Do I Need Air Conditioning for LED display?

LED display screen consists of LED beads and electronic devices. If the LED screen runs for a long time, it will produce heat. So according to your installation environment and the size of the screen area, you need to install fans and air conditioners. 

You can effectively protect the LED screen through timely cooling. Therefore, when we install the LED screen, there is often a problem- does all the LED display need to install air conditioning?

In response to this question, we need to consider the LED installation environment and the size of the LED size.

Indoor LED screen situation:

For indoor LED display screens, you basically do not need to install air conditioning. Because the indoor LED display of the working environment is usually around 20 ℃, even in the hot summer, air conditioning will often be installed in the indoor other place, it can reduce the high temperature, so the full-color indoor LED display can keep the temperature in the normal safety range through the natural heat dissipation.

Outdoor LED screen situation:

Outdoor LED display need to resist harsh environment like wind and sun, and the appearance of the LED is usually black, and easy to absorb heat, so outdoor LED display need to keep a good heat dissipation.

For those Outdoor LED screens installed in high-temperature environment, in summer, even if the outdoor LED display is off, its surface temperature can reach about 60 ℃. When the LED display is running, if there are no effective heat dissipation methods, the internal working temperature of the LED display will rise rapidly, which may seriously cause fire and other problems, so you need to do a good job of cooling measures to ensure that a variety of LED display components life and safety.

Different area outdoor LED screen cooling measures:

Less than 20 square meters LED display

In general, If outdoor advertising LED screen is below 20 square meter, you can use fans to dissipate heat.


300mm exhaust fan cooling, fan power size by the size of the installation space to determine.

More than 20 square LED display

If the LED display area is more than 20 square meters, we recommend installing air conditioning. But if your ventilation cooling is relatively good, you can also consider fan cooling. 

If your LED display installation location is close to the wall, we recommend that you choose the fan according to the size of the area.


  • Fan installation location in the screen on the side of the top of the screen 
  • Ensure that there is a net outside the fan, in order to prevent the LED technician’s clothes and other things sucked into the fan
  • Please install outlet shutters to keep good waterproof. 

For example: 

If installing 80 square p10 LED display, you should need to install 6 sets of axial fan diameter of about 500mm.

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If installing wall-mounted LED display, you can consider installing air conditioning, but you need to ensure that the air conditioning host is firmly installed, does not affect the overall appearance of the wall. Air conditioner size, generally available 1.5P, 2P and 3P air conditioners.

If it is column outdoor LED display, the area is not large, you can also use the fan cooling, fan mounted against the top of the aluminum composite panel and keep waterproofing.

 If it is a double-column LED display, the bottom position of the double column makes a few ventilation holes, the bottom is the air intake, and the fan on top of the air exhaust, it will make the heat dissipation effect better.

If you still want to install air conditioning, the purchase cost will increase, and the cooling effect will be worse than the fan. In addition, you must consider the air conditioning unit installed in what place, whether it is hung on the column or hung on the back, and whether it can guarantee a beautiful appearance.

Estimation method of outdoor LED display air conditioning specifications

P10 Outdoor LED billboard

When estimating outdoor LED display air conditioning specifications, you need to estimate the internal heat dissipation of the LED display screen and understand the cooling capacity of the air conditioner (specifications).

On the cooling capacity of the air conditioner, the current market is used to measure the “watt”. there are common 6 kinds of air cooling capacity: 2500 watts, 3500 watts, 5000 watts, 6000 watts, 7000 watts, 12000 watts:

You can estimate LED display screen internal heat dissipation like this:

The industry usually sets the photoelectric conversion efficiency of LED lamps for 20% -30% (estimated), so the total thermal power consumption of the LED screen can be estimated as 70% of the total power consumption. Total thermal power consumption and then deduct natural dissipation heat (about 20%), the rest is the internal heat dissipation, accounting for about 50% of the total power consumption.

If the average power consumption of an outdoor LED display is 450W /SQM, the area of 50 square meters. Then the total average power consumption of the display is 22.5KW, according to 50% of the thermal power conversion rate, the inside heat generation is about 11KW.

But we also need to take into account the structure of the outdoor LED display.

Outdoor LED display internal width are generally between 0.8-1 meters, about 1/3 of the height of an ordinary residential room (2.8-3 meters), that is, the same area, the volume of the internal space of the LED display is only 1/3 of the volume of an ordinary residential room.

 According to the experience, the ordinary residential room as a reference, the cooling capacity of the air conditioner can be enhanced about 3 times (due to the smaller space), therefore, the cooling capacity of 2500W is equivalent to 7500W in an ordinary room.

So after calculating the heat dissipation inside the screen body is 11KW, then we can choose two 2500W air conditioning (equivalent to 2 * 7500W). In the Normal case, we suggest the actual cooling capacity of the air conditioning is more than the internal heat dissipation of the screen body 40-50% because you also consider the elimination of sunlight heat. 

Simply summarize, the outdoor LED display air conditioning specifications estimation method is the following steps:

  • Estimate the heat generated within a unit of time inside the LED screen: Q = average power consumption per square * display area * 0.5;
  • Use the Q / 3 value to compare the air conditioning in the ordinary space cooling capacity ( 2500W, 3500W …)
  • Select the appropriate air conditioning specifications and the number
  • Under normal circumstances, the air conditioner is required to be larger than the cooling capacity of Q / 3 40-50%.

As mentioned earlier that 50 square meter LED display, air conditioning specifications calculation: Q = 11kw, Q / 3 ≈ 3.6kw, then you can choose 2 PCS 2500w air conditioning, a total of 5000w. It just is 4 0% larger than 3600w.


Cooling equipment plays an important role in the LED screen project, especially in outdoor high-temperature environments, if the cooling equipment is not good, it will inevitably cause damage to the LED display. If your outdoor LED display area is larger than 20 square meters, you can install both exhaust fans and air conditioners. 

According to the ambient temperature to adjust the cooling method, when the temperature reaches above 40°C, the air conditioner will be turned on and the exhaust fan will be turned off, and when the temperature is less than 40°C, the exhaust fan will be turned on and the air conditioner will be turned off.