How Much Does A 3D LED Billboard Cost?

LED billboards were introduced as a technological marvel. With the precision put into their invention, manufacturing and electrical work, they have the potential to skyrocket a company’s revenue. Lo and behold!

Technology has accelerated even further to introduce 3D LED billboards.

3D LED billboards add a new layer to the advertising landscape. Their immersive and eye-catching designs with uniquely displayed content are unparalleled from a marketing perspective.

Have we convinced you to invest in one? Let’s take a closer look at 3D LED billboards and break down the factors that determine the price of a 3D LED billboard.

Factors that determine the price of 3D billboards?

P10 outdoor LED display

As the name suggests, 3D LED billboards incorporate three-dimensional elements that extend outward from the basic structure of the billboard. These elements depend on your idea of customization. They can range from letters to figures of mascots or anything that clearly represents your brand.

However, as you go higher with the customization, there happens an increase in the 3D billboard cost. The factors that determine the 3D LED billboard price can be classified into technological specifications, production and material costs, and installation and maintenance costs. Here’s what the broad classification further encompasses:

Technological Specifications:

Resolution and Pixel Pitch:

Pixel pitch is defined as the distance between the centers of two adjacent pixels. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution. As a result, even if you stand close to the screen, you won’t feel the screen is pixelated. This improves the visual experience.

However, the price of 3D LED billboard increases with your demand for the level of resolution.

Brightness and Contrast:

The ratio of brightness to contrast is extremely important to achieve the desired visual colors and effects. The ratio is also essential for accurate illumination, especially in outdoor environments. However, the cost of 3D billboards tends to increase for LEDs with a better brightness to contrast ratio.

Screen size:

Larger screens would provide a better viewing experience. In addition, it comes with a theatrical sense that enhances the viewing experience. The size of the screen tends to affect the hardware cost while making the installation complex as well.

Production and Material Costs:

Quality of LED:

The quality of the LEDs is highly essential to determine depending on the location of the setup. LED displays set up outdoors need to withstand harsh weather conditions. Such setups should be of high quality and made of high-end materials. Consequently, this increases the price of 3D LED billboard.

Refresh rate:

A higher refresh rate ensures smoother transitions between images. This goes hand in hand with improving the visual experience. However, this also requires hardware with faster data processing, which is more expensive than usual.

3D display technology:

This is what makes billboards 3D. This display technology also requires complex hardware that can create images with depth perception and angle adjustments.

Installation and maintenance costs:

Mounting structures:

The strength of the mounting structure varies depending on the location of the LED screen. Outdoor and harsher weather conditions require more robust structures, which are more expensive.

Indoor applications usually require structures to be aesthetically pleasing and adding this component can also increase the price.

Power consumption:

3D technology and motion pictures require more power than a regular 2D board. Electricity costs can be significant depending on the area where the billboard is located.

Repairs and maintenance:

The 3D LED billboards installed anywhere would require investment in their regular repair and maintenance. Lack of maintenance would result in the billboards losing their charm and eventually becoming useless. This is a very important cost factor to consider.

Software and Content Management:

Perhaps the most challenging part of 3D visualization is the need for fairly complex software to generate and manage the content. It should also be able to facilitate the constant updates required due to the dynamic nature of such displays. This can lead to increased costs as users may be charged on a regular basis. Some may be inclined to sign up for membership packages with no end date, thus contributing to the overall increase.

What is the cost breakdown of a 3D LED Display?

The cost breakdown of a 3D billboard is based on the factors discussed above. Each component used in the installation can be unique depending on your choice of quality. Here we discuss some of the components of an LED display screen that you will need to invest in.

LED Panels:

3D LED display cabinet

The fundamental component of an LED display is the panels that it is mounted on. It is also perhaps the most important component to invest in. LED panels determine the pixel pitch and ultimately the resolution of the LED screen. The higher the resolution of the panel, the higher the price of the 3D LED billboard. However, the investment would be more worthwhile. LED panels can range from $500-$5000.

Control System:

The brain of a 3D LED display is its control system. To make sure your video plays smoothly and the 3D images on your screen are accurate, this system is responsible for synchronizing and processing the video signals. While a basic control system starts at a few $1000, those with more advanced features can cost up to several $100,000.

Media Server:

The LED display is powered by a media server that stores and transmits information. For high-resolution video files to work well and play smoothly without interruptions, the server must manage them.

Cables and Connections:

High-quality power cables and connectors must be used to ensure the continued functionality of a 3D LED billboard. They should also be of high wire quality to prevent signal loss. The cost of high quality cables and connectors can add up to several thousand dollars.

Installation, maintenance and support:

Such technological marvels require professional installation and maintenance services. To begin with, the screens should be well installed. Skilled technicians and engineers should be hired to make the connections so that they are uninterrupted and smooth.

Finally, all the installed equipment must be well maintained. Regular management should be ensured for longevity.

Range of 3D LED Display Price?

P8 outdoor LED display

A 3D LED display screen can be of various sizes, or even rented for one-time events. Let’s take a look at their cost.

Small size 3D LED billboard:

Small-sized LED billboards are typically up to 10 feet wide. They have applications in high traffic areas or small outdoor spaces. They can be priced between $10,000 and $50,000 depending on the components.

Mid-sized 3D LED Billboard:

Ranging from 10-20 feet in width, these billboards can cost anywhere between $50,000-$150,000. They are better suited for urban locations or large retail centers.

Large 3D LED Billboard:

Larger 3D billboards have a width range of 20-30 feet and a cost range of $150,000-$500,000. The escalation of the cost range is due to the increase in the quality of materials used. Such a size requires more robust mounting structures and advanced 3D technology integration.

Extra large size 3D LED billboard:

The kind of billboards that are landmarks like those in Times Square NewYork come at a high price. Rising up to 30 feet in width, they can cost a whopping $500,000 to $1 million based on their circuits, connections, and installations.

Rent a 3D LED Billboard:

Renting a billboard offers flexibility. You can choose the size and connectivity options as per your requirements. Rentals can range from $10,000 to $50,000 per month. Billboard rentals are extremely common in places with high foot traffic such as busy streets.

They are amazing places to catch the attention of the crowd but on a budget. You can rent a 3D LED billboard in such a place and display your content temporarily. It also gives you the leeway to remove your content from one place and display it in another without much hassle.


Investing in a 3D LED billboard comes with covering several of its components. There is always the added expense of setup, connections, installation and further maintenance for longevity. However, the field of 3D LED billboards has brought significant revenue to the marketing industry.

There is no better or more eye-catching way to present your content than by displaying it on 3D billboards. Even though the cost of 3D LED billboards is a significant investment, it is well worth it to keep all the components in mind.