Novastar Vs. Colorlight LED: Top 5 China LED Display Control System & Video Processor Suppliers

Nowadays, large LED video wall can be seen everywhere in our lives, from indoor conference rooms LED display, outdoor advertising LED screens to event stage LED display, etc., but do you know the brand of LED control system behind them? With the development of LED screens, China has also produced a number of excellent LED control system manufacturers, such as:

Mainstream LED control systems

  • Nova Technology
  • Colorlight
  • Linsn Technology, etc.

Video processors

  • Vdwall
  • RGBLINk, etc.

Today we’ll briefly introduce these providers. Before listing the top LED control system manufacturers, let us first understand some knowledge. What are the differences and characteristics of different LED control systems?

LED display synchronous control system:

LED display synchronization control system controls the working mode of the LED screen, which is equivalent to a computer monitor. It maps the image on the computer monitor in real time at an update rate of at least 60 frames/second, usually with multi-grayscale color display and achieve multimedia advertising effects. It is mainly used to display video, graphics, notifications and other information in real time.


  • Real-time performance: The system provides instant display updates, making it ideal for environments where timely display of information is critical.
  • Rich Expressiveness: The system can display complex and dynamic content, offering a wide range of visual presentations.
  • Complex Operations: The system is more complicated to manage and operate than asynchronous systems.
  • High cost: Due to its advanced features and capabilities, the synchronous control system comes at a higher price.
  • Direct synchronization with computer monitors: The displayed content is directly synchronized with computer monitors, which means that when the computer is turned off, the LED display will not display any content. This limits the operating time of the display.
  • Usage: Mainly used where high real-time responsiveness is required,such as indoor or outdoor full-color LED displays.

LED display asynchronous control system:

LED display asynchronous control system is also called the LED display offline control system or offline card. The LED display information is edited by the computer, and is pre-installed into the frame memory of the LED display through the RS232/485 serial port, and then displayed and played in a loop, with rich and varied display methods.


  • Simple operation: The system is user-friendly and easier to manage, making it accessible to a wider range of users.
  • Affordable price: It is less expensive than its synchronous counterpart, providing a budget-friendly option for LED display control.
  • Widespread use: Due to its simplicity and affordability, the asynchronous control system is used in a variety of settings.
  • Regional control capability: Enables segmented control of the display screen, i.e. the content can be different from what is displayed on the computer monitor.
  • Pre-editing and sending to control board: Content is first edited on a computer and then sent to the control board for display. This allows the LED display to continue displaying content even when the computer is turned off.
  • Limited playback content volume: The amount of information that can be displayed is limited by the storage capacity of the control card.
  • Usage: Suitable for locations where real-time performance is not a critical requirement,such as display various texts, symbols, graphics or animations.

List of Top 5 LED Display Control System & Video Processor Suppliers in China



Novastar was founded in 2008, headquartered in Xi’an. It is now one of the world’s leading LED display control systems service providers. With algorithms as the core and software and hardware as the carrier, the company provides more than 4,000 customers with full-link solutions from video processing to display control.

Their products Application

  • conferences
  • advertising media
  • stage performances
  • virtual studios
  • traffic guidance
  • commercial displays
  • radio and television systems
  • high-end displays, etc.

Main benefits and important information:

Strong innovation ability: With its continuously increasing innovation ability, Novastar has more than 1,000 independent intellectual property rights in the fields of LED display control, video processing, cloud services, etc., and has been awarded multiple national intellectual property demonstration enterprises and national specialization and special innovation ” “Little Giant” enterprise and other honors.

Support for major global events: From the 2008 Beijing Olympics to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Qatar World Cup, etc., Nova Technology has always played an important role in major global events, providing reliable control solutions for these activities.

Global layout: Novastar has 29 China service outlets and 8 foreign service outlets around the world.

Professional service capabilities: Based on complete delivery capabilities and professional services, Novastar has won the trust of global customers and has become one of the most highly respected LED control system service providers in the industry.

LED Control System

  • 8K Modular Designed LED Processor: MX6000 Pro & MX2000 Pro
  • 5G+8K UHD LED Display Solution:CX80 Pro & CX40 Pro / CA50E / VMP
  • 4K resolution: MCTRL R5, MCTRL4K
  • 1080p resolution:MCTRL700,MCTRL600,MCTRL660​,MCTRL660 PRO
  • 1.3 Million resolution: MSD300, MCTRL300
  • Receiving Card: Armor,MRV Series


  • Video Controller:NovaPro UHD,NovaPro UHD Jr,VX1000/VX600/VX400
  • AV over IP System; MG Series
  • Media Server:ET4000/ET2000-G
  • Switcher:N9,J6
  • Event Controller: C1
  • Video Splicing Processor: H Series
  • Video Processor: HDR Master 4K
  • Accessories: VE7


  • LED Playback Control Processor
  • Taurus Ultra: Multi-Media Player
  • Taurus Series: MBOX600



Founded in 2012, Colorlight is a comprehensive video image solution provider focusing on video processing algorithms and hardware devices. The company has more than 1,000 employees, including more than 400 people in the R&D team, composed of senior experts and first-class teams from top universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University. Colorlight’s products are widely used in XR virtual shooting, smart cities, celebrations, large-scale events, performing arts stages, TV studios, business centers and other fields, providing image and video solutions to users around the world.

The company’s product system is mainly divided into three categories:

  • LED display control system
  • Video processing equipment
  • Cloud network player

Main advantages and information:

  • Date of establishment: 2021.
  • Company location: Headquartered in Shenzhen, it also has service outlets in Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Chengdu, the United States, the Netherlands and other places. 
  • Company size: It has more than 1,000 employees, including more than 400 people in the R&D team.
  • Industry application: It is widely used in XR virtual shooting, smart cities, celebrations, large-scale events and other fields.
  • Core technology: Possess core technologies in the fields of optical algorithms, image processing, cloud network playback, control systems, programmable logic and chip design.
  • Product Matrix: Provides LED display control systems, video processing equipment, cloud network players and other products.
  • Full-link solution: Provides professional comprehensive solutions in the field of video images, covering functions such as display control, editing and processing, and transmission analysis.


  • Video splicer: X100 Pro, X100, D16/D9, V8
  • Super video processor, Z8t, Z6 PRO-G2, Z5/Z4 Pro
  • Professional video processor, VX10/VX6, X40m/X20m, X26m, X20/X16E/X8E, X12, X7/X6/X4e, X4m/X2m,
  • Distributed system, XD50-4K/XD50-A
  • Transmitter: S20/S20F, S6F/S4/S2
  • Receiving series: 5G transmission series, i10/i9+/i8/i5+, K10/K9+/K8/K5+, E320/E120/E80, 5A-75E/5A-75B
  • Accessories: H10FN/H10FN2/H10Fix/H2F, OP4/OP1
  • Monitoring type configuration: XH6
  • Professional screen matching software: LEDVISION, LEDUpgrade
  • Player: A200/A100, A35, A4K/A2K
  • Multimedia broadcast control server: CS16K, CS20-8K/CS20-8K Pro, CS4K/CS4K Pro, CS4K G2


  • Radio and television studio IP 
  • Ultra-large resolution LED display
  • XR virtual LED Wall
  • Creative LED display 
  • 3D LED display 
  • COB screen calibration 
  • Smart light pole LED screen 
  • Vehicle advertising LED screen 
  • All-in-one conference machine 

Linsn Technology


Founded in 2000, Linsn Technology is a leading LED control systems company in China. The products cover full-color synchronization, full-color lighting, full-color asynchronous, two-color synchronization and other products, which have been widely used by domestic and foreign LED manufacturers for a long time.

Main advantages:

  • Established: 2000
  • Technical strength: the leading level in the field of LED control systems and has independent intellectual property rights.
  • Product range: including full-color synchronization, full-color lighting, full-color asynchronous, two-color synchronization and other LED control system products.
  • Market share: The products have been used by domestic and foreign LED manufacturers for a long time, occupying a wide range of markets.
  • Service attitude: flexible development, production and sales methods, deeply trusted by customers.
  • The company has strong technical strength and is involved in LED display technology, network technology, computer software, multimedia technology


  • Video processor series
  • Sending card series
  • Receiving card series
  • Synchronous and asynchronous playback box



Shenzhen Vdwall was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Shenzhen. As one of the earliest R&D and manufacturing of LED video processor companies in China, Vdwall enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry.

Vdwall has key core technologies in the fields of LED 4K/8K high-definition video image processing, video switching, multi-screen windowing, screen segmentation and splicing, and has considerable expertise in LED control systems, LED 4K/8K two-in-one, etc. 

Through nearly two decades of technology accumulation and continuous innovation, they have successfully developed a number of industry-first core video processors such as high-definition/4K/8K LED video processors, switchers, and multi-screen splicers. Their products are widely used in large LED display systems such as rental events, television studio centers, exhibitions, advertising and command and control centers.

Main advantages:

  • Established: in 2006, with nearly 20 years of industry experience.
  • Company location: The headquarters is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, with a strategic location.
  • Technical strength: Excellent R&D and innovation capabilities in LED video processing and LED control system technology.
  • Patents and software copyrights: It has dozens of patents and nearly 100 software copyrights, marking its leading position in technological innovation.
  • Industry Honor: Won the “No. 1 Top Ten LED Display Peripheral Equipment Brands” for eight consecutive years.
  • National certification: The company has won the honor of national high-tech enterprise, and its products have passed multiple certifications such as CCC, CE, FCC, RoHS and ISO9001.
  • Global sales network: Strategic cooperation with domestic and overseas dealers and well-known LED display manufacturers, product sales all over the world.


  • 2K video processor: LVP909, LVP919, LVP615, LVP7000
  • 4K multi-image stitching processor: A6000, A66, A65, D6000
  • Supporting products: DS4-8, DS2-4SC-4, MP905
  • System card: sending card BLT04, receiving card VR_H7512C, receiving card VR_H7516, receiving card VR_H3208C
  • All In One all-in-one machine, LVT616 all-in-one machine, LVT635 all-in-one machine



Xiamen RGBLINK was established in 2009. It is a globally competitive enterprise focusing on radio, television and professional live broadcast fields. RGBLINK has many advantages of technology such as 4K and 8K ultra-high-definition displays and immersive live broadcasts, and provides live broadcast technical support for many national events and international summits, including the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Their products are widely used in different fields, support multiple modes and types, and have wide applicability to public platforms.

Company advantage:

  • Leading video processing equipment into the modular era.
  • Through in-depth cooperation and occupies an important position in the entire industry at home and abroad.
  • Professional, high-level and experienced product knowledge training and mature after-sales team.
  • Keen research and development insights keep abreast of the development trends of the video processing technology industry and provide customers with the latest solutions to meet various project needs.

Important information:

  • Established: 2009
  • Company location: Xiamen
  • Company size: Global business covers more than 140 countries and regions
  • Innovation capabilities: Continue to focus on the R&D and marketing of products and solutions
  • Awards: ISO14001, ISO45001 certification, multiple industry awards
  • Representative cases: Provide live broadcast technical support for national events such as CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Beijing Winter Olympics, and Hangzhou Asian Games.


  • digital processor
  • general purpose processor
  • Mix & ScaleVideo wall control
  • mixed-signal matrix switcher/scaler
  • LED control system

Comparison: Novastar VS Colorlight

Here are the characteristics of both Colorlight and Novastar receiver cards:

Characteristics of Colorlight Receiver Cards:

  • High-End Color Processing: high color depth and high frame rate capabilities.
  • Ultra-Low Latency and HDR: ultra-low latency and HDR for a more realistic visual experience.
  • High Frame Rate Support: It supports to output high frame rates such as 120Hz, 144Hz, or even 240Hz for smoother visuals.
  • Advanced Grayscale Refinement: Utilizes infi-bit grayscale refinement for more detailed and smoother image display.
  • Color Correction: It can be used for precise control over color consistency and accuracy.
  • Software Support: Offers professional control software like Colorlight SmartLCT and Colorlight X4 for intuitive operation and flexible display configurations.

Characteristics of Novastar Receiver Cards:

  • Stability and Reliability
  • Advanced Image Processing Technology
  • Wide Range of Signal Input Interfaces: Supports various signal input interfaces, including HDMI, DVI, VGA, etc.
  • Powerful Calibration Functions: It can be used for precise adjustment of brightness, color, and grayscale.
  • Dynamic Engine Technology: Equipped with Picture Engine 2.0 and Dynamic Engine technology for enhanced picture detail and dynamic contrast.
  • Software Support: Provides a series of control software like NovaStudio and NovaLCT for efficient image and video management, along with remote control and monitoring.

Comparison Table

Color ProcessingHigh-end color processing and adjustmentExcellent color performance with advanced technology
Latency and Frame RateUltra-low latency, supports up to 240Hz frame rateYes
Grayscale RefinementInfi-bit grayscale refinementYes
Signal Input InterfacesNot directly mentionedWide range, including HDMI, DVI, VGA
Calibration and CorrectionPowerful color correctionPowerful calibration functions
Dynamic EnhancementsYesPicture Engine 2.0 and Dynamic Engine technology
Software SupportColorlight SmartLCT, Colorlight X4NovaStudio, NovaLCT
Ideal Use CasesHigh demand for color performance and smoothnessFlexible configuration, wide application range

Linsn vs Xixun vs Novastar


  • Synchronous Control: Requires a constant video feed from a computer, meaning the display system works synchronously with the embedded PC.
  • Remote Troubleshooting: With a PC embedded in the sign, it’s possible to remotely access and troubleshoot problems.
  • Third-Party Software Compatibility: Compatible with third-party programs like SM Infinity, which offers cloud-based sign controlling software.


  • Adaptability: Offers a range of controller cards suitable for different sign sizes and types, such as the K10/D10 for 20mm signs and various models for both single and double-sided signs.
  • Image Quality: For high-resolution signs, the image quality may not be as good as that provided by Novastar.
  • Specific Use Cases: Has specific models designed for different applications, from small single-sided signs (M20) to large double-sided signs (K10).


  • Industry Preference: Novastr are widely regarded as the best LED controller on the market. It is preferred by LED manufacturers for its superior quality.
  • Durability and Reliability: Though more expensive, Novastar controllers are seen as a long-term investment due to their durability and reliability, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Broad Application: Suitable for a wide range of applications and widely adopted by companies after initial experimentation with cheaper options.

Comparison Table

Control TypeSynchronous (requires constant video feed from a PC)Varies (specific models for different applications)Good compatibility
Remote TroubleshootingYes (due to embedded PC)YesYes
Third-Party SoftwareCompatible (e.g., SM Infinity for cloud-based control)/Yes
Preferred Use CasesSigns where remote access and real-time display are key– K10/D10 for 20mm signs
– M20 for small single-sided signs
– M31 for larger single-sided signs
– K10 for double-sided large signs
Broad range, preferred for high-quality and reliability
Image QualityGoodGood for 20mm signs, not as high for high-resolution signsSuperior, especially for high-resolution signs
Cost and InvestmentMiddleMore affordable but with specific limitationsHigher upfront cost, viewed as a long-term investment
Industry PreferenceOffers unique benefits for specific applicationsConsidered a good option for certain types of signsHighly preferred for its superior quality and reliability


Above we have listed 5 major China LED control system and video processor suppliers, you can choose flexibly according to your needs. As a top second-hand LED video wall provider, IAMLEDwall has established extensive cooperation with top China LED manufacturers. Most of the LED control systems adopt mature Nova systems, which can reduce the learning curve. please feel free to contact us If you have needs for second-hand LED screens.