10 Best Used LED Video Walls for Sale 2024

If you want to achieve a high-tech look with an LED video wall, but don’t want to shell out the money for it, you’ve come to the right place. Used LED video walls are the answer. They’re affordable and allow you to make a big visual impact without breaking the bank. We scoured the internet and compiled a list of 10 options that will still look cutting-edge in 2024. Whether you need a video wall for your business, or event or just want to show off to your friends, one of these options is sure to fit your needs and budget. Experience the wow factor of an LED video wall for only a fraction of the retail cost. The future is here and it’s shockingly affordable.

The Advantages of Using Used LED Video Wall

While many people are willing to buy new LED screens, for buyers on a budget, there are still many benefits to buying a used LED display from cost-effectiveness to high-quality branded solutions.

Save money and stay within your budget

If you’re on a tight budget but need a high-quality display, then a used LED video wall is for you. Because the price of a used LED wall is only about 60%-70% of the price of a new one, you can save money without sacrificing quality.

Enjoy high-quality display

Don’t worry about quality. Many used LED video walls still provide stunning visuals. Top professional used LED video wall companies, such as IAMLEDWALL, often use strict processes to renovate and repair these displays, making them meet high standards, so that you can enjoy clear high-definition images.

Trust reliable suppliers

When you buy a second-hand LED display, budget is one consideration, and the source is also important. When you buy from a trusted supplier, you have the peace of mind of getting a reliable, warranty-backed used LED video wall. 

For example, IAMLEDWALL cares deeply about their products and provides excellent customer support. Countless successful customers attest to getting a reliable product that you can buy with confidence, even if you’re a first-time customer.

For various activities

Used LED video walls are versatile. You can use it indoors for events, outdoors for advertising, or at trade shows. They are useful tools for a variety of activities.

Easy setup and support

Used LED video screens are often ready to use right out of the box. You can use a second-hand LED video wall with only a few or simple settings. Compared with the new screen, you can skip many complicated steps. In addition to this, their technical support team is always ready to help if you run into issues. Therefore, you can easily focus on your activities.

Choose from multiple options

Second-hand LED video wall providers often offer a variety of options. You can find LED screens in different sizes, styles and brands. You can often get more discounted or free accessories, it is easier to get what you need.

Compared with new model

When you compare used and new LED video walls, you may not know which one to choose. While new LED displays may have the latest features, used LED video walls still offer tremendous value. Because the latest features often cost a lot to obtain and are not often used, used LED displays usually have the most commonly used and stable functional features.

Applications of Used LED Video Walls

Used LED video walls are the same as new ones. When you buy them, you can use them for many applications.

Trade Shows and EventsYou can use them for vibrant displays,which can attract attention and enhance attendee experience.
Outdoor AdvertisingThey are Ideal for capturing wide audience attention with high-definition, colorful visuals.
Indoor InstallationsThey can enhance concerts, conferences, and seminars with dynamic visuals as backdrops.
Retail and SignageThey can attract more customers with eye-catching promotions in stores.
Educational InstitutionsThey can make learning engaging with interactive displays and display showcase educational content.
Control RoomsUtilize in control centers for real-time data visualization, aiding decision-making.
Corporate LobbiesImpress visitors by displaying your company’s achievements and products.
Sports ArenasThey can enhance the spectator experience with live scores and replays during events.

Key Considerations When Buying a Used LED Video Wall

Although there are many benefits to buying a used LED video wall, there are many things you need to consider before purchasing.

AspectWhat to Do
Check QualityPlease ensure the used LED wall has no dead pixels or discolouration.
Save MoneyUsed LED walls are more budget-friendly. You get great visuals without spending too much.
Technology & ResolutionChoose a used LED wall that fits your needs. HD resolution is best for clear, eye-catching visuals.
Warranty & SupportMake sure there’s a warranty. It protects you. Ask if they provide help after you buy.
Installation & RentalDecide if you want to rent or install. Check if help is available for setting it up.
Trusted SuppliersBuy from reputable sources with good reviews. They’re more reliable.
Used vs. NewCompare used and new. Consider the price, quality, and features to decide what’s best for you.

Why We Can Ensure You Get the Best Used LED Display

When IAM LED WALL start business of used LED video wall, many customers raised the question, how can you make sure used LED display still works well? We quite understand when we talk about used LED screen, cracked module, dead pixel and cabinet frame covered in heavy of dust. We understand it is a long to change these inherently biased, so we offer our order process to make all our customers know used LED wall better.

Second hand LED screen recycling process

  • IAM LED WALL will send a professional team to make a comprehensive inspection of stock source, even, we will check with brand manufacturer to know all details about this stock. Including: LED, IC, power supply, receiving card (mostly, they all use Novastar system) and mask. We will purchase this stock until it has passed our inspection;
  •  When the stock arrived our warehouse, we will mark the quantity of flight case, and how many flight case need to be repaired. If all those flight case is too old, we will purchase all new flight case;
  • We will take brightness measurement tool to get this stock LED lamp information, know each wavelength of RGB each color. As it’s used LED display, there are some difficulties to get the same batch LED, we have to buy some close color LED, based on the RGB wavelength;
  •  All LED panels will be put on the aging test frame, after 24 hours aging test, we will mark all dead pixel, broken IC, defective power supply and disabled power cable;
  • About mask, if it has been extensive badly damaged, we will change all new mask, if only parts of mask has been broken, we will get the near color mask to make sure all LED video panels looks the same. Strong suggestion: all screw on the mask must be operated screw machine, not manual. Otherwise, the flatness of panels will not be so perfect;

Second hand LED screen Repairing process

  • Clean all the dust on the panels with high strength electric brush, both of front side and back side. And clean the inside of the flight case, make sure there are no objects inside the flight case that can damage the LED. Remove the Chinese logo on the flight case, and clean the outside of the flight case;
  •  Repair the dead pixel and broken IC carefully. Certainly, we will offer some LED and IC as spare parts for free. It will be sent together with stock;
  • All panels will be fixed on the aging test frame again, so that we can see what the condition of the display is after the first repair. And we will mark the dead pixel, broken IC, defective power supply and disabled power cable again;
  •  Our technical team will fix the dead LED and broken IC marked in the second inspection;
  • Last time check to make sure no dead pixel before packing, one panel to one panel;
  • Put panels into plastic bag carefully, with few desiccant bags. So that all panels will keep dry even sea transportation.
  • After locking the flight case, we will put a plastic cover on the flight case. And put the mark on the plastic cover. Once release the plastic cover, the flight case would also be clean.

These are IAM LED WALL used LED screen professional repair standard process. After this standard process, all our stock ready to ship, and there is no doubt that panels will all be in good condition and working well. You can learn about some of the best second-hand screens below.

Top 10 Used LED Video Walls for 2024

The use of LED walls can save you a bundle and still deliver impressive designs. Here are the top 10 used LED video walls to consider for 2024:

USED Unilumin LED display

unilumin P 3.9 outdoor LED display

USED Unilumin Outdoor P3.91

UpadIII used P3.9 LED display Parameter

ModelUpadIII P3.9
LED LampsSMD1921
Pixel Density (per m²)256×256
Cabinet Size (cm)50×50
Brightness (cd/m²)1000
Refresh Rate (Hz)3840
Grey Level (bit)12
Cabinet Weight (kg)9
Max Energy Consumption (W/cabinet)120
Average Energy Consumption (W/cabinet)40
Cabinet Thickness (cm)9
Resistance / Ingress ProtectionIP30
Curvable (degrees)-10 / +5
MaintenanceFront / Rear
Magnetic ModulesYes

This is a high-quality, reliable surface with excellent brightness, angular looking, and color accuracy. The used Unilumin UGMII LED video wall system is a popular, budget-friendly option for those looking to invest in a high-quality outdor rental LED wall.

With a pixel pitch of just 3.9mm, the UGMII P3.9 offers seamless visuals perfect for any application where image detail is important like concert, stage event etc. The close pixel pitch paired with Unilumin LED technology results in vibrant colors, wide viewing angles, and deep black levels for a superior visual experience.

Why Choose UpadIII used P3.9 ?

Cost-effectiveAffordable for any event.
Screen OptionsAvailable in sizes P2.6, P2.9, P3.9, P4.8.
Click-lock DesignEasy installation with a convenient design.
Collision ProtectionStrong protection against impacts.
Multi-angle InstallationSupports flat, right angle, and cube screen setups.
Minimalist AppearanceSlim, simple design with vertical stripes.
Versatile ApplicationsSuitable for conferences, stages, sports, TV studios.
Single-person InstallationCan be installed by one person.
Scratch ProtectionProtects lamp face from scratches.
Creative Cabinet OptionsQuick switch between standard and creative setups.
Magnetic AidsAuxiliary magnets make installation easier.
Curved Design CustomizationSupports multiple angles for arc splicing.
Advanced Shared BackupMinimizes downtime, enhances stability.
High Visual QualityHigh grayscale and refresh rate for clear images.
User-friendly MaintenanceRear maintenance design for easy access and handling.

USED Unilumin Indoor P2.6 LED display

unilumin P2.6

Used Unilumin  UGN P2.6 LED Parameter:

Product NameUGN2.6
Pixel Pitch (mm)2.6
Cabinet Resolution192×192
Cabinet Size (mm)500×500×74

This used Unilumin UGM Ⅱ P2.6 supports arc cabinet, and when you do arc splicing, there are 45° and 180°creative shapes. Each perfect angle can be set quickly and easily without destroying the overall design.

· Slimmer, Supreme Minimalist Appearance

· Creative Design for Multi-angle Installation Style

· Convenient Click-lock Design for Effortless Installation

· Fearless of Any Collision with Super Protection

Why Choose used UGN P2.6 LED

Multi-Angle InstallationSupports flat, 90°, and cube screen setups.
Quick TransformationEasy cabinet configuration changes.
Auxiliary MagnetsMagnets aid in easier installation.
Advanced Shared Backup (ABS)Reduces risk of black screens, enhances stability.
Minimalist DesignSlim design with vertical stripes for aesthetic appeal.
Cost-EfficiencyMore cabinets fit in the same space, saves money.
User-Level MaintenanceSimple rear maintenance, independent power box removal.
Enhanced User ExperienceLarge handles and cable support for easier handling.

USED Absen LED display

absen P 2.9 indoor LED display

Used Absen PL 2.9 LED display

Used PL 2.9 LED display parameters:

Physical ParameterLED TypeBlack SMD 3in1 2121
Pixel Pitch (mm)2.97
Panel Dimensions (WxHxD)/(mm)500x500x87
Pixel Per Panel168×168
Panel Weight (kg)7.6
Panel MaterialDie Casting Aluminum
Module Dimensions (WxH)/(mm)250×250
Optoelectronic ParameterBrightness (nit)1000
Refresh Rate (Hz)3840
Grayscale (Bit)14
Contrast Ratio7000:1
Color Temperature (K)6500
Viewing Angle (H/V) (°)140/140
Driving Type1/28
AC Operating Voltage (V)100~240
Power Consumption (Max./Avg.)(W/m²)540/180
Application ParameterStorage Temperature (℃)-40~+60
Operating Temperature (℃)-10~+40
Storage Humidity (RH)10%~90%
Operating Humidity (RH)10%~90%
IP Rating (Front/Rear)IP40/IP21
LED Lifetime (H)100000
Module MaintenanceFront or Rear
PSU & Others MaintenanceRear
Panel Installation TypeHanging/Stacking
Max Rigging QTY20
CertificateCE, FCC, ETL, ROHS

The used Absen PL 2.9 is a high-end rental LED display that offers stunning visuals for any space. This professional-grade LED video wall uses state-of-the-art SMD LED technology to produce a super-clear image with rich colors and wide viewing angles.

With a pixel pitch of just 2.9 millimeters, the used absen LED PL 2.9 offers high-resolution and seamless images perfect for both close-up and long-distance viewing. The anti-glare surface and high contrast ratio ensure your content will be vivid and impactful even in brightly lit rooms. This LED display is also front-serviceable, which means the module can be accessed from the front for easy maintenance and service.

The PL 2.9 LED display is robust and built to last with an aluminum alloy cabinet, reinforced frame, and sturdy design. It has an IP rating of IP54, which means it has a high degree of protection against things like dust, dirt, and water.


  • Rental
  • Staging

Why Choose this

BrightnessUp to 1500 nits.
Pixel Pitch Options1.9mm, 2.5mm, 2.9mm, 3.9mm.
Gray ScaleUp to 16bit.
Innovative TechnologiesIMD in PL1.9, UltraBlack in PL2.5.
Modular DesignEasy maintenance from front and back.
CompatibilityWorks with NovaStar system.
Safety FeaturesMagnetic automatic connection, auto-lock.
HDR10 Standard SupportPL2.5 Pro and PL1.9 Pro offer vivid displays.
Auto-Lock and Auto-Eject SystemsQuick installation and easy disconnection.
Curve Lock SystemsHigh accuracy for flat or curve setups.
Platform DesignUse different modules on one frame to save costs.

Used Absen DW series LED display

absen P3.9 indoor


Panel Resolution168 x 168 Pixels
Panel Dimensions (WxHxD)500 x 500 x 70 mm
Pixel Pitch2.97 mm
LED Lifetime1,000,000 Hours
IP Rating (Front/Rear)IP40 / IP21
Operation Humidity0%–90%
Viewing Angle (H/V)140° / 140°
Color Temperature6,500 K

Absen DW series is a rental LED display with lightweight and thin design, featuring only 6.8kg per panel and a 70mm depth. It offers a number of advantages including fast set-up and maintenance thanks to the modular magnetic design, the ability to create curves of -5 to +5 degrees and the special 8-in-1 flight case design which helps save cost on space and transportation. This used absen DW series is perfect for various events of any size.

Why Choose this?

  • Diverse angles and infinite creativity
  • New lock buckle, safe and quick to install
  • Anti-knock light design, all-round protection
  • Design of rotation protection angle
  • PCB edge protrusion protection design
  • Modular design for easier maintenance


The NEC X554UN is a 55-inch LED display that offers 4K resolution and 500 nits of brightness. This professional-grade panel offers incredible image quality, color accuracy, and 24/7 reliability that’s perfect for video and wall applications.

With a high 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) and a 500-nit brightness rating, the X554UN delivers clear, crisp images that can be seen even in brightly lit environments It has an LED backlight with a full array of local dimming for improved contrast and black levels.

NEC’s X554UN has an ultra-narrow bezel that allows for near-seamless video wall installations. The displays can be tiled together with a combined bezel width of just 5.7mm.

The options go on with impressive used walls from LG, Christie, Barco, and more. Do some research on models, specs, and pricing to find an LED video wall that suits your needs and budget. With the right used LED wall, you can achieve a high-tech, modern installation without the high cost of new. Your viewers will be wowed, and your wallet will thank you.

USED Lightlink

lightlink 3.9 outdoor black SMD

Used Glory E series LED display


Pixel Pitch (mm)3.9
LED TypeSMD 1921 3 in 1
Scan Method1/8 scan
Module Resolution (Pixels)64 x 128
Module Size (mm)250 x 500
Pixel Density (Pixels/m²)65,536
Brightness (cd/m²)5000/3000
Cabinet Weight (kg)Approx. 11
Refresh Rate (Hz)≥3840
Input Voltage (V)AC100-240
Max Input Frequency (Hz)50/60
Max Input Power (W/m²)Approx. 600
Average Input Power (W/m²)Approx. 300
Lifespan (H)≥50,000

One of the best ways to get a high-quality display without the premium price tag is to use a used Lightlink video wall. They are known for their high-brightness panels and durability.

The used Glory E series is slim with its panel width being below 9mm. It has a brightness of 3,000 nits making it great for bright environments. And over 50,000 hours of life. It’s perfect for digital signage, corporate lobbies, sports bars, and other commercial needs.

For something more high-end like a commercial space or residential needs, you should check out the LR Pro series. This one has all the bells and whistles such as 4K resolution, and a contrast ratio over 5000:1 for deep blacks and vivid colors. But that’s not all, it also comes with an ultra-narrow bezel under 2mm creating what looks like a seamless video wall.

Why choose this?

Magnesium Alloy PanelsImproved strength, impact, and radio resistance.
Connector DesignGilt design, fool-proofing for better stability.
Applied TG(150℃) PCBAvoids short circuits, enhances PCB flexibility.
Maintenance DesignWireless, magnetic, easy detachable control box.
Dual Anti-CollisionPCB with high impact resistance and corner protection.
Diversified DesignAllows angled, 90°, and mesh installations.
Lightweight and ModularEasy to handle, suitable for large events.
High IP Rate for Outdoor UseFront and rear IP65 rating.
Mesh DesignEnhances windproof capabilities and heat dissipation.
Angled InstallationOptions for convex/concave adjustments.

USED DiColor

Dicolor is known for its long-lasting LED panels. Getting them used gives you even more value than if you were to get them new.

Brightness levels go up to 5500 nits which makes it ideal for any environment with lots of light. For anyone looking at it from any angle, they’ll see vibrant colors and wide viewing angles that are nearly seamless at an affordable price. Used models should be refurbished within the past 3-5 years to still get today’s technology while providing enough life left in the panels.

When using this used Dicolor LED DP series in an office space or lobby area where people will be walking through from all directions, those people can see everything on it clearly with its wide viewing angles. Having up to 100,000 hours in lifespan isn’t too bad either as you won’t have to worry about needing a replacement soon.

Why Choose?

90° Right Angle SplicingAllows joining screens at right angles.
MultipurposeSuitable for various uses.
Easy MaintenanceFront and optional rear module maintenance.
Styling SplicingSupports vertical and horizontal misaligned splicing.
Curved SplicingSupports curved joining up to ±15° arcs.
Right Angle SplicingCabinets can form a cubic column shape.
Triple ProtectionFeatures double protection and anti-collision design.
Floor Tile ApplicationMeets rental needs for floor tile displays.

USED Planar

The Planar Mosaic Architectural Video Wall provides a sleek, modern design perfect for lobbies and reception areas. With 700 nits brightness, you get crisp, clear images even in well-lit spaces. Easy to install and service, the Planar is a great all-around choice. The Planar Architectural Video Wall can be mounted in a variety of configurations, including floor-to-ceiling, wall-mounted, and recessed. These Video Walls have a slim profile that blends seamlessly into any environment. Moreover, Planar Video Walls are energy efficient, helping to reduce your operating costs. These Video Walls are designed for 24/7 operation, making it ideal for demanding applications.

USED Samsung

The Samsung SMART Signage LED Series delivers stunning picture quality with UHD 4K resolution, HDR+ support, and a wide color gamut. SMART Signage LED Series offers stunning picture quality, brightness up to 2500 nits, and wide viewing angles. Their video walls are durable, energy efficient, and designed for 24/7 operation. You can’t go wrong with a used Samsung LED video wall.

It is built with a rugged metal frame and tempered glass panels to protect the display from damage. The Samsung SMART Signage LED Series features a redundant power supply and thermal management system to ensure reliable operation in even the most demanding environments. This Series by Samsung is compatible with a variety of software solutions, making it easy to integrate with your existing systems.

USED Gloshine LED display

gloshine P3.9 outdoor

Used Gloshine LS Series P3.91

Gloshine LS Series Basic Information

Model No.LS 3.91 (Outdoor)
Pixel Pitch3.91mm
LEDSMD KINGLIGHT1921 (High frame)
Pixel Density65536 pixels/㎡
Brightness4000-5000 nits
Color Temperature6500-9500K
Panel Dimension (W×H×D)500mm × 1000mm × 75mm / 19.7″ × 39.4″ × 3.0″
Panel Resolution128 × 256 pixels
Panel Weight12.5 kg / 27.56 lb
Cabinet MaterialDie casting Aluminum
Max Power Consumption≤700 W/㎡
Average Power Consumption≤350 W/㎡
Viewing AngleH: 140º, V: 120º
Refresh Rate3840Hz
Gray Scale14-16 bit
IP RatingFront IP65, Rear IP54
Operating Humidity10%-90% RH
Operating Temperature-20℃ to +45℃
Max. Stacking10 pcs
Max. Hanging10 pcs
Lifetime50,000 hrs
Storage Temperature/Humidity-40℃ to +60℃; 10%-60% RH

Used Gloshine LS Series P3.91 LED Displays are high-quality LED displays designed for indoor and outdoor applications. They offer a range of pixel tones and brightnesses to choose from, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

Gloshine LS Series LED displays deliver image quality with a wide aperture, high contrast, and accurate colors. These LED devices are manufactured from high-quality materials and designed to withstand the rigors of the market. They are also backed by a full warranty and offer reliable 24/7 service.

This used Gloshine LS series breaks through the constraints of the industrial design of LED display cabinets and creates a “classic” design. The 500mm*1000mm LED display cabinet adopts all-black electrophoresis technology, which is quick to install and doubles the efficiency and the cabinet covers right angles and oblique angles.

It can realize the splicing of various internal and external arcs. The cabinet of LS series connection parts is made of high-strength metal material, with high precision and durability and the LED display module supports front and rear maintenance; In addition, the back cover of the power supply is designed with a hasp lock, no tools are required for disassembly, and maintenance is more convenient.

Why Choose this?

Beautiful DesignMore beautiful and high-grade with electrophoresis process.
Front MaintenanceSupports magnetic suction for easy front maintenance.
CompatibilityLS and LM cabinets can be combined.
Durable StructureStrong, stable, and does not deform with use.
Easy HandlingIntegrated handle for convenience.
Adjustable TightnessUpper and lower lifting tightness can be adjusted.
Versatile ApplicationsSuitable for curved screens and floor tiles, indoor and outdoor.
Protection LevelIP30, suited for harsh outdoor climates.
High Photography CompatibilityNo flicker or color blocks, good for live broadcasts.
Continuous OperationRealistic colors, high refresh rate, dust and heat resistant.
Editing FreedomEdit and program text, graphics, and images freely.
Clear VisibilityContent visible even in direct sunlight.
High Image QualityUses non-linear correction for clarity and depth.
Simple OperationEasily operated through a computer.
High ResolutionComparable to LCD, shows high-definition images.
Long LifeUses high-quality components and patented design.
Wide Viewing Angle140° viewing angle, suitable for varied environments.
Stable PerformanceResists electromagnetic waves, reliable and stable.
Seamless SplicingVery low splicing error, customizable shapes.
Good FlatnessHigh contrast, smooth and flat display surface.
Real-time Broadcast CapabilitySupports multiple HD display modes.
Quality MaterialsHigh-quality chips, anti-static, low-noise operation.
Format FlexibilityDisplays various formats like text, images, videos.
Control VersatilitySupports both synchronous and asynchronous control.
Stable Circuit DesignWave soldering, moisture and oxidation resistant.
Environmental ProtectionThree-proof paint protects against various conditions.
ShockproofTested for shocks to ensure reliability in transport.
Convenient MaintenanceModular design for easier installation and maintenance.

Used Gloshine BE Series

gloshine P3.9 outdoor BE series

The used Gloshine  BE series is an indoor and outdoor HD LED display, which is best used for stage exhibition displays, and won the German iF Product Design Award. It has simple industrial design to create a stylish appearance and its color reproduction is lifelike, high stability and ultra-wide viewing angle. It can be combined with the CL series cylindrical LED screen to create a variety of stage shapes and unlimited creativity.

Why Choose this

Locking MechanismFastening arc lock and tensioning mechanism.
InstallationQuick lifting lock design for easy setup.
MaintenanceIntegrated back cover for efficient maintenance.
Design AwardWinner of the 2022 iF Product Design Award.
Color and StabilityLifelike color reproduction and stable display.
Adjustable ShapesCan form arcs from 0° to ±10°.
Combination FlexibilityCan be combined with CL series cylindrical screens.
Innovative CombinationsSupports various shapes like L, Z, and right angles.
Long-term PerformanceMaintains quality over long-term use.


Taking center stage is the MR LED brand, specifically, its P2 Series LED Displays tailored for indoor usage. With a pixel pitch of 2mm, these displays deliver exceptional image quality with exquisite details. In addition to their remarkable brightness level, making them perfect for well-lit environments, they excel in applications where high-quality visuals are essential—ranging from digital signage and advertising to corporate presentations.

The MR LED P2 series LED displays are particularly ideal for well-lit environments such as retail displays, showrooms, and airport setups. Their expansive viewing angles allow for clear visibility from all vantage points—a crucial feature when catering to large audiences. Moreover, their high contrast capability ensures strikingly vivid visuals with deep blacks and luminous whites—an effect that enhances sharpness and realism.

USED Esdlumen

We have the Esdlumen brand’s contribution—the LED U-E Series—an exceptional line of indoor LED displays suitable for various applications like digital sign advertising and corporate presentations. The U-E Series offers a diverse selection of pixel pitches and brightness levels to cater to different environments.


This comprehensive list presents the best-used LED video walls available for less than $50,000 by 2023. Each of these options will act as an excellent accessory to drive your business, church, or the events of life. Over the years, LED video walls have become more cost-effective, energy-efficient, and highly aesthetically pleasing. By opting for used appliances, you can get a high-quality LED wall for a fraction of the cost of buying new. By making smart choices when browsing, you can find the perfect LED wall for your needs and budget. Explore local used AV equipment dealers and online marketplaces to find your next LED wall. The possibilities are endless; It’s time to express yourself!


Are there risks in buying used LED displays?

Whether you are buying a new or used LED display, there is no 100% guarantee that electronic equipment will not malfunction at any time. Therefore, there are certain risks when buying a second-hand LED video wall, such as potential hidden defects, limited warranty coverage, and compatibility issues. At that time, if you bought from a trustworthy used  LED display provider, such as IAMLEDWALL, you could avoid many risks.

How much does a used LED video wall cost?

As with new LED screens, many factors will affect the cost of used LED screens, such as size, resolution, brand, and condition. Generally speaking, used LED video walls cost significantly less than new ones, potentially saving you 30-50% of the original price.

What are the benefits of buying a second-hand LED display?

The biggest benefit of buying a used LED video wall is the huge cost savings compared to a new LED video wall. You can get high-quality branded LED wall at a low budget to meet your visual solutions.

Where can I find used LED video walls for sale?

If you want to buy a used LED video wall, you can find what you need through online or offline channels. For offline channels, you can choose from professional audio-visual equipment dealers, and industry trade shows. For online channels, you can search for professional used led wall sellers through Google, such as IAMLEDWALL.

What are the best brands for used LED video walls?

Top LED video wall brands include Absen, Leyard, Unilumin, Gloshine Technology, and Barco. IAMLEDWALL can provide a variety of options that you can easily choose based on your specific needs.

Can I use an LED video wall for outdoor events?

Yes, you can buy outdoor used LED video walls for outdoor activities, they have high protection standards and are suitable for outdoor activities, but for indoor used LED screens, they are not recommended for outdoor activities.

Is there a warranty on used LED video walls?

Unlike new screens, generally speaking, although sellers will provide a certain period of warranty, the warranty period provided by different sellers varies, and is usually shorter than the warranty period of a new LED video wall.

What factors should you consider when purchasing a used LED video wall?

When you buy a used LED display wall, you should pay attention to some key factors, including the brand of the LED video wall, its condition, pixel pitch, resolution, size, compatibility, and the reputation of the seller. Before purchasing, you can check and confirm the required equipment through online videos.

What should I do if I have a problem with my used LED video wall?

You should first check the specific model of the used LED display, read the user manual, and troubleshoot. If the problem persists, please contact the seller or a professional technician with LED display repair experience for diagnosis and possible solutions.

How to install a used LED video wall?

Installing a used LED video wall is similar to new screens, you need to install the brackets, align the LED panels accurately, connect the cables, configure the settings, and test the display. But unlike new screens, the most difficult part of installing an LED video wall is the debugging step. Used LED screens are often configured, and you can save a lot of time.