Top 10 China Indoor Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Manufacturers 2024

Are you looking for a reliable small pixel LED display manufacturer? Maybe you already know about the 10 top LED display manufacturers in China, but they don’t always focus on small-pitch LED displays. Based on supplier’s manufacturing capabilities, price, service experience and other factors, We will list the top 10 China small pixel LED display manufacturers so that you can quickly choose a suitable one.

What is Small Pixel Pitch LED Display?

Small-pitch LED displays refer to indoor LED displays with pixel pitch below 2.5mm, mainly including P2.5, P2.083, P1.923, P1.8, P1.667, P1.5, and P1. 25. P1.0 and other LED display products.

Advantages of Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

Here’s the advantages of fine-pitch LED displays compared to DLP rear-projection displays:

Seamless DisplayFine-pitch LED screens offer a completely seamless viewing experience, with no visible gaps between display units.
Superior Color PerformanceCompared to DLP technology, Direct-emission LED screens have better color representation , and provide more natural and true-to-life colors.
Uniformity in Color and BrightnessLED displays maintain better uniformity in color and brightness across the screen, whereas DLP displays may suffer from inconsistency due to unit variation.
Long-term StabilityOver time, LED screens can maintain more consistent color and brightness levels without the increase in visible gaps and inconsistencies that affect DLP screens.
Maintenance and CalibrationFine-pitch LED displays come with mature point-by-point correction technology, allowing for easy and effective one-time calibration of the entire screen after extended use.
Minimal Impact on Display PixelsUnlike DLP displays, which lose at least one display pixel due to the inevitable 1mm gap between units, LED screens do not suffer from this issue.

Development status of China’s small-pitch LED screens in 2023

In 2023, China’s small-pitch LED display market experienced notable developments despite mixed results. The shipment area of these displays increased by 17%, indicating strong demand for high-density, fine-pitch LED screens. This growth underscores the attractiveness of the technology for its seamless display capabilities and superior color performance. However, revenue did not meet expectations, falling 6% year over year. RUNTO Technology’s report highlighted a total sales revenue of 15.5 billion yuan and a shipment area of 1.084 million square meters.

The market faced challenges, especially in the low-end sectors in smaller cities, where demand dropped significantly compared to 2022. This downturn was attributed to a slower-than-expected economic recovery and an increase in upstream supply chain costs, which the low-end market struggled to absorb.

In terms of price, the average market price for small-pitch LED displays fell to 14,300 yuan per square meter, with a notable 42% price reduction for products with a pitch of 1.5 mm or less by the fourth quarter of 2023. This decline reflects the oversupply situation and the industry’s continuous improvement in yield rates and supply chain expansion.

At the product level, there was a significant increase in the shipment share of products with a pitch between 1.6mm and 1.1mm, driven in part by the adoption of chip-on-board (COB) technology, particularly in the ultra-fine pitch (≤1.0mm) segments, where COB accounted for over 40% of the market share.

The end-use applications of small-pitch LED displays expanded, with the fastest growth observed in information sharing scenarios. By the end of 2023, these applications accounted for more than half of the shipments, marking a shift toward broader use cases beyond traditional video conferencing environments. This trend is expected to continue, pushing small-pitch LED displays into more diverse and innovative applications.

RUNTO Technology forecasts that by 2024, China’s small-pitch LED display market size will reach 16.3 billion yuan, up 4.9% year-on-year, with a 6.2% increase in shipment area to 1.15 million square meters. This optimistic outlook points to the continued growth and adoption of small-pitch LED technology in various industries, reinforcing its position as a key player in the high-end display market.

In the above content, we mainly introduced the advantages of small-pitch screens and the development situation in China, but do you know which are the best small-pitch LED screen manufacturers in China?

Top 10 China small pixel LED display manufacturers

Leyard Group

Founded in 1995, Leyard Group is a global leader in visual effects technology. Renowned for its expertise in small-pitch LED screens, Leyard holds significant market share, standing among China’s top 10 brands. Leyard’s success is reflected in its 153+ billion RMB total assets and its position as a key player in the LED display industry.

Key Company Advantages:

  • Established in 1995
  • Leading position in small-pitch LED market
  • 6000+ global workforce
  • Market value: 200-400 billion RMB
  • 29 domestic and 21 overseas holding enterprises
  • 4000+ distribution partners

Their small pixel LED displays Advantages:

Smaller Size, Less MaterialUsing chips under 100um (80um, 60um, 40um), the smaller the chip, the lower the price under the same spacing conditions.
Skip 3-in-1 PackagingMass transfer is not only hundreds of times faster than COB technology but also skips the SMD packaging, significantly increasing efficiency.
Higher PixelsSmaller spacing means higher definition, from P0.9 to P0.7 to P0.4, the industry’s smallest commercial pitch so far, with clear advantages in mass transfer below P0.9.
More Energy EfficientThe use of energy-saving driver chips, it can save an average of 50% energy reduces the risk of screen burn-in. You will get benefit from daily maintenance and screen lifespan.

Their small pixel LED displays:

  • VDS series: Newly designed COB small pitch LED display
  • VCS series: Indoor COB full-color LED cabinet
  • TK series: indoor small pixel COB LED display
  • VHC27 series: a new generation of indoor full-color LED display
  • TK series: full-color indoor LED cabinet
  • VHC32F: indoor LED display
  • TK series: TKS full color LED cabinet
  • TXU Series: Next Generation Display Technology Micro LED
  • CV18 Series-Outdoor: Outdoor LED Display
  • TXF series: front maintenance micro pixel LED display
  • VHD27F series: full front service module
  • MG series (COB flip-chip version): COB full flip-chip small-pitch LED display
  • VHC27F series: a new generation of full-color indoor LED display
  • TVS series: a new generation of small-pitch LED display
  • AKS cabinet: full-color indoor LED cabinet
  • LYD-Q series: full color COB indoor screen
  • AT series: small pixel LED display
  • TXS series: high-end small pixel LED display
  • HKS cabinet: full-color indoor small pixel LED cabinet
  • CV18 Series-Indoor: Indoor LED display
  • TXS Series: small-pitch and micro-pitch LED display
  • TXC series: curved small pitch and micro pitch LED display
  • MG series: general small pixel LED display

Unilumin Technology

Unilumin Technology is a leading high-tech company specializing in LED displays and lighting solutions. Established in October 2004 and listed in 2011 (Stock Code: 300232), the company has a leading position in small pixel LED display export for six consecutive years, with a vast manufacturing base exceeding 300,000 square meters. 

Why Choose Unilumin Technology Fine Pitch LED Display:

ProtectionTheir COB packaging provides superior protection for LED screens.
Image QualityTheir Fine Pitch LED display Offers high-quality display performance with vibrant colors and high contrast.
LifespanEnhanced durability and longer product life due to advanced technology.
Weather ResistanceExcellent performance in various outdoor conditions.
Stability“All-inverted RGB Micro-level chip + proprietary die-bonding mixing algorithm” reduces failure risk and enhances brightness and thermal management.
Non-reflective and Mark-resistantSpecial treatment technologies ensure a non-reflective surface and leave no marks upon touch.
High ContrastEBL+ optical processing technology achieves up to 30,000:1 contrast ratio for purer colors.
Energy Saving and Eye ProtectionAdapts to UOS system for high color fidelity and fine display, with smart energy-saving features. Certified for carbon peak and neutrality.
Production ScaleOwns the world’s largest LED display screen smart manufacturing base, leading in fully automated and intelligent production with a capacity of 2000KK/month. Plans to increase COB capacity by 30% annually.
Full Industry CoverageComprehensive coverage from chip, substrate, packaging, driving, to system integration, with applications spanning across smart cities, conference terminals, control centers, outdoor 3D, and more.
Technological InnovationContinuous investment in R&D and innovation, keeping pace with consumer upgrades and emerging application markets.

Their small pixel LED displays:




Established in 2003, Shenzhen Liantronics (Stock Code: 300269) is a leading Chinese LED display supplier, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011. With over 1300 employees, the company specializes in R&D, manufacturing, and solutions for high-end small pixel LED displays and control systems. 

Key Highlights:

  • Innovation: Pioneering 10 industry-first technologies and 43 innovative “black tech” solutions.
  • Global Presence: Operating in 200+ countries with 5 regional marketing centers and numerous overseas offices.
  • Industry Recognition: Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, military, and international events like the FIFA World Cup and NBA.
  • Product Lines: Offers a range of small Pixel LED displays for command monitoring, retail, broadcasting, outdoor advertising, sports events, and stage performances.
  • Quality Leadership: Maintains industry-leading product quality with 432 quality standards covering production processes.
  • Manufacturing Excellence: It has a cutting-edge production facility, Liantronics (Huizhou) Technology Park, with a monthly production capacity of 15,000 square meters and an annual output value of 20 billion.
  • Towards the Future: Launched the “Sunshine Plan” in 2020, focusing on nationwide dealer expansion and mutual growth.
  • Core Values: Upholds a business philosophy of “Product + Service” and values of “Innovation, Sunshine, Struggle, and Gratitude.”

Company Highlights:

  • Founded: 2003
  • Stock Code: 300269
  • Employees: 1300+
  • Applications: 40,000+
  • Presence: 200+ countries and regions
  • Manufacturing Facility: Liantronics (Huizhou) Technology Park
  • Monthly Capacity: 15,000 sqm
  • Annual Output: 20 billion

List of Key Advantages:

  • Industry-leading innovation
  • Global market presence
  • Diverse product lines
  • Military-grade quality
  • Strategic manufacturing location in the Greater Bay Area
  • Proven track record with Fortune 500 clients and international events
  • Comprehensive after-sales service network
  • Recognized as a national high-tech enterprise
  • Create a full-process COB micro-pitch LED display manufacturing chain and achieve large-scale mass production and chip-level rework.

Their small pixel LED displays Advantages:

Mini Pitch SeriesMini pitch LED screens with distances as small as 0.7mm, suitable for mass production.
IMD TechnologyImproves protection and solves the industry problem of small pitch products being easily damaged.
Co-Cathode TechnologySignificantly reduces the amount of heat produced by the screen, leading to lower operating costs.
Product LinesIncludes the VF series with a 0.9mm pitch, VAII 1.2, and METAGO smart display conference terminal.
  • VT series III series 
  • VA II series (front/rear maintenance) 
  • VA series 
  • VF series 
  • VA MIN series

Cedar Electronic Technology

Established in 2001, Cedar Electronic Technology is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in LED display and lighting innovation. The company has an automated COB integration base, recognized for technological impact, awards, and green practices. Cedar Electronic is good at COB technology research, holds 332 patents, and pioneers globally recognized products like the inverted COB display series, achieving mass production of P0.7-P2.5 and introducing the world’s first P0.4 2K invertible COB display in December 2020.

Key Highlights:

  • Founded: 2001
  • Headquarters: Changchun, China
  • Subsidiaries: Beijing, Hangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen
  • Patents: 332, including 5 Chinese Patent Excellence Awards
  • Awards: Jilin Province Science and Technology First Prize
  • Innovations: Inverted COB display series, global-first P0.4 2K COB display
  • Industry Recognition: Drafting group standards for COB LED displays
  • R&D Strength: Core team includes experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, leading in COB integration for over 20 years.
  • Facilities: Automated COB integration base with modern production and management practices.
  • Contributions: Undertaker of national key R&D projects, including the “Twelfth,” “Eleventh,” and “Thirteenth” Five-Year Plans.

Their small pixel LED displays:

  • Flip-chip COB small-pitch series
  •  ultra-high-definition LED smart 
  • all-in-one Mini/Micro HD TV display


Founded in 2001, Absen is a global leader in LED display solutions. With headquarters in Shenzhen and 18 overseas subsidiaries, including the Absen USA, Germany, Japan, and others, the company has become a renowned small pixel LED display manufacturer, which is committed to providing high-quality LED display and professional services.

Key Highlights:

  • Establishment: 2001
  • Global Presence: Operations in 140+ countries, with 18 international subsidiaries.
  • Awards: Recognized as a “China Well-Known Trademark” and a “National High-Tech Enterprise.”
  • Certifications: ISO9001, ISO14001, QC080000, ISO45001 certified. CE, ETL, EMC, and other international certifications.
  • Applications: Specialized in advertising, stage, commercial, data visualization, meeting, and consumer displays. Over 50,000 successful applications, including Hollywood, Disney, World Cup, NBA, and large-scale media events.
  • Core Values: Integrity, gratitude, responsibility. Adheres to the principles of honesty, sincerity, and loyalty, with a focus on quality as the lifeblood of the company.
  • Team: Over 2000 employees worldwide.
  • Listed: Shenzhen Stock Exchange A-share with Stock Code: 300389.
  • Internationalization: A global perspective with a high-quality international team.

Their small pixel LED displays:

Commercial LED display

  • A27 V3 series
  • A27 Pro series
  • A27 Plus series
  • NX series
  • N Plus Series
  • K Plus series
  • CP series

Data visualization

  • Clear Cobalt Series
  • COB series
  • HCM V2 series
  • HC Ⅱ series

Ledman Optoelectronic

Founded in 2004, Ledman is a global leader in LED ultra-high-definition LED displays and a pioneer in COB LED display technology. As China’s first LED display listed company, With a focus on COB LED technology, Ledman dominates the COB LED display market and played a key role in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony. Ledman is committed to advancing 5G+8K+AI, constructing smart city platforms, and providing cutting-edge LED display solutions for various applications.

Key Highlights:

  • Established: 2004
  • Expertise: Global leader in UHD LED displays, COB LED display technology, and 8K LED giant screens.
  • Strategic Partnerships: China’s aerospace strategic partner, and producer for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony.
  • Product Ecosystem: Specializes in 8K Micro UHD LED displays, intelligent meeting/education screens, home giant screens, and LED smart lighting.
  • Market Leadership: Leading market share in the COB LED display market.
  • Innovation: Introduced the world’s first PM-driven glass-based Micro LED display.
  • Awards: Recognized as Shenzhen Manufacturing Industry Single Champion Product.
  • Recent Highlights: Unveiled 8K 163-inch Micro LED giant screens and upgraded home giant LED display with 100% screen occupancy.

Their small pixel LED displays:

  • LEDMAN ultra-HD screen
  • LEDMAN smart conference/education interactive LED screen
  • LEDMAN ultra HD home giant screen


Established in 1993, AOTO is a leading intelligent visual solution provider. As a globally renowned small pixel LED display provider, The company offers one-stop intelligent fine pitch LED display for film and television, finance and communications, leasing and sports, advertising business, digital content, smart education, government and enterprises, light arts, culture and tourism and other industries.

The latest Mini LED technology developed by AOTO, has the characteristics of smaller LED crystal particles, more stable solidity of the LED screen, better sealing and optical design, and solves the problem of easy damage of ultra-small pixel LED displays and COB LED display at one time cannot be repaired on site and other problems, such as surface ink color and display bright color consistency. 

Advantages of Their mini LED displays:

  • Ultra-high integration
  • Super high contrast
  • Better overall screen robustness
  • Better sealing and optical design
  • Highly integrated 4-in-1 micro LED packaging technology

Key Highlights:

  • Founding Year: 1993
  • Listing Year: 2011 (Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Stock Code: 002587)
  • Global Presence: 19 subsidiaries, including 5 overseas.
  • Employees: Over 1100, with 30+ years of development.
  • Industry Focus: Intelligent visual solutions for film, finance, communication, rental, sports, advertising, education, government, and art & tourism.
  • Customer Base: Long-term partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, major sports events, and national banks.
  • Innovation: Emphasis on technology innovation, including a dedicated research institute – AOTO Intelligent Visual Technology Research Institute.
  • Patents: Over 1880 patent applications, with 1360+ granted patents and software copyrights.
  • Awards: Recognized with various awards, including 3 China Patent Excellence Awards, 3 Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Awards, and 2 German IF Design Awards.
  • Certifications: National High-Tech Enterprise, National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise.
  • Development Centers: Provincial-level “Engineering Technology Center” and “Industrial Design Center.”

Dongguan HCP Technology 

Established in 2018, Headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong, Dongguan HCP Technology is a leading company specializing in the research, production, and sales of Mini/Micro LED application products. With a complete industry chain covering LED chip processing, transfer, packaging, and LED module, the company is a leader in Mini/Micro LED display technology and innovation.

The company stands out for its technological prowess, commitment to customer satisfaction, and advancements in the Mini/Micro LED industry.

Key Highlights:

  • Location: Dongguan, Guangdong, China
  • Focus: R&D, production, and sales of Mini/Micro LED application products.
  • Technological Expertise: Leading in Mini & Micro LED epitaxy, chip, QD full-color, AR/VR, and COB production technologies.
  • Patents: Over 200 patents, showcasing a commitment to innovation.
  • Production Speed: Industry-leading mass transfer equipment with a speed of 2 million chips per hour.
  • Yield Rate: Mass transfer yield rate exceeding 99.999%.
  • Philosophy: Customer-centric, growth-oriented partnership, commitment to openness and inclusivity.
  • Specialization: Professional Mini & Micro LED display module manufacturer

Their small pixel LED displays:

  • C1 Series Mini & Micro LED display
  • C2 Series Mini & Micro LED display
  • H1 Series Mini & Micro LED display


Voury is a pioneer in Micro LED display control systems, and focuses on R&D, production, and sales of mini LED module and splicing LCD display. The company has led in technological innovations, defining the Micro LED 8K display era since 2018. With a commitment to integrity, excellence, and customer-centricity, Voury provides cutting-edge SMD and COB micro-pitch LED display units, LCD display units, and DLP display solutions for diverse industries.

Key Highlights:

  • Specialization: Micro LED and LCD display units, splicing control products
  • Technological Expertise: COB and SMD Micro LED display units, advanced control processors, cloud processors
  • Innovation: Defined Micro LED HD display systems in 2014, pioneered 8K Micro LED splicing control in 2022
  • Global Impact: Provides tailored solutions for government, security, conferences, and military applications

Their small pixel LED displays:

  • Fine pitch COB LED display
  • Small pixel LED display
  • Conference fine pitch LED display

Sansi LED

Established in 1993, Shanghai Sansi has been a pioneer in LED technology. With 2500+ employees and a 360,000㎡ R&D base, it offers LED displays, lighting, and integrated solutions. Sansi’s small pitch LED displays are prominent in global landmarks, showcasing innovation. 

Key Points:

  • Established: 1993
  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Workforce: 2500+
  • R&D Base Area: 360,000㎡
  • Patents: 880+
  • Awards: National High-Tech Enterprise, Shanghai Brand
  • Focus: LED Displays, Lighting, Integrated Solutions

Their small pixel LED displays:

COB indoor small pitch LED screen

Outdoor small pitch LED screen


We have listed the top 10 China small pixel pitch LED display suppliers, they can provide high-quality fine pitch LED displays, but each one has its own advantages. If you need more options, you can also consider IAMLEDWALL, we are very good at small to medium-scale small pitch LED display projects, including Conference room, command center, broadcast hall, hotel lobby, etc. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.


What are the main differences between COB and SMD small pitch LED displays?

COB (Chip-on-Board) and SMD (Surface Mount Device) are two different packaging technologies in LED displays. COB integrates chips directly on the PCB, while SMD involves soldering LED chips onto the board. Key differences include stability, heat dissipation, pressure resistance, moisture/dust/static protection, wide viewing angles, and anti-noise lens technology.

What advantages are COB better than SMD small pitch LED displays?

COB small pitch LED displays, not requiring reflow soldering, avoid issues like separation between supports and epoxy resin during high-temperature soldering, reducing the occurrence of dead pixels. The use of lens encapsulation enhances product protection, improving stability.

How do COB and SMD small pitch LED displays differ in terms of heat dissipation?

COB small pitch LED displays dissipate heat through the entire PCB area, whereas SMD small pitch LED displays have a smaller heat dissipation area, leading to concentrated chip heat, potential light decay, and dead pixel issues. COB’s advantage lies in extending the display’s lifespan.

Is COB more resilient and durable compared to SMD?

COB’s integrated packaging, with LED chips securely fixed on the PCB, results in a smooth surface that is more resistant to impacts and wear. In contrast, SMD’s protruding structure makes it susceptible to dead pixels and light loss due to pressure or contact.

How do COB and SMD small pitch LED displays differ in moisture/dust/static protection?

COB small pitch LED displays use panel encapsulation, eliminating exposed LED footprints and offering moisture, dust, and static protection. Conversely, SMD, with exposed solder pads, is prone to short circuits when exposed to water and challenges in cleaning due to uneven surfaces.

What advantages does COB have over SMD small pitch LED displays in terms of viewing angles?

With integrated encapsulation, COB small pitch displays do not require protective masks, resulting in wider left-to-right viewing angles of up to 160°, whereas SMD, due to factors like cupped encapsulation and inaccuracies in the patch process, has a narrower viewing angle.

How does COB address the issue of small pitch LED displays?

COB packaging addresses the challenges of small pitch LED displays, with product lines concentrated below P1.25, such as P1.25, P0.9, P0.6. Smaller pitch sizes offer higher resolutions, enhancing image clarity and quality.

How do COB and SMD small pitch displays differ in anti-noise lens technology?

COB COB small pitch display selects chips with minimal wavelength differences and employs unique optical lens technology, resulting in imperceptible differences in brightness and color between pixels, eliminating image noise. SMD, with a wider chip wavelength span, may exhibit small color noise in each pixel.