Add 3.5cm to the width (one side); also add 4.5cm to the width (one side). Add 3.5cm (one side) to the width; also add 4.5cm (one side).

If we assume that the frame is 3.5cm wide on one side then the width and length of the LED door display will be as follows:

  • Whole screen width: 3.52m + 0.035*2 = 3,59m
  • Whole screen height: 0.96+0.035*2=1.03m
  • The actual screen area is: 3.59m1.03=3.6977m2.

LED display visible distance calculation

  • Minimum viewing distance: LED display viewing distance = pixel spacing (mm) x 1000/1000
  • Best viewing distance: LED display best viewing distance = pixel spacing (mm) x 3000/1000

The distance at which you can view an LED display is equal to the screen height in meters multiplied by 30.


How to calculate the optimal viewing distance of LED display

16:9 and 4:3 Aspect Ratio LED Screen Size Calculation method

There are two common ratio designs : one is the 16:9 ratio, and the other is the 4:3 ratio.

16:9 LED screen Size calculation method

Width(√(Square Number) * 16) / 12
Height((Square Number)² * 9) / 12

Example 1

For example, if you want to make an indoor LED display screen with 30 square meters

Width√30 * 16 = 87.52 / 127.29
Height√30 * 9 = 49.23 / 124.10

Note: The specific value can be determined according to the size of the unit board/module/cabinet

4:3 LED screen Size calculation method

Width(√(Square Number) / 12) * 4
Height(√(Square Number) / 12) * 3

Example 2

Or calculate it based on an indoor LED display with 30 square meter

Width30 / 12 = 2.5, √2.5 = 1.58, 1.58 * 4 = 6.326.32
Height30 / 12 = 2.5, √2.5 = 1.58, 1.58 * 3 = 4.744.74

Note: The specific value can be determined according to the size of the unit board/module/cabinet.

How to calculate the multifunctional hall LED Screen Size

The multi-functional room has an area of approximately 300 square meters. The hall is equipped with equipment such as a control room for stage lighting and sound. It is planned to use small pitches LED display for the main screen on stage.

Calculate maximum width

Suppose the multi-functional conference room is rectangular. The curtain in front of stage is the edge of line of vision for people in each row of chairs against the side walls (including wheelchairs in the first row). The maximum display width will be 8.8 meters.

LED screen size Calculation

Calculate maximum Height

According to relevant survey data contained in the current standard “Human Dimensions Of Chinese Adults”(GB 10000-88), average height of Chinese adults in seated positions is 1400 cm.

This project has a stage height of 750. The visual height is approximately 1300, which is significantly higher than 750. The stage floor is visible from each row of seating (including the wheelchairs in the front row).

LED screen size Calculation

According to Article 3.2.2 in the “Conference Video Venue System Engineering Design Specification”, (GB 50635-2010) the horizontal line-of-sight of the first row should be the bottom effective display area of LED screen. This is 1300-750=550 away from the stage.

The vertical viewing angle of the LED screen with respect to the centerline should also be less than 20 degrees. The height of the screen will be 6 meters that can be measured using CAD software.

LED screen size Calculation

The sound engineer is seated at the highest point in the room. His line of vision is framed by the large screen, the liftable big LED screen, and any equipment that is used to raise the lights (such as computers). If no LED monogram is installed, the lowest point for moving headlights will be the 6-meter-high LED display.

The sightlines of those in the last two rows, as well as the sound engineer, will be blocked if an LED monogram is installed at the eaves of the stage. (The bottom edge of the screen is approximately 6 meters from the stage’s floor.) They will also be unable to see the top of the LED screen. Therefore, The height of the LED display should be at least 5.2 meters to allow the tuner’s eye line to reach the top.

LED screen size Calculation

Calculate LED screen size

The main LED display screen’s width should be between 8.8 and 5.2 meters.

According to ergonomic research, the field of view of two human eyes is a rectangle with a length-to-width ratio of 16:9, so a 16:9 full-color display is used, including:

Width: 8 meters

Height: 4.5 meters

The effective viewing area is 8 * 4.5 = 36 square meters

The first-row seats have also had their tilt angle reduced to 15 degrees. This is more user-friendly.

Select the pixel pitch

(1) Minimum requirements

First row viewing Distance: 8.6 meters

Tuner sight distance: 25.4 meters

Calculate the distance between the pixel centers and the distance between the pixel pitch using Article 4.2.1 in “Technical Specifications for the Video Display System Engineering”.

LED screen size Calculation

The maximum pixel pitch is 3.0mm according to ideal viewing distances and maximum viewing distance.

HD LED display

Calculate the pixel pitch for the 8 m x 4.5 m LED screen under different resolution conditions.

LED screen size Calculation

Note: K —-The number of vertical pixels in the display.

The 2K display pixel pitch is 4.00mm which does not meet minimum requirements. Display screens with a minimum resolution of 4K (pixel pitch less than 2.00mm), should be used.


Many government projects (such as emergency command centers and multifunction halls) use mainstream 1.0 to 1.2mm LED displays due to rapid technological advancement and fierce competition within the LED display industry. You can also use an 8K LED display (0.97mm) if you have enough budget.


How To Choose The Right Led Displays For Hotel?


This is data that can be used as a guide. It is important to take into account the brightness when determining a specific visual distance. The distance should be adjusted to suit the conditions on-site.