Gloshine MV 2.6, MV 2.9:Buy Used XR LED Video Wall

XR virtual shoot is a film and TV production technology that utilizes LED displays and content engine to visualize in real-time. It can simulate shooting by presenting pre-designed 3D scenes. LED virtual shooting is the real-time combination of virtual and real images and light in front of the camera. Virtual space and real-world space are both physically separate, but they interact and blend in terms of shadow and light. 

Compared to traditional green screen productions, xR Virtual Shooting uses an LED display for the photography background. It has some advantages, such as light and shadow effects, after-production, scene arrangement, etc. The “color overflow” problem of traditional green screen production can be avoided by avoiding the keying process. 

Virtual shooting is also a great way to reduce post-production costs and speed up the editing process for film and TV. XR LED screens will become more popular due to the many advantages of virtual shooting in xR and the constant optimization and upgrading of LED display technology.

You can try the used Gloshine MV 2.6 or MV 2.9 if you are on a budget and want to test a virtual screen.

Gloshine MV 2.6 and Gloshine MV 2.97 Benefits

Gloshine MV series
Intelligent self-calibrating moduleEnsures outstanding color consistency
Latest hub card connectorsSupports advanced connectivity options
Self-clip maskFacilitates easy and quick replacement, with better flatness
Front maintenance of magnetic moduleEnables easy and quick maintenance from the front
Curved cabinet designAllows for easy and quick assembly of concave and convex screens
Installation by one personSaves time and labor costs by enabling single-person installation
Anti-bump designProtects LEDs perfectly from impact
High-quality LED chipsOffers large angles, good flatness, low anti-static intensities, low attenuation, and high wavelength stability
Thinner and lighter LED cabinetReduces transportation costs
500 x 500 cabinet designAllows for easy assembly of different sizes
Die-casting aluminum cabinetsAre lightweight, easy to transport, and offer good stability with little maintenance and a seamless surface
High-quality PCB boardIncreases service life
Unique processing methodCounters electromagnetic waves and employs distribution scanning technology

Gloshine MV 2.6 and 2.9 parameters:

Pixel Spacing (mm)2.6mm2.97mm
Pixel Density (points/m²)147,456112,896
Pixel Configuration1R1G1B1R1G1B
LED Lamp Packaging FormSMD1515SMD2020
Gray Level>14-16bit>14-16bit
Refresh Frequency (Hz)>3840>3840
Display Brightness (cd/m²)1200-1500nits / 1500-1800nits1200-1500nits / 1500-1800nits
Module Size (mm*mm)250*250250*250
Cabinet MaterialDie-cast Aluminum BoxDie-cast Aluminum Box
Cabinet Size500*500*78mm500*500*78mm
Panel Resolution192*192 pixels168*168 pixels
Power Input VoltageAC210~230VAC210~230V
Drive ModeConstant Current Drive Power SupplyConstant Current Drive Power Supply
Scanning Method1/161/21
Horizontal Viewing Angle (Deg)160160
Vertical Viewing Angle (Deg)140140
Protection LevelIP30IP30
Working Temperature Range (℃)-40~ +50-40~ +50

Why Choose Gloshine MV Series LED Display?

Gloshine MV series

Display Effect

High uniformity

Gloshine MV 2.97and Gloshine MV 2.97 has very high color uniformity.

Good Flatness

The surface of the LED module mounting should be controlled within 0.1 mm.

Good display

The display will be clearer with the non-linear spot-correcting technology.

Easy to use

The Gloshine MV series system is operated very conveniently, as the computer-edited content can be viewed on the card.

Long Service Life

Gloshine Technology uses high-quality light emitting components for the main display material and its own R&D design of circuit boards to ensure that the product will last more longer service life.

High resolution

There are 2.38mm,2.6mm,2.97mm and 3.47mm pitches available, high-definition images, and vibrant colors.

Gloshine MV series

Wide viewing angle

The large 140deg viewing angle is ideal for areas with a wide horizontal distribution, and a high height drop.

High image quality

The video is smooth, realistic, and vivid thanks to the non-linear correction technique.

Good Function

Stable performance

Gloshine MV series is more stable because of its unique anti-electromagnetic wave processing. LED screens are more durable and reliable when they use distributed scanning technology.

Real-time Transmission

Supports DVI HDMI HD/SD/HD mode. High-definition SDI is suitable for indoor live environments and video recording programs like VCD or DVD.

Good Flatness

Use unique masks to match ink colors, so the contrast is high.

Seamless stitching

Gloshine’s kit design is simple to install and limits the splicing errors between modules to 0.1mm. It can be made in any shape to suit the user’s needs.

High-quality Material

Gloshine MV series using special chip design. Very high brightness, large tilt angle.

Gloshine MV series

Compatible with asynchronous

Supports both synchronous and asynchronous controls at the same. The display and playback can continue to be normal even if the control computer fails.

No restrictions on the format

The customer can organize any image format arbitrarily, whether it is a video or text image. 

PCB Board Stability

Wave soldering is used to protect the circuit from oxidation. 

PCB Protection

After being coated with transparent protective films, the circuit boards and equipment can be protected from corrosion caused by bad environments. These films have excellent moisture resistance, and insulation aging properties, and are sealed against dust corona impact corrosion.

Shock Test

Before shipping, the LED display cabinet will be tested for its anti-seismic properties, to ensure that it is not damaged during long-distance transport.

Simple maintenance

Gloshine Technology adopts LED modular design that has a stable display effect and is easier to install and maintain.

Gloshine MV 2.6


Gloshie MV series is an indoor high-definition LED display, professionally used in stage and virtual photography. The pixel pitch covers small and medium pitches. It can be spliced with CF series flexible curved LED screens and CL series cylindrical LED screens. 

If you are looking for the best cost-effective XR LED screen, there is no doubt that used Gloshie MV series is an excellent option. As a reliable used LED video panel provider, IAMLEDWALL not only provides stock LED displays, we can also offer high-quality XR LED video wall and help you solve XR applications. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in more information.