What is the best digital display for a meeting? What are the large screens in conference rooms?

Conference room is the main area for people to communicate and work. These rooms are used by governments, businesses and other sectors. Digital displays are essential for conference rooms. It is used for video conferencing and meetings, product training, business negotiations, etc. What Digital display would you recommend for a conference room?

Many customers use LED displays for meetings, splicing screens, all-in one conference machines, and other equipment. Why not use projectors? The picture is not as clear because the brightness and resolution of the projector are low. The picture will appear blurry when viewed in brighter rooms. It is not recommended that you use this product, despite its relatively low price. IAMLEDWALL then analyzes the pros and cons of these digital displays, from a professional point of view, in order to give you some assistance.

Best digital display for a meeting

LED Display:

P3 conference indoor LED display

The LED display screen, a large digital product for display in conference rooms is very popular today. The pixel pitch determines the resolution and high-definition of the LED display. When you choose conference rooms LED display, you can choose the pitch below P2, such as P1.2, P1.3, and P1.5. , P1.8, P2 and other model, using COB or GOB technology packaging, the display effect will be better.

Advantages: The LED screen is spliced seamlessly, it’s size can be adjusted arbitrarily and you can splice the screen into different shapes, such as circles, inner arcs or outer arcs. With the seamless splicing of the LED display, the entire screen can display the image without any visual obstruction.

Disadvantages:  It will dazzlingly bright when viewed up close due to its use of LED technology. It will appear grainy if the distance is greater, therefore, it is not suitable for viewing up close. It is used in large conference halls or rooms, as its display is more effective. The LED display’s lamp is also easy to lose. The lamp beads can fall off over time, which will cause individual pixels not to display content when using a low-quality LED display. The viewer will be affected if there are too many broken lamp beads. LED displays are suitable for large-scale display occasions because the viewing distance is usually quite long.

Splicing LCD screen:

The Splicing LCD Screen is a large digital display with high definition that can be used in a conference room. Sizes are 46-inch (standard), 49-inch (standard), 55-inch (standard), and 65-inch. A single LCD screen can have a resolution up to 1920×1080 and be combined in any way. To achieve a display 4K display or more,you can use small LCD screen to splice into large LCD screen.

Advantages: HD are its main advantage. The LCD screen resolutions are superimposed by the splicing process, giving a very clear picture. This is better suited for HD films or large-resolution images. The splicing LCD screen has good layers and rich colors. It is intelligently adjusted and moderate, which makes it ideal for long-term use without glare.

Disadvantages : The LCD screen splicing has a certain frame thickness – the seams. The conventional seams currently are 3.5mm, 2.6mm, 1.7mm, and 0.88mm. The large LCD screen may feel spliced after the splicing. This black border is not able to be removed completely and it will have an impact on the integrity of the image. The less visible the patchwork is, the better. They are suitable for medium-sized meeting rooms, given the characteristics of LCD screens.

All-in-one conference machine:

The all-in one conference machine is now a smart tablet for conferences. This large-sized digital display is based on LCD. The size of the display can reach up to 110 inches. It can’t be spliced, and it is only a single screen. This means that its use is usually limited to small meeting rooms.

Advantages: The screen is touch-sensitive and supports writing. It also has two operating systems, Windows and Android. These can be switched quickly at will. It is able to use the system functions directly, as well as being used for whiteboards and other operations. The all-in one conference machine is versatile and can be mounted on the wall, or on a mobile trolley, making it easy for users to use.

Disadvantages : Size is limited. Current conventional sizes are: 65 inches (75 inches), 86 inches (100 inches), and 110 inches. The unit can only be displayed as a single piece and does not feature a patchwork. It is best used in smaller conference rooms.

Conference room digital display: Which is better?

indoor p2 LED display

We recommend LED displays if you have the budget and space. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

The screen can be arbitrary large or small.

The LED screens consist of modules that are seamlessly spliced. This is superior to DLP and LCD screens that have physical seams. Large-size LED screens can be spliced according to the specifications of conference rooms.

Flexible and efficient.

Any terminal connected to the LED display via the data line (networke, HDMI cable, wireless networks, etc.) can be directly connected. The interconnection between small and large screens can be synchronized, allowing for greater flexibility and operability.

High-definition video is more eye-catching and helps participants to focus during meetings

The conference room LED display can be adjusted to adapt to ambient light changes at any time, without having to close the window. So, you can say goodbye to the projection system and “little dark rooms”.

With a refresh rate of >=3840Hz, the conference room LED display is able to display high-definition images. There are no ripples in photos. With High definition, high saturation, and high contrast, it easy to create an open, bright and efficient meeting space. It can enhance the impact of the speech and improve the conference experience.

Quick response, stable image quality, smooth and efficient meetings

It can display dynamic images quickly without ghosting or tailing. Image quality is clear and impressive with no shadows or misalignment. Meetings are smoother, more efficient, and save time.

ultra-wide viewing angle

The LED screen has a wide viewing angle, up to 160deg. It also offers a C-position angle. The screen is so large that even in a 100-person meeting, no detail will be missed. Participants can enjoy the best visual experience.

Super long service life

The LED display is capable of lasting 100,000 hours. This is the equivalent of the life span of 33 projectors, breaking the time limit and achieving more excitement.

Reduced maintenance costs and smaller installation spaces

Installed with the die-casting cabinet, it supports front maintenance, faster installation and low maintenance costs. Moreover, the LED display can be installed against the wall, eliminating the need to reserve a maintenance channel, saving more than 70% of the installation space, and there is no need to worry about the LED screen occupying the conference room space. Efficient heat dissipation, no fan required, silent operation, no interruption to the meeting.

Multi-models to suit your needs

LED displays has different pixel pitch. It can be used in a medium, large or small conference room.

Large conference halls and lecture rooms can be equipped with full-color indoor LED displays. The LED display is used by government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, military conference rooms and schools.


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