P2 Vs. P3 LED display: What is the difference?

infi P2.9 indoor

When you’re choosing a small-pitch LED display, you’re likely to come across two common types, such as P2 LED displays and P3 LED displays. But what exactly do these terms mean and how are they different? This article will guide…

What are 3D LED Billboards and How Do They Work?

P6 outdoor LED display

On the vibrant streets of Times Square and in bustling city centers around the world, a new visual marvel is capturing the attention of passersby: 3D LED billboards. Today’s innovative outdoor 3D LED video walls are transforming the way brands…

What Are Difference Between MIP, COB and SMD LED Technology?

gloshine P2.9 indoor

MIP, COB and SMD are three prominent options within LED display packaging technology. LED display packaging technology can currently be broken down into three distinct phases: traditional LED packaging; Mini-LED packaging and Micro-LED packaging. There are Three Mini-LED packaging technologies:…

Gold Wire Vs. Copper Wire LED Displays

gloshine P3.9 outdoor

Introduction LED screens have become an indispensable part of modern life, from television displays to outdoor billboards. A key aspect of LED screen manufacturing is LED packaging, which connects LED chips to their display’s power supply. As LED display manufacturers…